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Halloween Costume Clue #2

Here are some photos and the second clue to my Halloween costume! Sorry about the lighting, they were taken at night. I tried to adjust as best as I could, but I think the clue is pretty obvious πŸ™‚

Halloween Costume Post #1

Halloween Costumes and Decor

Okay so I have teased a bit about my costume for Halloween. Rather than make you wait till then to see it, I’ll give you some photo clues every now and then so you can guess. We’ll make it a game. I’m not sure anyone will really guess because it’s a bizarre costume, though some people know, so they can’t play the game!

As I stated I’ve been growing a beard for part of the costume. Here is a photo of it so far. I actually trimmed it back a little, and am trying to fill in the sides/jawline a little more than they are now.

The final decorations for the house, which I ordered awhile back, arrived. They have gone up!

Birthday Babies!

We have some birthdays coming up in the house!

On Saturday Nikko will be three years old.

Grim is probably 1 year old now as well. He showed up last year a week or two before Thanksgiving. At that time he was estimated to be about 6 weeks old, because his eyes were changing color. So I am going to default and give him Nikko’s birthday as well.

Sadly because he was so malnurished when we found him, it seems to have stunted his growth. He was possibly the runt as well, which may have been why he was on his own. He’s a very tiny cat compared to all our other ones, which doesn’t really show in this photo I know.

Lights Out!

Because the video blog didn’t have very good quality in the dark, here are some shots of the house lit up that I took last night.

A Post, With Words, And Content And Stuff!

So it’s been awhile since I posted a real update on things. Basically, I’ve been stressed out! Where to begin?

A post or two ago I mentioned the market and watching all my money go down the terlet. Yes I know, I’m young, I have time to recover. Why this has been hard for me though is because for the time being it’s how I was paying the bills. The point of selling the soap site, aside from the whole working 7 days a week every hour I was awake thing, was to finish school without having to work. I had planned to use investments, interest earned from savings accounts, etc to slide by and pay the bills. Clearly with the market gone to shit, that hasn’t happened. So I’ve had to take money from savings, and I am someone who hates doing that when it’s not getting put back in. The loss of the TA job this fall also sucked. So I’ve been stressing over money πŸ™‚

One would think all the stress would help weight loss, but no. I’ve been on a plateau for awhile now. Traveling throughout September of course didn’t help that much, as I ate too much junk. Also my klutzy self kept hurting myself, so I wasn’t getting to the gym or running much. I haven’t stepped on my Wii Fit in so long that it probably assumes I died. I can hear it now “It’s been 100 million days since you’ve checked in!” Anyway, I’ve finally started back to the gym, as well as running. I was up to running 30 minutes non-stop, I’ve just now gotten myself back to about 20-25. So I’m hoping to lose at least 5 pounds by Halloween.

Why Halloween you ask! Happy Happy Joy Joy, I’m doing something for it this year! I think it’s obvious Halloween is one of my favorite times of year, next to Christmas. However in years past all I’ve ever really done is stay home and watch horror movies. I’ve always wanted to have a party and utilize the farm’s corn maze, but never did. Well this year I’m spending the weekend with some friends and we are going to have a good time. Perhaps I shall keep secret the plans until it happens. It will be the best Halloween ever though! Oh and my costume is bought, that’s remaining a secret till the pictures go up πŸ™‚

As part of it I’ve been growing a bushy beard out too. Right now it’s not long, but I did want it to get bigger and a bit fuller. However I don’t know if I want to keep it or not though, as I wanted to show off my weight loss (and hopefully fit body) by wearing my little black shirt that weekend. It’s one of those shirts I bought 5+ years ago that hasn’t fit well since about then, but I’m just about back to being able to wear it. However having a giant beard, well, might make the whole package look a bit off πŸ˜› Basically I don’t want to look like a well dressed bum.

Finally school. Ahhhhhh! I plan to turn somewhere between 75-80% of the dissertation in by the end of this month and before this Halloween trip. It will finally, after all this time, be finished by the end of this year. I will not go on another cruise, or if I can help it spend another Christmas with it hanging over my head. While I’ll have it written, there’s still the fun editing part and getting the approval to defend. I’m not sure when that will happen, but sadly it’s looking like sometime next semester. Grrrr!


Tonight on ABC’s 20/20 was the debut of the new Britney Spears video “Womanizer.” Yes I sat through 20/20 just to see it, even though I knew they’d play it as the last story.

Since hearing the song I’ve loved it, just cause she’s finally taking a stand and lashing back at K-fed. If there is anything we (i.e. America) love more than a star falling on her face drunk in the gutter, it’s one rising from the gutter back to stardom. I’m cheering Britney on and hoping she gets her act together, which it looks like she is.

Oh yeah, also in this episode of 20/20 was the Peter Cook interview. Dear Mr. Cook, you did very little to paint yourself as anything but a sex addict and a sleaze by the way you sat in the chair while talking to Babwa, with your leg up and your package showing to the world!

Also proudly posted to by me under their story about Britney . . .

I love how Britney’s video came with a parental advisory, but the Peter Cook interview about adultery, porn and internet sex addiction didn’t. Oh by the way, loved the angles of the Peter Cook interview and how he positioned himself in the chair to show off his package. Nice!

Still Here, Barely . . .

Sorry I haven’t made a post in awhile. I moved the “Tweets” on the side bar up a bit as I still post a few tidbits on it daily. If I don’t blog, you can always check them out.

Like many of you, I’m watching the mess with the market and Wall Street and pulling my hair out and crying as all my investments go down the toilet. Not only will there be no Social Security for me in the future obviously, I’m starting to wonder about the retirement investments I set up as well.

I’m pondering looking for a part-time job this weekend. More on that later.

