All Your Toys Are Belong To Me!


I don’t even KNOW what to make of this. Last week I was expecting a Wonder Woman figure I ordered from an Amazon Market Seller to show up. Instead I got fricken Robocop meant for someone in Chicago! I contacted the seller and they are supposed to be sending me a shipping label to ship it back to them so they can correct things. I’m guessing someone in Chicago got Wonder Woman instead of their Robocop. I figured the labels were just messed up on the two shipments. As of yet I haven’t received anything to send the Robocop back.

Well today I get a package addressed to me, inside I find the above, a Warhammer figure set that was supposed to go to Jacob Rich in Utah. Sorry Jacob, someone sent it to me! I’m puzzled as this thing was ordered a few days ago, the receipt clearly lists Jacob’s address, yet they printed out a label for me? I’ve NEVER ordered a thing from these people before (it came from a Market Seller, not Amazon). This wasn’t a mix-up of orders as I thought happened with the Wonder Woman figure.

What is going on? I am confused! I feel bad for poor Jacob, who ordered this and someone sent it to me. Should I send it to him? Or just let him deal with the morons who sent it to some wrong person? Clearly his figures aren’t going to show up. That would probably be bad karma for me. Maybe Jacob Rich of Utah will search his name and see this post!

As for Amazon Market Sellers, please in the future, if you are going to send me free stuff other people bought . . . . make it something I want or something expensive that I can pawn on ebay okay?


7 Responses to “All Your Toys Are Belong To Me!”

hot-lunch Says:

i say keep it. it’s the seller’s own fault. unless of course this toy is rare and highly collectible or something, then i’d send it to the person. but if it’s something that the seller could easily replace and resend to the buyer, then by all means, their mistake = your good fortune!


Becky Says:

Is it really wrong of me to say that I agree with hot-lunch? Because I do. I wonder how the seller can make any money if they keep making these kinds of mistakes? But, I do feel bad for the person who actually ordered the item. Hope your WW figure comes quickly!


Sherri Says:

Sorry to disagree but I would send it to the person. Call it karma or the golden rule or whatever you like but that’s what I would do šŸ™‚


Aravis Says:

I’m with Sherri on this one. It’s what I would do, at any rate. If someone got something I’d ordered, I would hope that they would send it on to me, or back to the reseller on my behalf. I just don’t see the point of adding to the aggravation of a situation, especially when I get nothing out of it, certainly nothing that I want.

I was just thinking… it’s like it’s your turn in the rotation to be the Universe’s Lost and Found. Have you got any of my missing socks, by any chance? *G*


Dustin Says:

I finally got the label to send Robocop back and get my item.

I’m going to do the right thing and send Jacob his figures. I have to type up a note. I am still baffled as to why I was sent it!


anonymous Says:

I think you made a good decision on sending it to Jacob. That is the right and moral thing to do.


hot-lunch Says:

aww good for u! sorry for trying to lead you over here to the dark side… šŸ˜›