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As usual, I realize it’s been FAR too long since I posted. I may finally have to start pulling in my Tumblr photo posts here so people think I’m not dead, or use Twitter again.

We suffered a great loss here this weekend – – – my original model Playstation 3. I waz pissed! This was the third major turd the system had taken on me in the four years I had it. The first two were hard drive failures (I remedied that by finally getting a new hard drive for it). This time however, it took it’s final crap on me . . . from everything I could find on the net, it burned out. I got the dreaded “Yellow Light of Death” (similar to the Red Ring of Death on original Xboxs). The irony is I have an original Xbox 360 and it hasn’t RRoD on me yet . . . but only because I think it gets turned on once in a blue moon.

However it seems many of the newer PS3 games tax the original systems to the point where they over heat – – – much like the original Xbox360s. In fact it was a brand new game that seemed to do it in. Now I could have had it repaired for about 130 dollars, but at 250 you can just get a new one. And this was the third and final crap out I could take . . . as every time it had an issue I lost ALL my save games! (I really need to learn to back them up better, you’d think I’d have learned that lesson by now.)

And while I could have done without a PS3 for a little bit, given I do have the Xbox (among other systems) . . . it was our only Blu-Ray player and I can’t do without that. Oh no that just won’t do! So I spent the money to get a new system rather than have this one repaired and simply wait for it to go on me yet again (which again the research via google seems to indicate happens most of the time). The major loss was newer models aren’t backwards compatible . . . so I have to drag out my old PS2 if I wanna play older games for some reason . . . . Grrr!

In other news, Turkey Day is fast approaching. We have several invites as usual, but this is not a holiday I really enjoy to be honest. It was more fun as a kid, when the Macy’s parade was cool and featured floats based on Saturday Morning Cartoons. Now it’s more about listening to Al Roker blab and watch marching bands walk by and not even perform. I also am not a fan of eating dinner at other people’s house with them and their families . . . it’s just uncomfortable. While I did enjoy cooking a dinner for the first time last year . . . it too is something I don’t feel the need to do again :) I want to go to a chinese restaurant and have “Christmas Turkey” like in “A Christmas Story.”

Hot Pick Of The Week Beyotches!

My Singstar video for “(Keep Feeling) Fascination” by the Human League is currently at 4 1/2 stars and a hot pick of the week. Woohoo!

Laborless Weekend

So I figured I best make a blog post, even a small one, about the weekend and my birthday. It was good, but not the party night it could have been. I had a crappy appetite all week and some stomach problems, probably left over from my cold. So I just didn’t feel like eating much of anything. Without eating, I sure can’t drink :) So we just did dinner and hung out with a few friends.

John got me this wireless mouse type thing, wireless headphones for the TV (you know, so I can come to bed and watch TV rather than stay downstairs in the living room and do so) and this fun little dragonfly remote control toy that flies around.

I picked up two Wii games for myself :) “Cursed Mountain” and “Muramasa.” I’ve only played the first so far, which is a creepy ghost game. Loves it! Next Month “Ju-On” and “Silent Hill” also come out for Wii, and I can’t wait for those two. Loving all the horror games coming out lately, just in time for Halloween.

Tomorrow I head to Virginia to finally get the much postponed dental work done. Not thrilled, as I just got my appetite back. I probably won’t feel like eating to much after the work. Mainly because I always pull those temporary crown/caps off.

One Month Countdown!

In one month I turn . . . gulp . . . 34! I am also about 8-10 pounds heavier than I was last year, according to the CalorieKing chart/program I have on my Mac. Not very happy about that! Of course I was running almost every day last summer too, which I have slacked on this year for a multitude of reasons. I really need to get back to it, but I seem to find myself keep saying that :) The last time I started up I pulled something unfortunately.

I had bought EA Active Sports back in June, but got sick shortly after starting it, then the boot camp started, and well I didn’t use it as much as I should have. It has a 30 day fit challenge, which as the name suggests, you are supposed to use it every day for 30 days. It does let you slack off a few days, but only a few. I have to reset mine at this point since I failed it :) I think I’m going to use it and maybe report back on my progress with it. We’ll see how well it does. While running last year gave me a weight loss, I wasn’t as toned as I’d like to have been. We’ll see if this can achieve that.

