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Had A Bad Day

Seriously, like possibly one of the worst days ever. When I can actually gather myself together and talk about it i will.

I am not leaving the house, if I do something else will happen!


Thursday Thirteen #3
Thirteen Things I Miss About New Orleans

1. Shannan, Nica, Brady and Larry
2. Our classy hotel (I love staying in hotels)
3. The silver cowboy
4. Bourbon St.
5. Beignets
6. Bourbon St. Pizza at 2am
7. Napoleon’s Itch
8. Sexy bartenders
9. Ray Nagin T-shirts/jokes (even tough I bought one!)
10. Zardoz fortune telling machines
11. The “say my name bitch” girl
12. Naked dancing girls in the windows
13. Huge ass beers (I don’t drink beer, I thought it was funny though)

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The Heat Is On

Yet another hot day here in the Northeast. Now it looks like this weekend we may be dealing with a tropical storm/possible hurricane. Fun! Also this weekend are three new movies I want to see: “Monster House” “Lady in the Water” and “My Super Ex Girlfriend.” I still haven’t seen “Pirates 2” mind you. Wow, I can’t remember a summer when there were so many movies I wanted to see!

I have started my calorie counting diet today, even though my friends from New Orleans say I’m not allowed to use the D word. I still think I need to eat better and can stand to lose a few pounds.

I’m afraid I don’t have much more to say. The toilet is kinda working for the curious. It’s a pain in the but to flush right now, but no more buckets. We still need a new toilet put in.


This is Not The 1800 House!

So for awhile water has been seeping out of the tiles near the toilet, and things are getting icky and moldy. Tonight while cleaning the house I finally discovered what was wrong, a drip way in the back of the toilet, and not a slow drip either! My BF checked out it, basically the entire toilet has to be replaced. There is a new one in the basement, it’s one of those things he’s been meaning to do but hasn’t done. Currently we now have to pour a bucket into the tank to flush the toilet. I said fix it now! He was like “I’m not doing this tonight!” I said if he didn’t get on it I was calling the plumber. His response was “Fuck that, I can fix this.” The problem is WHEN will he find the time to fix it? If he doesn’t get to it tomorrow then I either call the plumber or rent a car and take myself, my work and the dogs home to Virginia. I am not living in no 1800s house thank you very much, I need a working toilet!


New Orleans Photos!

These three pictures were actually taken by Nica. The two above are from the foam party, the one at the left is from a bar. That’s the “say my name bitch!” girl who sprays whip cream and then pops jello shots in your mouth while smothering you with her boobs. My mom will be so proud! Anyways to see the rest of the approved and PG photos from the trip click here! If you enlarge the photo to the right is a short description of each, which can be found under the image name (something like IMG-1003).

The other photos were either PG-13ish or I didn’t like because I looked terrible in them 🙂


A Day To Relax

I’m taking today off to relax, because you always need one of those after returning home from vacation! Actually I really do want to clean the house up a bit and go grocery shopping, maybe finally get my hair cut since it’s so fricken hot out here.

Speaking of heat, I may have to re-think my school work plan. I was going to do my work at my boyfriend’s workplace because there is no internet and if I work in the conservatory it will be quiet. Then I realized there is no AC! I am going to feel it out today and see if it is all bearable in there.

The PG rated vacation photos should be up later today, check back!


Home Finally!

I am home, have been spending the afternoon/evening unpacking, straightening up, watching Soaps and other fun stuff. The house is a WRECK. I’m obviously going to have to clean this week, but it will be done over the whole weak. I’m not wasting a whole day cleaning.

I’m slowly working on uploading photos from the trip, at least the PG approved ones 🙂 I’ve also decided I’m SO OVER New Orleans. This was my third trip there, I don’t think I’ll be racing back anytime soon. The first day is a blast, the second day you spend recovering from the first, by day three you just want to go home.

