Kinda Snow

We drove back today, through the snow. We just made it back by time the sleet and freezing rain made its way into the area. At this point everything has stopped. Originally they said it would snow well into tomorrow, but I’m wondering if the weather man screwed up again. If this is the extent of the storm then once again we got maybe an inch out there if we are lucky. I’m thinking I have to give up my dreams of seeing a real storm, but who knows as March is still ahead.

Tomorrow (well today) is Valentine’s Day. With Vegas this weekend I did not plan ahead, I doubt the BF did either. Depending on the weather we could try and go out to dinner tomorrow, but it would have to be someplace that doesn’t require reservations and someplace close. That doesn’t leave too many “classy” options. I guess it beats sitting at home though. If it wasn’t a “Medium” night I would suggest a movie. Oh yeah, that other show “Lost” is on too, for those who like it.



4 Responses to “Kinda Snow”

jeremy Says:

Cooking a nice dinner trumps spending oodles of cash on valentines day dinners…

It’s the little things my dear man. A crafty Martha Stewart Valentine wrapped in a pretty bow, embossed and sleek. A little chocolate and some bump and grind and you can call it a night. Nothing says LOVIN’ like a great home cooked meal.

The benefits could be really great…

We are expecting upward of 20-40cm of snow in the next 24 – 36 hours. It’s comin’ the clouds are moving in…

Happy Valentines Day Gentlemen



Dustin Says:

Well could I could a nice dinner I would. That would take awhile 🙂 We rarely go out though, so that is special 🙂

He got Godiava for Christmas and is still working on it lol. If i got more I’d be in trouble!

I am hoping for a blizzard to trap us in and shut out the people driving down our road.


Becky Says:

back in 1993 or 1994, here in Alabama we had 28 inches of snow in March. So it’s never too late to have snow.


Aravis Says:

Hope you had a nice night. I loved that Medium; it cracked me up when she slapped him at the beginning. That poor man! He was so tender and loving.