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Social Media Slump . . .

So I’ve found myself in a social media slump as of late, though I’m not exactly sure that’s a bad thing? I had given up Twitter a long time ago because it was just too addicting. I had it linked to my Facebook and basically I was just sharing and posting too much. I actually still have a Twitter account, I just use it to read famous people and get news rather than put a million tweets out there about what I’m doing at every waking moment. But even now I find myself not checking it as much as I used to. Damn I thought I was bad, but famous people Tweet a lot! When I do finally check on it, I can’t keep up. Maybe I need to unfollow some people who like to constantly retweet their fans every single praises about them . . . and their crappy attempts at music . . .

As of late I’ve really found myself not having much fun on Facebook either. I’m beginning to think it needs to be renamed Politicsbook. Now I will admit, I have gotten on my politic high horse on Facebook numerous times. But as the election rolled around in the fall, I vowed not to do it unless I felt I had to speak about something. I figured that people would quickly get sick of politics, I knew I was at that time. Every time I saw things that pissed me off in my feed I posted silly photos of unicorns farting rainbows or something equally as silly. However since the election it’s just been non-stop politics on there, or at least in my feed. The shooting in Newtown, as tragic as it was, also has just spurned a million and one gun posts as well. I mean some people do nothing but post nasty political posts all day long . . . It must take a lot of energy to hate Obama that much! I was no fan of George W., but lord I didn’t sit around all day posting about him and sharing slanderous and hateful stories and photos. I know I should unfriend people who push my buttons like this, but that makes me feel bad. I do my best to just hide their feeds, but some post so much it still gets through! This weekend with the Oscars was another great example. My newsfeed got flooded because Michelle Obama appeared at the very end. Nobody had anything nice to say about her either mind you. I have thus for the past few weeks just stopped posting on Facebook. I actually deleted all my photos, even all my personal info, and all my wall posts from this year and even several past years. It was my plan to delete every wall post I made to give me a fresh start, but that got tiring! I only had 1 1/2 years left to delete believe it or not. Facebook doesn’t make it easy, you have to go through one by one by one to do it. The only thing I’ve done on Facebook as of late is change my cover photos to silly things. I haven’t gone as far as deleting it all together as I do have friends I have no other way to keep in touch with outside of Facebook, and I do like to still interact with others on their walls. But I’ve taken a break from posting updates of my own. Mainly because I want to post very not-nice things like “Jesus Christ I’m glad I don’t own a gun, because after having to read all these fucking posts about people thinking Obama’s coming for their guns, I’d probably shoot myself in the head with it!”

The one social media I do still love is Instagram. I think what I like about it best is that it’s just photos!

Where am I going with all this? Well I have been trying to find some ways to revitalize my blog. I seem to often be at a loss of words when it comes to writing actual blog posts. Clearly that’s not the case with this one! I do have some fun things coming up the next few weekends that I think will make fun posts. A Broadway play, Monstermania and a party with my paranormal friends :) But once again I’ve been wondering about incorporating apps on my phone into the blog somehow. I opened the Tumblr Blog in part because it easily incorporated a lot of the apps. I can pull the Tumblr posts into here, but I’d prefer to keep the two blogs separate: it for funny photos and this for actual text posts (and the occasional photo blog post). Hence I’ve been wondering if I should start using Twitter again, sparingly mind you, to give some short quick updates on things since I have trouble writing long posts nowadays.

One thing I did manage to work into the side bar tonight was Instagram. I replaced the old Webcam block that I no longer used with an Instagram plug-in with whatever the latest image I’ve taken on my Instagram is. Yay! Photo sharing is fun!


So I had hoped this weekend would bring fun story posts as well as pictures. It was Monster Mania here in Jersey, but alas there was no Monster Mania for me. The friends I made there who I usually hang out with decided to pass on this one, but hope to make it for the August one. The guest list was amazing, but honestly no one I was dying to meet. Okay maybe one or two. However without people to hang out with, I decided it wasn’t really that worth it. Plus I have this conference paper I am supposed to be working on.

Another reason that kept me away was the massive monsoon that hit us this weekend. Holy hell, perhaps when I said no more snow, I should have wished for no more precipitation. It was just non-stop rain and wind from Friday through Saturday. It’s still raining off and on and will through tomorrow. Of course our basement flooded and half of it is a nasty mess. It smells as well. Fun! It will take a week to dry out I’m sure.

This weather has just been a drain on me. My head has not been to happy with the sudden change outside. We went from lovely 60s and sun to RAIN. I’m also finally on spring break, so no work is knocking on my door. I basically just crashed this weekend and couldn’t seem to get in the mood to work on this paper. I have enough written to put it together, it’s just a matter of sitting down and forcing myself to do it. That will be tomorrow. More fun!