For those who have the Wii Fit and maybe bored with it, give this game a try. The exercises and routines I feel are much better (but it doesn’t have Yoga if that is your thing). The music is great, and the exercises for the most part are a lot of fun as they mix games in with the exercises. You can use prebuilt routines or make your own, and they string together nicely. So unlike Wii Fit you aren’t taking a few minutes between exercises to choose something new. After 30 minutes with EA Active, you will be tired, and the next day you will be sore!

For those who like Wii Fit just fine (or are into Yoga), a new Wii Fit Plus disc comes out this fall, which is more customizable apparently, allowing you to string exercises together and make routines.

Okay, I think that’s all I have to blog about right now.

Post Note: The EA Active Sports comes with a very light “resistance band” which is actually just a pilates type body band. You can pick up a whole kit of light-medium-heavy bands on Amazon for about 20 bucks, or just get medium and heavy bands for about 12 each at TarJay (along with a workout DVD). If you find the band the game comes with too easy (which I did) it’s worth it to get a heavier band. Do NOT get the rubber tubing workout bands though, as those come with specific handle attachments and do NOT play well at all with the Wii controllers. Trust me on this one! Get the pilates body bands and simply put them in the handles that come with the EA Active game.

Home On The Range

So I’m finally home in Virginia for a visit. I haven’t been back since the vacation in January. When I started teaching I just couldn’t get down here, then I had other commitments (the boot camp). Now I’m commitment free for a week and 1/2, so I made my way home for a visit. I brought some work with me of course, so here’s to getting a lot done :)

Not much else to say. The old school computer nerd in me has come out recently. Today marked the release of the first of several new “Monkey Island” games. Woohoo! I loved these back in High School through College. Old school point-and-click adventures! It’s out on PC and Wii. Next week on PC and Xbox is the release of the original, totally remastered with new HD graphics. So can’t wait! This genre was my favorite genre, and it sadly died off with the advent of 3D graphics and internet gameplay. I need to put some time playing the game tonight :)

Stand And Deliver Bitches! Dedicated To My Mummy!

One of my mom’s favorite, if not her favorite, artist is Adam Ant. She has all his albums. During the 80s when MTV was coming into fashion, my parents were the ones with all the “cassette tapes” of the latest artists. My mom in particular had Journey, Cyndi Lauper, Culture Club, Thompson Twins, Adam and the Ants . . . . you name it and she probably had it. My dad, who traveled to Europe often for his job, would come back with versions you couldn’t even get in the US. Thus my parents were the “cool” ones on the block, listening to all the hip and modern music.

This week Singstar (the best videogame ever!) put out some Adam and the Ants. I quickly grabbed “Stand and Deliver.” It’s probably the one rap song I own I actually can score above 6000 in. I think I’ve gotten up to around 8000 on this song. If I’d actually try and sing the verses to the harmony on the screen I might score higher, but I like being nutty as this video shows :)

I dedicate this to my mommy :)

Crystal Light Mustache

So let’s see what I can blog about today? First up, I officially ran out of diet soda today, and am now going to attempt weaning myself from it. I’m back on Crystal Light, because as many of you know I think water tastes icky. I’m hoping this helps break the plateau I’ve found myself on with the weight. The vegetarianism didn’t seem to help take any weight off, but it hasn’t put any on thankfully. I do seem to be feeling a lot better though as I’m not eating as much crap anymore (ie McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King).

I actually enjoy Crystal Light, but it has some draw backs. First it’s not as thirst quenching as soda is (well for me), so I drink a lot more. It being pretty much flavored water, I’m peeing a lot more because of that. Like every thirty minutes! I know you wanted to know that too, which is why I shared. It also leaves a nice red mustache, and Crystal Light mustaches aren’t easy to get off. You need some serious sea breeze to get them off, water or spit alone won’t do it. Unfortunately I tend to forget I have one and then go out in public, only realizing after I get into the car after grocery shopping and see myself in the rear view mirror.

What else is going on? This Saturday I’m going out to meet real live people. Can you believe that? Well hopefully it will work-out. A bunch of local videogamers are getting together to meet each other in real life (ie not on-line). We are all of the homosexual persuasion too, and being this is a videogamer meetup, that also makes us kinda nerds. So it should be interesting. Right now it seems like only a few people have committed to coming, unless others just decide to show up and lurk about until they decide it’s safe :) I’m hoping we get somewhat of a good turn-out though.

