Post Vacation Sickness!

As usual, after finally returning home, I got sick with a nasty cold within a day or two. This tends to happen a lot to me when I travel. Plane Germs! I think a lot of it was due to a very long travel day getting home, between getting off the ship, waiting at the airport for 5+ hours, then driving home another 3 all in one day. We used to always try and break up returning home, for example stay a day after the cruise and then fly/drive the next day. Next year I think that will be the plan if possible.

Being sick and having to go straight back to work was NOT fun at all. John of course is off work right now, and the tables are turned. I have a very early morning class this semester, so I’m getting out of bed at hours not normal for me at all. He’s often still asleep when I leave for work now.

I’m finally about over the cold, and now we are bracing for the first big storm of the year. We already got about an inch or two this morning, but the big dump is heading towards us now and will go all night. They can’t decide how much we are going to get, and keep increasing our totals. It’s now at 8-12+, with 3 inches an hour and the threat of thundersnow. Weeeee! I love snowstorms, but this one looks to be a scary storm with how fast it is going to be coming down, and the threat of losing power overnight is not fun.

I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow 🙂

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