Road Trip!

Mom seems to be okay, so I’m headed back home today. Hopefully Nikko won’t decide to be carsick this time around. I’m just trying to decide when to leave, before or after the soaps? After the soaps might mean more traffic, but I’ll at least not have to watch the soaps after a long road trip. My phone is charging right now so it will probably be after the soaps at this point. Uhg, I hate having to travel on a weekday! It throws everything off schedule.

I never did get to the movies. “Lady in the Water” has gotten TERRIBLE reviews so I won’t be wasting my time on that one. I still want to see “Pirates 2” and “Monster House.” I did rent “She’s The Man” this weekend, it was seriously the only thing in Blockbuster new this week. I was surprised, it was a cute little movie! It’s basically a remake of the 80s flick “Just One of the Guys.” However it was a good remake, not a terrible one.


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