Depending on how late the shindig Saturday goes will depend on if I get up and do the hike on Sunday. I can honestly say I won’t feel guilty about not going on the hike Sunday if Saturday turns out to be a blast.

Work It Gurl!

Okay so first up, I’m finally doing better. I didn’t take any cold medicine this weekend, weaning myself from the evil stuff. I even went to the gym this morning, only using the treadmill to walk on an incline as to not overdue it :)

Today I ordered EA Sports Active, a fitness game I’ve had my eye on for awhile now. It can use the Wii balance board that came with Wii Fit, but doesn’t require it (will be interested to see how it uses it). What I’m really excited about is that this game is a real cardio workout, unlike Wii Fit which was more focused on yoga or toning exercises. This thing has dance, cardio boxing and kick boxing. Woot! The boxing part of Wii Fit was the best part of it in my opinion.

The game is set to be released next week. I’ll give you my thoughts. Maybe I’ll make a videoblog review of it!


I admit it. Not only do I LOVE “Singstar” for the PS3, I want international fame. I will resort to cheap and tawdry tricks, like dancing with and singing to my Jason doll that hung on my porch the past 2 years for Halloween. Hey at least the context fit. I chose Alice Cooper’s “Poison” for the video. The song was featured in “Friday the 13th Part 7” . . . . I think. It could have been 6. Who cares, I’m dancing and singing to Jason in this video people! I even uploaded it to the Singstar Scene for votes.

I . . . am . . . . pathetic . . . . .

Vote for me if you have the game!

House Of The Dead & Technobabble!

I spent a good portion of this weekend backing up, wiping clean and reinstalling PCs . . . FUN! My HP laptop has to go in for service as there is a crack in the hinge/lid. It’s covered as it’s a defect in the make of it. They’ll fix it, but in a year or so it will crack again. It’s the placement of the processor, it overheats and warps the plastic. NICE! One more reason I will not be buying anymore PC’s in the future :) I definitely at least won’t buy an HP again after the troubles I’ve had with this one.

So I had to back it up and wipe it clean. I’m not sending a PC in with things on the hard drive :) I need a working PC, because to date there is no Access program for Mac, and it’s the one thing I need a PC for at this point. So I got to back up my old Dell laptop and reinstall it (cause I couldn’t deal with the slow 10 minute boot-up!). It’s running great now, which always happens with a fresh install. It’s however an older laptop, some things aren’t as quick on it. I’ll survive.

I called HP for service, they are sending a box for me to ship off the other laptop in. When it returns I have to finally face the dilemma . . . to install Vista or not? I know I shouldn’t . . . . I do, but I probably will at this point. The HP, when restored to factory defaults, just has too much preloaded crapola on it. A Vista install will be completely clean. Plus like it or not, Microsoft isn’t going to support XP for much longer, even though they do need to admit what a mistake Vista was :)

Moving on . . . I have a video game recommendation! I am a Sega nut, I have every system they made (RIP) and used to run a Sega fan page. One of the games they make is “House of the Dead” which is a zombie shoot-em-up game. I’ve played them in the arcades, had some on my old Sega systems. They were great fun.

Well Sega just released “House of the Dead: Overkill” for the Nintendo Wii. If you like shooting things, get this game. If you like zombie and horror flicks, get this game. If you like potty humor and long strings of profanity, get this game! Seriously, it’s a great game. Basically it’s a gun game, which means you are shooting things on the screen as the game moves on “rails.” That means it moves on a guided path through levels as you shoot stuff and try not to get attacked or hit by thrown objects. You win cash and can upgrade your gun on the way.

The game is great, as is the story. Sega has outdone themselves. They reinvented the franchise in the spirit of the old exploitation horror films of the 70s, which were reintroduced to audiences recently by Quentin Tarentino in his “Grindhouse” films. The movies and story are presented in a disco 70’s funk soundtrack with a cheesy voice over guy. Oh this is one game you aren’t going to want to play with the kids around! Every other word is the F-word, if not some other profanity. This is one of those games that if you aren’t offended by cursing, well you will just start giggling because of some of the lines.

Get this game, also get a Nyko Perfect Shot to complement it and make it easier (playing with the Wii-mote on it’s own is a little awkward and hurts your wrist).