The last two days have been crazy. Running from Jersey to Philly, meeting people, waiting for people etc. I haven’t much time to do what I need to do, let alone think about a blog post. Therefore I’m passing on a time killer I found over at Aravis’ Blog. For your viewing please The 100 Awesome Music Video’s Page/ I don’t agree with a lot of what he has up there, but it’s his list. The comments he makes on the video’s are pretty good, for example the one for Pat Benatar’s “Love Is A Battlefield” is right on. It was known as the booby shake video in my house. Don’t miss the Village People video, it makes the Crucified video I posted a few days ago seem like a masterpiece. Meanwhile, I’m going to go watch Kelly Watch The Stars again, and I’m willing to bet it will mesmerise you as well. Oh, you must also watch the Kidz Bop video, I think someone may have had an accident in their pants there!