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House Repairs!

First, sorry for not posting sooner! So if you couldn’t tell from my Instagram photos or tumblr blog, we are finally getting some much needed house repairs. Long story we don’t need to advertise as to why John finally bit the bullet to do all this 🙂 Expect a butt-load of my photos to be documenting this work-in-progress!

So what are we having done? So far they’ve power washed the roof, are fixing the chimneys, and are making roof repairs. After that it is painting the house. I will be suggesting they do the front first, so they don’t interfere with my annual halloween decorating of course. We are having at least one tree by the side of the house removed (I’d like a few more, but tree removal doesn’t come cheap), all the saplings cut down, the the ivy removed (as much as they can), and a new porch/patio out back built. We are looking at some kind of built in stone stove/grill for me as well. If we could only work in a Jacuzzi!

I’m hopefully going to also convince them to do some other yard waste removal as well. We shall see. Namely the trees John cut down by the side of the garage and LEFT there, which have become a haven for weeds this very wet summer.

Ears Up!

So I made it back to Jersey last weekend. Ebbie is growing leaps and bounds. I want to put her in an airbag at night to keep her tiny forever! Both of her ears are now fully up, and she’s found her voice. She still has a puppy bark, but John says he hears a real dog bark in there trying to come out. That needs to just wait for awhile. She definitely has no fear. Nikko still growls at her from time to time, but even big ole “don’t like no other animals” Moo Kitty lets her jump all over him.



I have a few posts to make soon that aren’t about the new puppy 🙂 I have some movie reviews, as well as some product reviews to share. I have betrayed Apple and got myself another tablet device . . . well mainly cause it came free thanks to credit card points. More on that soon!