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Flowers In The Attic


The “Flowers in the Attic” books (also known as The Dollanganger Saga) by VC Andrews were the first real adult books I ever read. The only reason I even read them was because the mother of my best friend at the time owned them and had them locked in a glass bookcase for all to see, but not touch. My friend and her siblings would always say those were dirty books, which is why their mom locked them up. So of course me, being in the 7th grade, purchased them the next time I went with my mom to the grocery store. I actually bought it at the Crown Bookstore that was next-door to the local Giant.

I remember not being able to put “Flowers” down and reading it in the span of 24 hours. Then I of course had to buy the rest. I remember “Petals on the Wind,” which was the longest of the books if memory serves me, took me forever to get through. It wasn’t as gripping as the horror of the first. It basically was just about the abusive relationship they all ended up in. The third was down right twisted, and the forth was just a depressing ending to it all.

If you have been living under a rock, Lifetime TV has made movies of the first two books. “Flowers” aired in January and “Petals” just aired tonight. I will say that the “Flowers” movie disappointed me. The acting of the main kids was terrible, I didn’t feel the fear or terror in the book, and even the dirty scenes just weren’t shocking. I was actually rooting for them all to just die by the end. However Lifetime greenlit the sequel even before the original aired, and it’s a good thing they did, because it might not have come about it they waited for the reception “Flowers” got from many like myself. “Petals” was phenomenal! It was definitely better than the book. Whereas I hated that they cut so much out of “Flowers,” the cuts to “Petals” were welcomed. I haven’t read these since I was 12/13, but I plan to reread them over the summer and before “Thorns” and “Seeds” air.

Oh yes, Lifetime is making all four of the original books into movies. There is no word whether “Gardens,” which was a prequel about the Grandmother and Grandfather, will become a film.

Countdown To Deadtime!

So deadtime is what they used to always call the hours between midnight and three A.M. on this show “Paranormal State” that John used to be obsessed with. I hated it, I thought it was the biggest bunch of fake crap I’d ever seen. I still think it’s fake, and fortunately John no longer watches it. Since someone will likely end up at this blog google for this, I will quickly explain why I think it was fake. The best example I can give was from an episode that dealt with a family battling evil forces thanks to a voodoo doll. First the voodoo doll was a gift from a friend who apparently picked it up in New Orleans. That means it was likely something sold to a tourist, and therefore just mass produced garbage. Even if it was authentic, voodoo dolls are normally used to target a living person, not house a spirit of some kind. Then the family decided they didn’t want it, so they just burned it in the fire. Really? Who goes to that much trouble? Why not throw it out? But that’s how they got haunted. Bullshit!

Now moving on, I have for some horrid reason found myself watching some of these god awful shows as of late as nothing is on T.V. right now. One of them is “The Dead Files” on The Travel Channel, which I actually will admit I’m fascinated by. It’s a fairly neat show involving a psychic and a cop investigating peoples homes or businesses. The other show I’ve for some unknown reason started watching is “Ghost Adventures.” I think I just ended up mesmerized by the host Zak and the absolutely stupid things he does in each episode to provoke ghosts, demons and what not. Even John, when he saw me watching it one night, commented that the guy “Was built like a brick shithouse, but dumb as a box of rocks.” That’s him to the left by the way, with a fan I am assuming. I stole this off Google images.

However as someone living in a haunted house, I have developed the bad habit of watching these shows at night before bed . . . and then I wonder why I can’t sleep! My trip to Ft. Mifflin is about a week away now, and after watching all these damn shows I’m starting to get a little spooked.

An April Update! Cats, Dirt and Soaps!

Cleaning Off The Porch I’m checking in with a long overdue post, because it’s been so long, and because my mother thinks there must be something wrong. I’m just busy. That plus the fact that I feel like I don’t have much to talk about. I guess I could do movie reviews? I did just read all the Hunger Games book and went to see the film.

Once May hits, I’m sure I’ll have more posts. Work will be done for the summer, and I have a few trips on schedule. One to see my friend Heidi in Colorado. I’ve never been there, so it should be fun! Another trip is back to Williamsburg to ride the new coaster at Busch Gardens. Though I may postpone this till fall honestly. I really want to go there for Halloween as they do it up.