Last night I realized my hotel room was haunted. I woke up at around 12:30 and the alarm was going off. Well it wasn’t the alarm, I don’t know what it was. It was this terrible sound coming from the hotel room alarm clock. An hour later it happened again. I soon remember it happened the night before as well, but at a different time as I didn’t go to bed till about 2:30ish the night before. I couldn’t actually stop it by hitting buttons, it just stopped when I woke up and banged on it and yelled at it to stop. I wasn’t to thrilled last night when I put it all together. I guess there was a reason they upgraded me to that very nice room after all!

The shoutbox was down this weekend, it was getting spammed left and right. I think I finally got it so that it won’t be spammed anymore (at least for now).


New Orleans Is Like Vegas

By day three it’s just so time to go home! It’s 10:30pm New Orleans time and we all pooped out. We are beat. Walking in this heat has been draining, I can’t imagine living here. Of course tomorrow I am flying back to 100 degree weather, it’s only going to be 90 here. Oh well.

Today I did a lot of window shopping, bought a few souvenirs. We all went down to Harrah’s casino to gamble. I lost a whole five dollars. It once again poured, but we were in the casino.

By time we walked all the way back to out hotel from the casino it was pretty much over. The city is not lively anyways.

Oh my friends told me I had to blog about the run in with the po-po. We are on our way back to the hotel, this guy on a bike rides up to us and he has a box and is singing. He so wanted money, and they gave him five dollars. He however wouldn’t go away. Suddenly the police swoop in, grab the box from the guy, yell “take your money back” and then yell to the guy “Go away, leave these people alone!” My friends are like “No he’s not bothering us really.” The cops tell my one friend “Do you want to have your purse stolen? Do you want to be a victim.” We were all like damn! Technically the cops were most likely right, but their delivery was a tad harsh.


A Few Quick Photos!

1) Shannan, Me (yes I spilled on myself), Nica
2) Jackson Square, Cathedral
3) The Silver Cowboy (first saw him 5 years ago my first time in the city)
4) The Andrew Jackson statue in Jackson Square
5) Old Man River Statue (saw this 2-3 years ago, it survived Katrina!)


Having Fun Here In New Orleans

It’s been hard to blog on vacation, usually I get on the PC in the morning right after waking up and the only thing I’m doing is working on the soap page. As luck would have it today the internet in the room isn’t working, so I’m typing this on note pad to post when it does work.

Yesterday we all took it easy during the day, way too much partying the night before. Walked around, I took some more photos. I’ll post my photos when I return, it is just easier that way as the upload in the hotel, even on high speed connection, is slooooow.

Last night we hit Bourbon St. again. It was PACKED! Shannan’s husband felt the need to go to a titty bar last night to balance out all the penis we saw the night before. My only request that it be a classy one, I was not privy to stick floors. We finally settled on one that didn’t look TOO expensive but was at least nice. Walked in, it was pretty dead, sat up near the “stage” area. I looked at was on stage and bit my tongue. About four girls in Nica and Shannon return from the bathroom and say “We think that one girl used to be a guy.” I’m like so was the one in the corner over there. They’re now all looking at the girls around the room trying to figure it out. I said “Just looks for the ones wearing chokers of some type.”

We left there, it was kinda boring anyways, the girls (some were real) seemed bored. One yawned on stage lol. My first experience at a titty bar and I’m like “half of them bought their whoo haas, up top and down below!”

We then went to this other frat boyish bar which is kinda fun. Some girl with shots basically grabbed me, stuck them in her mouth and then poured them into mine. My friends thought it was very humorous. Later some girl put her boobs on my head, yelled “Say my name bitch!” and then blew jello shots into my mouth through a tube. They were impressed with that too. The shots were weak, didn’t phase me at all. I wonder if there was even booze in them since the guys kept buying them for the girls working there, and they can’t really be drunk on the job.

Eventually we made out way back to the gay bars, because they realized the drinks were better and they had more fun there lol. We went to one that was having a foam party. It was way fun, but later things started going on in the foam, things that shouldn’t have been. I decided we should go, the girls were way drunk and WAY interested in what was going on!

All in all a fun evening. I took it very easy as the heat here is really getting to me and I came here with migraines as is. I’m heading out now to do some shopping, which I haven’t done any of yet.