Just Checking In! Mini-Movie Thoughts . . .

Figured I’d just make a quick check-in post. Iā€™m currently in Virginia getting some unfortunate cavities taken care of.

My tomato garden has become a jungle at home. But even though I have 30+ tomatoes, they are all still green! I might have to open up a lesbian railroad cafe soon!

I’ve seen a few movies over the past month I haven’t reviewed, so here are my quick thoughts on them . . .

Green Lantern – Not as horrible as everyone made it out to be! A bit long, needed some editing, and too much of an origins story. The only real action sequence is at the very end of the movie.

Horrible Bosses – Horrible dirty comedy, nothing terribly special or remarkable. Jennifer Aniston steals the whole movie, and she’s not in it all that much.

Transformers 3 ā€“ A-maze-ing! Of course I saw it in Imax and 3D. Definitely the best of all the movies, and more than makes up for that crap fest that was number 2.

Harry Potter on Friday, and I finally have Insidious waiting for me at home on DVD šŸ™‚

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