I have been meaning to work in my garden and yard area the past 3 weekends. But I haven’t had the time or energy. This is not good, as it’s almost time to plant tomatoes! I finally made myself take a break from grading today to do so. The porch I worked so hard to recover a few years back needed attention in a bad way. The fountain I cleaned out and got working again years ago, has fallen into disrepair. I cleaned it out, but haven’t got working again yet. Sadly the little naked pan that was the fountain fell off this winter and his head broke off :( I have to find a way to glue or cement him back together. He’ll still run, he’ll just be headless.

MewMew . . . 1 Year Old! In other news, MewMew is about a year old now. How did this year go by so fast? She’s a very small cat, confirming what we thought, that she was the runt. Unfortunately all she eats is the dry food, so she’s become a porker. This I must nip in the bud before I have MooMoo 2.0 on my hands. Their names were too similar, I guess it’s a curse! John even “weighed in” last night that she was getting heavy. We have to stop this before it hits the point of no return as it has with Moo Kitty.

A final bit of info to leave you with. My old soap page has asked me to write some blogs for them from time to time on my thoughts on “Days.” I wrote one about a month ago. The second will be up sometime this week! You can also find my snarky little thoughts about the show on FaceBook!

Till my next update . . . .

Live From Ft Lauderdale!

I write this post from Ft. Lauderdale, as we are on vacation! We get on the big boat tomorrow, I’m so excited! I need a massage stat. I’ll do my best to put in an update or two, pictures will probably have to wait until we get back as usual. It’s sometimes hard to upload multiple photos and edit them while on the ship, but we shall see. I’ll definitely get one or two up, especially of Chichen Itza!

Definitely keep watching the Tumblr Blog over the next week. It will probably have photo updates posted to it more than here, as I can do so from my phone quickly and from wherever I am. I know tomorrow while we’re still in port and I have 3G I’ll probably post a ton there. During the cruise I can and probably will still do it via wireless internet, just not as much. I really should have set this blog up to pull in the feeds from that blog for this week. I didn’t realize it was as complicated as I originally thought until I just looked at, so I don’t know if I can do it tonight. I really don’t wanna screw something up.

Now let’s talk about “Days” for a second. I know I hadn’t made a video blog since November. One reason was because I got very busy. The other reason was the show got very dull. I had nothing to say! So why why why is it that every time I go away does the good shit happen? I mean they had to have this coming week to be when Will gets outed (or the beginning of his official outing by EJ)? I’m so friggen pissed! I’ve been watching and waiting months for this! When we used to cruise Carnival, they had satellite feeds and we could see real TV when we were in the cabin. Having now switched to Royal Caribbean, they have yet to have that. Maybe this year they will so I can see the show. I doubt it. Good thing there is Tivo and Hulu!

Days Video Blog #3!

Just cause I need something to fill blog space :) I did a second one, I just didn’t post it here. You can probably find it through this one I’m sure.

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!

Video Blog: Days Style!

So yes, as usual, I’ve been terrible about keeping this blog up to date. I thought I’d make a fun video blog post, but not just any video blog post. In case any old “Days Page” fans drop by from time to time and wonder if I still watch the show . . . the answer is YES! Here is a video blog I made with my thoughts on the current characters and storylines. Sorry it’s a tad long!

The All New Wonder Woman Hour!

So the new “Wonder Woman” show is taking flight, so to speak. The pilot for NBC began shooting this week. We’ll know if it’s a go by May.

Adrianne Palicki ( photo, she has darker hair now) has been cast in the title role. Honestly I don’t know who she is, and if I’ve seen her in films, I still can’t remember her.

She’s not only playing Wonder Woman and Diana Prince, who now works for a fortune 500 company Themiscyra Industries, she’s also playing the CEO Diana Themiscyra. Yes three roles! Should be interesting.

Tracie Thoms has been cast as the bumbling Etta Candy.

No official news on who Steve Trevor will be.

Elizabeth Hurley is signed on as (one of?) her nemeses Veronica Cale, but right now it’s just being reported as a guest role.

WonderWomanTV.Com recently posted a photo of the new logo for the show, as snapped on set while filming. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. It has a retro look to it, but honestly looks more Egyptian than Greek to me.

I honestly don’t know what to think about the show. It will either be great, or a hot mess.

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Superbowl Sunday . . . . Which Means GLEE!

It’s Superbowl Sunday! In fact the Superbowl is on right now as I write this . . . though not in our house. We could careless :) The only thing Superbowl Sunday means in this house is that “Glee” is back right after the game. Woohoo! Time to get our “Thriller” on.

