Sickness Imprisoning Me

The past two days I have been so drained. By midnight I am ready to fall asleep and have almost done so both nights on the couch. Midnight is way to early for me to be going to bed, I’m usually up working till at least 2am.

Both nights I tried to listen to my body and go to bed early, only to toss and turn in bed until about 2-3am. I hate that! Now I’ve woken up today and feel like the cold I’ve been fighting off for two weeks is about to win the war. Grrr!

To make matters worse tonight was supposed to be the fun night out! We’ll see what happens, half the gang is still undecided at this point. All we know is where we are meeting up for dinner and drinks. We are taking it from there. I am just hoping I won’t start zonking out around midnight.

In other lovely news I woke up to find Nikko had discovered my iPod! The little shit! He tore apart the case it was in and the USB cable. The iPod still works, but it has a few teeth marks on it. I have to go out at some point to get a new USB cable. The battery is also dead, which means a trip to the Apple store to make them “run their tests and determine if the battery meets their standards.” It doesn’t last more than 2 hours, put a new battery in please.

I’ve decided while I’m out getting a new USB cable from Best Buy or Circuit City that I’ll browse the laptops and see which non-Dell brands catch my eye.



2 Responses to “Sickness Imprisoning Me”

Aravis Says:

I pass the title of Mischief Mutt from my late Greta to Nikko; it seems they are kindred spirits! Nothing, absolutely nothing was safe from our little girl. Good luck with that, and with the battery. Also with the non-Dell computer window shopping.

Feel better soon!


Becky Says:

Dell’s are ok, but the tech support is crappy ! A computer is only good if their is tech support to back it up. Dell has failed to live up to it’s so called “promised tech support” and you wind up getting a tech that doesn’t speak enough English. Everytime I call there I’m always asking for someone who speaks good English. My next computer will be either Gateway, HP, or something other than Dell !