I Should Be In Bed

But I’m not. It’s not even 11pm, how can I go to bed so early? We have to be up at 5am to catch a 6am ride to the airport. Bleck! What was I thinking making the plane reservations so early in the morning.

I had hope of doing work on the plane, but if it’s like the last United flight and the seats are jammed together the way they were, forget it. I will just sleep the whole flight, which is the smart thing to do. We get in Vegas at 10:30 am Vegas time. If we want to do anything tomorrow night we’ll have to get a nap at some point.

We can’t check into the hotel till 3pm, fortunately friends got there tonight. We can stash our stuff in their room and I can watch the soaps. Got to see Scissor Sisters on Passions tomorrow!

Speaking of TV, I loved tonights “Ugly Betty.” The Alexis character has made the show new and fun all over again. “Grey’s Anatomy” just OMG! That ending, no fair leaving us hanging that way.

As everyone has no doubt heard, Anna Nicole Smith has died. I like many was shocked to hear this. It’s just so sad, her son just died, and now she leaves behind a baby girl that nobody yet knows who the real father is.



3 Responses to “I Should Be In Bed”

KipEsquire Says:

Sometimes it seems that you spend more time figuring out when you’re going to do work than actually doing work. 😉

Have a great time!


karen Says:

have fun in vegas! i know gray’s was sooo good, i can’t believe they left it like that! and that was the first of a three part, so next week will leave us hanging also!


Aravis Says:

I hope the flight goes well and you have a great time. As for Ugly Betty, I like Rebecca Romign. She has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take her looks too seriously. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

I was also shocked about Anna Nicole, and I thought that it was drug-related. As of a little while ago, though, the ME is saying that there are no signs of drugs in her system, certainly not the drugs which were found in her room. Her COD is still a mystery. At least the baby’s dna should reveal the father. I just hope he’s a good one!