My Really Really Bad Day

Last night I went to bed around 1am after enjoying some old episodes of “Buck Rogers” on DVD. Fortunately I decided I didn’t feel well enough to go out and I didn’t make a cocktail to enjoy at home.

At 3am I get a call from my brother informing me our mother has been sick most of the week and was not doing well right now, I should probably pack a bag and come home. I soon talk to my mom, I need to come home right now. I say it’s 3am, I can’t get home very easily right now and tell my mom to hang up and call an ambulance if she’s this ill. She does.

I pack my bags and try and figure out the best way to get home. Bus is a no go, it doesn’t leave till 8am. The train is a possibility, but I’d get in around 9 or 10 am. Eventually it becomes apparent that I have to drive, so I borrow my BF’s car since I still don’t have one. Hmmm, guess I’m going to be starting that car buying process up again!

I leave around 4:30am for home, realizing I need food and most importantly caffeine. Fortunately there is a McDonalds with a 24 hour drive through. Yes! Unfortunately I arrive and they inform me the computer is down, it will be about 5-10 minutes . . . . it will be another 10 to 15 minutes . . . . the computer sometimes reboots at this hour in the morning . . . . I’m thinking do you need a computer to make a quarter pounder? I know how much the value meal costs off hand, I really don’t care about change at this point I just need food and caffeine. Eventually they decide to let me buy the food after the manager seemed to act like it was a bother, since the computer still isn’t up. Yeah when I get a chance I’ll be writing a complaint mail and I’ll never be going to that McDonalds again. I ate the food, even though I thought there could be bodily fluids in it.

I get one my way, Nikko throws up in the back seat. Oh happy joy joy! I eventually got home, scrubbed the back seat, dropped off the dogs and my stuff and then headed to the hospital to find my mom.

I find my mom just as they are moving her out of her ER room and into the hallway, because they need to make more room for new patients. This was about 8:30. They ordered a CT scan, which would not occur until NOON! By noon the ER is basically empty, though they don’t put us back in a room. By 1:30pm we were finally allowed to go home, the deduced it was an intenstinal virus most likely and nothing serious.

During our time in the ER we had the joy of the old lady with the giant bad wig constantly moaning to have more pain medication. The Jamaican lady who did not appreciate that the doctor basically baby talked to her, she understood English just fine thank you. There was the man who was not homeless or lived in a shelter, he just tended to walk around from place to place a lot. When asked if he had a family, he said no and that society was just a big ball of death. The doctors then asked if he ever thought about harming himself or others. Finally there was the lady who was brought in completely passed out, who apparently was in a car but didn’t know whose car it was or where she was going. Upon coming to she threw a fit and tried to escape. She was subdued and wailed the rest of her time there. She may still be there.

So you might think that is the end of my bad day, but you would be wrong! After we got home I had to go to the store for my mom. On the way home, litteraly around the corner from my house, it happened. The Ford truck in front of me stopped dead in the road. This isn’t uncommon for the people around here. I stopped, the guy behind me didn’t know what was going on so he decided to go around us both. This is when the truck in front of me just decided to back up for the hell of it and run right into the front of my BF’s car! Just as luck would have it, the people driving didn’t speak English well at all and it wasn’t their car they were in. Seeing the panic in their eyes when I pull out my phone to call my BF, I fear they are going to run for it. They did give me the name and number of the person who owned the car, so they said. I took down their license and make of the car to be safe. Fortunately the guy behind me saw it all and I got his info as well. The damage to the car really isn’t bad at all, it’s the plastic grill/bumper and that’s about it. The car wasn’t going that fast, but fast enough that I couldn’t do anything.

So right now I’m sitting in my house. I dare not go out, something bad might happen. With my luck my house will be hit by a missile from North Korea tonight.



5 Responses to “My Really Really Bad Day”

Flynn Says:

Whew! What a day! Glad you all are OK — time to stay inside (where it’s safe!) and relax. Tomorrow has to be better than today!


Martha Says:

That is a bad day. Sorry to hear it was so rough. I hope it’s nothing too serious with your Mom and she feels better soon. Glad you’re OK and there isn’t too much damage to the car. It sucks though, that that has to be taken care of now on top of everything else you have going on. Hopefully you can relax tonight and tomorrow will be a better day (keeping our fingers crossed for that!) Hug the doggies – it’s therapeutic in my opinion!


Aravis Says:

Awful day! Glad your mother is going to be ok though.


DWQ Online Says:

Glad our mother is doing better. I hope your day today is much, much better. šŸ™‚


Ricky Says:

Hope your Mom will be well soon. How far away is it to your Mom’s house? Where are your siblings?
Take a deep breath,pet the babies,hope things get better soon.