Let’s see, what to blog about? I’m trying to be good about my diet and fitness again. I’m down two pounds, and I’m finally back at the gym. I actually just started back today after 2+ weeks of not going because of that nasty cold I caught right after the cruise. I’m sure though it helped with those 2 pounds, but I fortunately got off the ship weighing about the same as I got on. Amazing I know!

The snow is FINALLY starting to melt. I can now walk the dogs further than 10 feet from the house. Our driveway had been a giant sheet of ice all week. NOT fun, especially with two little dogs who think they are sled dogs pulling me their master. No mush, stop! I almost fell far too many times this week.

However as our current snow melts, it looks like we may be blessed with more this week. They are calling for a Nor’Eastern at the end of this week, and should it hit land and not go out to sea, we might be in big trouble. These are the storms which resulted in the 2 foot blizzards we had last winter. Who am I kidding, I still love the snow, so bring it on. The doggies love the snow too :)

If you haven’t checked out my Tumblr blog, it’s linked to the left in the side bar right under the Blogs header – which comes after the photo of moi. I’m having a lot of fun with it, but it’s mostly just photos I post from my phone. Still, I’m loving it. I’m also still trying to find a theme for it I like, so don’t be surprised if it changes style a lot.

I’m still on the fence about Twitter. I actually did get my first Twitter name back finally. I can integrate it both into the Tumblr blog as well as the side bar here like I used to. I just haven’t bit the bullet and jumped back in. I’m still trying to be good, not wanting it to take over my life again like it did :)

Classic Animated Christmas Carol

A great old version that used to be on television and scared the crap out of me when I was little. Hard to find anymore and has only ever been partially uploaded to YouTube before. This year someone put the whole thing up in one file.


Alive (Barely) . . . And Still Decorating . . . .

So let’s see . . . first I’m sick. I tried to avoid it as long as I could, everyone around me had it, and I eventually got it. Blah! Not fun. I was supposed to go to Virginia for the weekend to help decorate, but that got canned. I’m hoping to go down a little earlier than planned next weekend though.

I have slowly gotten most of the decorations up here in Jersey this week. I had planned to finish them yesterday, but I got hit with this cold. I might be able to drag my ass off the couch tomorrow to do so. Oh yes, the pink nightmare is back . . . and this year so are the peekaboo penis beads! Grrrrr . . . and John said I wasn’t allowed to strap Baby Jesus to the top of the tree because it was “twisted.” I said so were his beads!

I spent the day watching ABC’s “25 Days of Christmas” while sick. I will at least say for once they played Christmas movies. Bottom of the barrel ones, but Christmas movies. Don’t ever ever ever watch the movie “Jack Frost,” cause it’s horrible. Next week ABC Family returns to their regularly scheduled shlock . . . Disney Pixar Movies (which are NOT Christmas movies even though they try and claim they are).

What else . . . John’s sister got us a yard nativity! I have my suspicions . . . . I had been taking photos of the most tackiest ones I was seeing while shopping and sending them to John’s phone. I don’t know if she picked up on that I wanted one, or he picked up on the fact that I might buy an inflatable one and was frightened . . . She got us a very tasteful cut-out one though.

I could consider this my “new” nativity set for the year . . . but I learned there is now a Playmobile nativity set. OMG I need it! I actually would have loved that as a kid. (It would have gone well with Playmobile cowboy and indians and Playmobile Civil War). Here I thought nothing could beat the Charlie Brown Nativity set I bought last year.

Anyways, I’ll post some photos of our house when it’s all done. Then of course of 2nd home in Virginia later on.

I just realized it’s under one month until the cruise. Oh lordy! I haven’t even found us a hotel for the night down in Ft. Lauderdale, I guess I best get on it. This year we are finally moving on up, and doing the Allure of the Seas on Royal Caribbean. It’s the biggest and newest ship! We wanted to do the sister ship last year, but it was just too expensive. This year we are going with my friend Heidi and her husband. This marks our third cruise together. Keith, who has also been a cruising buddy in years past, can’t come this year because of work. The ship should be amazing, and because it’s a new ship we’ve never been on, I’ll be taking a million pictures. It goes to a bunch of the smaller islands, so no Mayan ruins on this venture (I think I’ve seen most of them at this point anyways).