Crap and $hit

That is what my BF usually says when I call him up and ask what he’s doing. It’s also how I’m feeling today. I have put off going back home till tomorrow morning. Basically my poor eating habits the past 3 days have caught up with me, bleck. Either I wasn’t eating enough, or what I was eating was crap. Today I feel like crap!

In a bit I’m going to go shopping. I’m just waiting for my mom to come home. I’m seeking out some DVDs, one of which I will admit is the recently released “Best of She-Ra” DVD. I need something to watch and I’m not feeling like going to the movies tonight (but one never knows).

Meanwhile as much as I wanted to hate the new Jessica Simpson song, it’s now stuck in my head and I’m liking it (even if she did remake “Holiday”) I even set it as my phone’s ring tone, eeek! Remind me not to let that ring in public or at least around some of my friends. I was feeling silly last night.

Finally to the person who ended up here by doing a yahoo search for how to link two jelly bracelets together. Well I do know how to do that, but it’s tough to describe. I’d have to show you in person. I’m not exactly sure how you ended up here based on that search though.


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