Uneventful Valentine

Well we got a storm after all. It wasn’t snow as much as it was sleet and ice. Right now walking outside is like walking on the moon. Well that is what we always called it when we were kids, it is what we imagined walking on the moon would be like.

It looks like we may be getting ANOTHER snow storm this weekend. More news at 11!

We didn’t go out for dinner or a movie. We didn’t really do anything, mostly because I slept all day. I was sick with a migraine/stomach bug thing. Around 7pmish I finally started getting better. Today I am much improved, but I can feel a bit of the headache lingering still.

I have spent the past few days getting sucked into the “Growing Pains” marathon on Nick and Night. I loved this show, but I can’t watch the later episodes when Kirk grew up and found “The Way Of The Master.” After watching some of the reunion specials and hearing the troubles that he caused on the set in the later years, the magic is ruined for me. I do wonder though how he feels about the “I HEART Kirk” marathon being sponsored by EPT.

I also wonder how long Nick and Night will actually show “Growing Pains” before they yank it to show more “Fresh Prince of Belair.” I also wonder why in the hell they are showing “Crocodile Dundee” next week. Since when did Nick and Night show movies?



2 Responses to “Uneventful Valentine’s Day”

Steve Says:

I always thought Kirk Cameron was dreamy, too. And apparently, he’s turned into a real nut-job. Praise!


DWQ Online Says:

I refuse to watch Growing Pains cause the minute I like it, Nick at Nite will show 30 episodes in a row of Roseanne or Cosby Show. I hate that station.