Trying To Motivate

I decided on a new keyboard and mouse, opting to just go with a Microsoft optical mouse/keyboard combo. So far so good, both are wireless. The mouse is a bit bigger than what I was used to, while the keyboard has a slight curve to the key layout. That is taking a bit of time to get used to. Oh I’ve also put my laptop up on a stand, no more drink spills!

BTW I’ve also got the webcams back up finally, so you may see me on them from time to time. Tonight the BF tried to flash the webcam too! I stopped it before he got close enough, but I won’t let him forget this. He who gets all shy when I take photos as he claims they will be posted all over the internet.

I have been trying to get some school work done today, but it hasn’t gone too well. I made some small steps this weekend at least. I’m once again forcing my self to get up early tomorrow in order to get a head start on the day. Every time I decide I’m going to start getting up earlier it never works out, we’ll see how it goes this time. I’ve been thinking of renting a cabin in the middle of nowhere with no TV or internet and just going there to work, but somehow I think I’d only end up board out of my mind and doing nothing at all.

“Desperate Housewives” rocked tonight! I thought for sure Orsen was dead after the end of last week’s episode. Oh and that Dixie Carter! She’s no Julia Sugarbaker that is for sure. I’m sad to see her character go though, I’m sure she’ll be back!

If your haven’t yet started watching “Brothers and Sisters” then what are you waiting for?The BF only got into it recently and is addicted, in spite of me telling him all season how good it was. I think you can catch up with the whole season online at It’s such a good show!

The Oscars are next weekend! Zzzzzzzz. I guess I will watch. It’s more fun if you make it into a party, but it’s on a Sunday night. Bleck, people work the next day. I’m trying to organize a movie night/Nintento Wii night among a few friends as well.



2 Responses to “Trying To Motivate”

Aravis Says:

My cabin doesn’t have tv or internet. Of course, it’s connected to the rest of the house which *does* have these things. *G*


Dana Says:

I had a Wii night last weekend. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. I would recommed Wii to anyone, it is really fun!