How Not To Market Your Cleaning Service

Photo 52 So while walking the dogs I found this in our driveway/front lawn. I was puzzled by it. The image is reversed, sorry about that. I would have flipped it right, but the card is upside down anyways. Basically it’s a ziplock bag with a card in it for a cleaning service, the best you’ll ever have, blah blah blah. It also says “God loves you” on it. Inside the bag was also a nice polished stone.

So I am thinking to myself, is this connected to some biblical passage I am not getting? Jesus is my rock or something like that? I’m trying to figure out why she is including a rock. Then it finally hit me, it’s to weigh the bag and the card down . . . . Yeah basically someone drove by and threw it out the window.

Okay I’m sorry, but if you can’t take the time to even put it on my porch, in my mailbox or in the screen door . . . I am not hiring your lazy ass to clean my house! I know what kind of job you’d do already, miss vacuuming and dusting around things instead of picking them up. FAIL!


4 Responses to “How Not To Market Your Cleaning Service”

WV Nan Says:

Gee Dustin, I think the opposite of the rock thrower. Just think of the time that was saved and the job got done. If I hired someone to clean for me I would appreciate the best use of time getting the job done. It shows ingenuity. The rock was polished—took some thought to use polished rocks—I see it as a claim that the house will be polished as well. It wasn’t just s dirty stone.

Ok–so maybe my ideas are a little different–but that’s what I thought of as I read your entry.


Richard Says:

This may be part of a trend. I recently found a flier stapled to the mailbox post advertising a home cleaning service. My reaction was the similar to yours with the exception that I had to break out the pliers to remove the staple. Not only will I not be using the service but I consider them to be vandals.

What made them think that damaging my property was a persuasive way to get into the house?


glittermom Says:

Might be the(cult) carpet cleaning crew from the Seinfeld episode….Sunshine Carpet Cleaners I think was their name…