Music, Awards and Movies

I started off the night watching “The American Music Awards” while working on some page updates. Now that Cyndi appeared, I think I can turn it off. I don’t care about anyone else really. Oh wait, hell, they just said the Eurythmics will be on. I do want to see them.

Once they are done I’m going to watch “War of the Worlds.” I honestly don’t know why I rented it, I can’t stand Tom Cruise. I’ll probably need a drink to get through it. Did any of you see the South Park this past week where they made fun of Tom? I’m so upset I missed it, and because of Thanksgiving they aren’t replaying it this week! They have Thanksgiving episodes! Here is a link to CNN’s Coverage of the episode and if Tom has any grounds to sue.

And finally, to end this odd post and bring it back to the topic of music, check out this WEIRD rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. (Warning! There are butts shown in this if nudity offends you. Also it helps if you don’t have your browser full screen because otherwise the video is really pixelated.)


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