We got the bad news today that our awesome amazing doctor is fleeing from New Jersey. He, his partner and their kids are going to Massachusetts where they can be legally married. Thanks again New Jersey! You are now officially chasing qualified working professionals and tax payers out of the state. Meanwhile our new governor has also slashed the education budget to the point that every K-through-High School is faced with laying off numerous teachers and making larger classes. Hello, did nobody see the latest news specials that we are becoming the dumbest country in the Western world? The colleges are getting hit as well. This is not exactly the greatest position for me to be in right now. Do you want fries with that? Would you like to supersize your meal? …. Oh wait they don’t ask that anymore after the movie :)

Finally, for a bit of sunshine . . . It looks like I’m doing the drag show on Thursday night hopefully, so I should have a fun photo post soon :) No I’m not in the drag show, I’m going to one. Just wanted to clarify that!

DC Passes Gay Marriage

Washington D.C., our nation’s capital, passed gay marriage overwhelmingly today. The law is expected to go into effect around March 2010.

The irony was that former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry was one of 2 people to vote NO. He made this long speech about how his commitment to gays and lesbian is deep and long known, but he still voted no because he feels his CONSCIENCE says so, and the people in his ward do not want this . . . and he thinks marriage is so very sacred, a covenant between two individuals between their God and state (this is what he said!)

Oh Marion . . . you are still a joke, and the people who elected you AGAIN are a joke. Growing up in Northern Virginia, I still remember the night you got busted and everyone watched you high as a kite arguing with a crack whore you picked up off the street. “Bitch set me up! Bitch set me up!” This is what you screamed as you were busted, while you were mayor and while you were in that sacred covenant of marriage.

New Jersey Gay Marriage Vote Delayed . . . I Take Action . . .

I sent my letter off this morning, which my own mother actually proofed and emailed to me early this AM. I trimmed some of it out for length, and have already received a thank you from my assemblymen for the letter. I also called my senator’s office and talked to whatever staffer was there, saying I hoped the senator voted yes. They asked for my name and address if I was willing, and I was. I post on political forums under my own name and photo, I do not hide and hate cowards doing so under anonymity!

Unfortunately the Senate and Legislature has decided to delay the vote, which was set for tomorrow. They have no new date, and they say it’s so people can hear more testimony. I hope I am called to testify, I’ll give them a civil piece of my mind :) However as of yet, nobody knows if it will go to vote before the republican governor takes seat, and he will veto the bill.

I have decided I will not be quiet anymore. I am currently making some makeshift signs this very evening with what I have in my house, and plan to stand on the corner of my very busy highway with them tomorrow during rush hour. Then I will later go to the craft store (oy a craft store this time of year!) and get better supplies for better signs. I will stand and protest during morning and evening rush hour every day possible till the bill is up for vote, and if it fails, even after. I’ll make people look at my face, and if they choose, throw rocks at me. I welcome it ironically, because it will show more people the ignorance that thrives in the hearts of men and women in our country.

BTW I’m tired of the whole slippery slope argument of child marriage and polygamy resulting from gay marriage. I have written up a whole post on that to be posted soon, showing the way marriage has evolved among STRAIGHT PEOPLE discredits those arguments as they are backsliding.

The quick sign I whipped up tonight to take to my street tomorrow :) And yes it gets lots of traffic!

Photo on 2009-12-10 at 04.49

A DRAFT Of My Letter To My Representatives In New Jersey Re: Gay Marriage

Late last night, after hours and hours of debates and testimonies, the New Jersey Assembly approved of a gay marriage bill that now goes to the Senate on Thursday for a vote. Here in Jersey we have a new Republican Governor coming in that has made it clear, he’ll veto any gay marriage bill given to him. For many they see this as the last chance to get this past for anywhere from 4 to 8 years. Sure we could put it to a public vote, and while the tide is turning in favor of gay marriage each year, again it could be 5-10 years before the vote is in and people accept it and stop putting it back up for votes.

The following is a DRAFT of a letter I have written and am going to email off to my representatives. I am probably going to send it early tomorrow morning, after I have a chance to sleep on it and read it over one last time. It’s also pretty long, so in case they don’t feel like reading it, well I’m gunna call them as well and at least leave them a voicemail.

Dear . . . . . (my district Senator and two assemblyman’s names go here)

I am writing about the upcoming New Jersey senate vote on gay marriage, and should it pass the senate I know it goes back to the New Jersey assembly. Therefore this letter is being sent to all who represent District 6 in New Jersey government.

As a gay man who has been in a faithful and monogamous relationship going on 8 years now (statistically longer than most straights stay married!), this vote and this law is very important to me. I am writing to explain why that is, why it’s not only important to me, but to all of New Jersey.

Someone told me today (and a lot lately with this issue being in the media) “Why can’t you just have a ceremony, exchange rings and call yourself married?” I responded that I can paint my body blue, put on white shorts and call myself a smurf; but it doesn’t make it so. I want to be married and when I say I’m married know in my mind heart that it’s true. I’m not asking for anyone else’s acceptance, there are countless marriages in existence today that are not accepted or recognized by families, friends and even churches. However those people still know in their hearts and minds, they are married. Even if their church, friends or own parents refuse to acknowledge or accept their marriage, they know to each other they are married.