The Halloween House Video Blog

After finally finishing the house, I made the following video. The night time part isn’t that great cause it’s hard to see things, especially after youtube processed and downgraded it. The cemetery doesn’t show up well on the video at all at night. Oh well! It’s lit up blue.

PS If you click on the video to go to YouTube, you can watch it in High Quality there. The night part is a bit clearer that way.

Babysitters, Vampires, Conjoined Twins and Penises!

I bet that title got your attention didn’t it! This post is inspired by one Becky did in which she listed a fun fact about herself was her love of horror movies going back to when she was a kid. Me too! This post, and the title, will be an eye opener for every mom out there, including my own mom, who I don’t think even knows some of this! Oh and yes, for those who don’t know, my mom reads this blog.

What was the first horror flick I ever saw? I can’t recall. I remember when I was in 2nd grade though “The Creature From The Black Lagoon” came on on Baltimore 45 in 3D! WOW! I remember watching it. However I also remember my parents watching “It’s Alive!” (I believe), cause I remember nightmares of some devil kid in my closet. Now to be fair, I also had nightmares about the Wicked Witch from “The Wizard of Oz” and Medusa from “Clash of the Titans,” who I was convinced lived under my bed. My mom even says she had to take me out of the theater for that scene. I had some issues as a kid, though somehow I became a horror movie junkie.

BTW apparently to the people “up north” in Jersey/Philly I pronounce the term “horror movie” as “whore movie,” which makes a lot of people turn their heads. “You’re going to what kind of movie convention?” Just another fun fact!

Okay back to 2nd grade. Well around that time on Baltimore 45 they showed “Psycho” which I also saw. Terrified of Mrs. Bates! Also there was “Trilogy of Terror,” which I own. I still don’t remember the boring first two stories from that movie, nobody does do they? No, we all remember the Zuni fetish doll that terrorized Karen Black around her apartment. Ironically when I saw it as an adult I was more fascinated by the fact that her anthropologist boyfriend gave it to her. Nice guy! The doll was in fact silly compared to what they release today, but still good for nostalgia.

This was the same time my lovely babysitters Beth and Debbie also showed me two horror flicks that I’ve never forgotten. The first was “Let’s Scare Jessica To Death,” which to this day still holds up. Comcast just showed it a few months back on FearNet and I watched it. It’s still bizarre as hell, but I don’t want to say too much about otherwise it gives it away. Let’s just say it involves a woman fresh out of a mental institute questioning whether she’s really nuts or not.

The other was “Basket Case.” Oh yes, that lovable movie about the guy who had his Siamese twin cut off from the side of him, only to carry him around in a basket and have him murder everyone around him. Yes they showed me and my brother this film to laugh at the full frontal nudity of the male star running down the street in one scene. “Look a penis!”

These are my earliest horror movie memories . . .

With it being Halloween, I find myself reflecting on my love of horror movies. Especially given the ages of the BF’s niece and nephews. They are giant scaredy cats, they can’t get through Harry Potter without having nightmares. Oh how I wish I could corrupt them! I think it’s funny given how afraid and basically sheltered they are in ways . . .

The niece is in 2nd grade. Clearly I had seen all of the above by time I was her age.

The middle one is in 4th grade. This would be when we got our first VCR (a BetaMax!) and my mother gave me free reign at Erols (our local version of Blockbuster) to rent out the entire horror section. Oh yes, I saw it all, from “Evil Dead” (the grossest thing available then) to “Microwave Massacre” (the dumbest thing available then).

Then there is the oldest who is in 7th grade. By that age there was nothing left I hadn’t seen! I had seen all the “Friday’s” to that point, “Nightmare,” as many “Halloweens” they had made (my brother and I still will sing the “Silver Shamrock” song to this day). I’m pretty sure that was when the “Hellraisers” were breaking out and I saw those too. I had seen all the “Living Deads” and “Chucky.” If they made it, I saw it.

Hmmmmmm, maybe this is why I’m so screwed up and did what I did to my house πŸ™‚ Or maybe I just want to annoy the fundy church down the road to no end? No, I did it cause I love decorating for Halloween and used to do this on a very minor scale to our old townhouse when I was a kid (we had the best house on the block for a few years). Okay I admit it, I do think it would be funny if the church down the road tried to file a complaint with the township too (it’s a secret goal I’m working towards).

Signed yours in all things “whore”

P.S. I couldn’t let this post go given the title without saying “Have you checked the children?”

Silver Shamrock!

P.S.S. I never tire of this! It’s time for Silver Shamrock kids, so put on your masks!

Okay, I Have Gone Insane

So unless I buy anything else, I’m done. Oh and you still haven’t seen anything yet, as the night pics are still to come. I may make a quick flick too so you can experience the swaying and light flickering!

New this year, a light up spiderweb on the back window, behind a regular spiderweb. Also the big floating ghost in front of the door. Oh I added a fake cemetery gate on the left side to counter-balance the cemetery on the right, but you can only see the tops of it in the one photo.

Jason is now stuffed with bubble wrap! I recycled the insane amount we had in the basement, using it rather than Styrofoam peanuts in a giant box we have. Also I moved the entire graveyard to one side of the yard and put a skeleton on the ground (held down by clothes hangers). He was in a bush last year as a spider web victim, but he kept falling out and it became annoying.

Still to come, but on order, 3 street signs to attach to the tree by the drive way. “Camp Crystal Lake 10 Miles ->” “Elm Street” and “Haddonfield 2 Miles ->” Oh the Haddonfield one is ironic, as we have a Haddonfield about 2 miles from me!

So I’m gunna buy a black light to put in the graveyard to light it up I’ve decided. It’s the one last thing I want lit up at night.

Stay tuned for a movie!