Home To Snow?

We finally got home tonight, late tonight. I have done the soap updates and am about to pass out now. Why I’m so tired I don’t know, but I am.

Before leaving I had complained we hadn’t really had any snow this season. It looks like a huge storm could be coming in overnight and tomorrow. We are driving home from my mother’s with the dogs tomorrow, hopefully it won’t be too bad and we’ll all get back before the ice storms hit.

I still have to get the cruise photos all up and updates on this past weekend. I don’t have many photos, those incriminating things are mostly on the other’s cameras. I’ll post what I can soon. As for stories? Hmm, well I was pretty good compared to my friends ;). For now I will just say the Phantom in Vegas was absolutely amazing, worth the trip alone if you are a Phantom fan. We also ended up getting the cheap half off tickets for Cirque De So Gay’s “Mystere” which was funny, bizarre and amazing at the same time. I really didn’t gamble much at all, mainly because I couldn’t find The Price Is Right machine I wanted to play. I did however happen to win about 60 dollars, but I lost maybe 25. I’m such a risk taker!

Honestly probably the best part of the whole weekend was that I did my best to make it a real vacation and not do much work at all, which let me tell you was harrrrrddddd to do!



2 Responses to “Home To Snow?”

KipEsquire Says:

I’m glad you were able to actually relax — you always seem to be so burdened with stuff. 🙂


Aravis Says:

Like Kip, I’m glad you were able to have some down-time. I hope you have a safe drive home! We’re expecting the same storm tonight. The skies have been gray all day…