I want to be married because it is the ultimate commitment two people in love can make. I have forgone the civil union law for that very reason. People don’t get down on one knee to ask someone to civil union them. Why? Because a civil union simply a government contract. It’s not personal, it has no real meaning or feeling like marriage does. Marriage isn’t just about religion, you can get married and not be religious or attend church. It’s not just about benefits and rights, most people don’t enter into a marriage simply for the tax perks and health insurance. Marriage is about feelings, it’s about happiness, it’s about joy, it’s about love. Can those things be attached to a civil union the same way they can to a marriage? I would say no, and many heterosexuals prove that when they choose to get married in New Jersey rather than get a civil union, which is in fact an option open to them.

Many people have also said to me lately that New Jersey has more important things like the economy and job market to be dealing with rather than this gay marriage thing. I am a responsible tax paying citizen. I am so honest on my taxes that even my republican friends think I’m nuts. How many people can say they don’t cheat on their taxes? I currently have no debt, aside from a few credit card bills. How many New Jerseyans or Americans can say that? In fact I put myself through graduate school without taking a single student loan out! I’m good enough to be an educator in the University system, teaching New Jersey’s youth and the future of tomorrow, but I am not good enough to be married. I am a scientist who publishes and presents at local and national conferences, contributing to the preservation of the archaeology and history of New Jersey; but I am not good enough to be married.

My partner John Ebert’s family owns and runs Springdale Farms in Cherry Hill, the townships last working farm. He is also vice president and a vital one-third of the business. His business employees people in New Jersey. His business provides fresh locally grown food to people in New Jersey. John is good enough to provide jobs to New Jersey, to to contribute to the economy of New Jersey, to feed New Jersey; but not good enough to be married.

The farm also has a conservatory which is very popular for parties of all types, as well as weddings. John, who is also the farm’s florist among many other things, is always in demand to do arrangements for weddings. He’s so in demand that in recent years he’s had to turn away jobs because he doesn’t have the time with his other responsibilities. John can host weddings and do floral arrangements for weddings, just not his own.

So to those who say New Jersey has more important problems facing them right now than gay marriage, I respond with the following. We are the conscious tax payers of New Jersey. We are the educators of the future residents of New Jersey. We are the scientists preserving and keeping the history of New Jersey. We are the business owners employing New Jersey. We are the farmers feeding New Jersey. I would ask those who would deny me marriage, what contributions are you making to New Jersey? We can easily take our talents (and tax dollars!) and move to a state that supports us and our desire to be married. In doing so all we lose is the ability to call New Jersey home. What does New Jersey lose if we leave? Maybe to some just two residents living in moral sin, but to others two valuable residents contributing a lot to this state when it needs all the help it can get.

There are those who wish to make sure I as a gay man cannot marry, and they give a variety of reasons such as protecting marriage and tradition. However in all honesty, the rules of marriage for heterosexuals have been changed countless times over the years to better their situation as society and cultures evolved. The main reason for opposing gay marriage is and always will be the religious beliefs of some. A catholic priest and church is under no obligation to marry a couple who are atheists. Likewise a jewish temple probably won’t marry a couple who aren’t both jewish. However if the state of New Jersey used these very same reasons to deny marriage licenses to those same straight couples, they would be slammed with lawsuits that they were discriminating against and denying basic rights because of religious beliefs. I find it odd that the state can’t deny straight people the right of marriage based on religion or morals, but can deny gays marriage because of religion and morals. That is what makes denying gays the right to marry religious discrimination pure and simple.

If people want to really protect the sanctity of marriage, I’d advise them to look at themselves first. I can marry a complete stranger tomorrow if I choose, as long as they are of the opposite sex. Then I can file for divorce or annulment the following day. Plenty of drunk people do it all the time, just ask Britney Spears. How are they not damaging marriage? Then there are those like the late Anna Nicole Smith who marry men on their death beds for money. Where are the calls for laws protecting marriage from the likes of these people?

Let’s face reality, gays cannot marry in New Jersey and most of the US, so if marriage needs protecting, it’s not from two loving people who want to be committed to one another. We should start protecting marriage, if that really is what people want to do, by strengthening divorce laws and making them more difficult to get. At the same time how about making it more difficult to marry? I would suggest the same stringent laws that the immigration department uses in evaluating marriages between Americans and foreigners wanting to become citizens be used for all marriages. Of course my guess is the majority of Americans would not stand for this. It’s always easier when we call for laws that affect anyone but ourselves. It’s always easier to blame the other party as what’s wrong with X in America today, without working to change our own flaws and contributions to the problem.

R. Dustin Cushman

Halloween 2009: That

So lots of things to talk about in this post, things that float into my head but without Twitter I don’t tweet, so I to turn to the blog.

Halloween is officially over. I did in fact jinx myself. I waited till Friday to order the tickets to the haunted house, thinking that would be safe, and the weather for Saturday was only supposed to be cloudy. Of course Saturday arrives and it’s rainy and gross. The hayride, one of the three Bates Motel attractions, was closed down. $#%@#$%@%!!!!! There are two other attractions at this place though, a corn maze and a haunted house, and fortunately they were open. It just sucks as the hayride was so awesome. The haunted house and maze were awesome too though, having been expanded on from the previous year. However had I known it would have rained, I would have just gone back to the prison. Quicker drive, all inside for the most part.

The weather for this week says sunny but cold. Yeah we’ll see! I need my decorations to dry out so I can take them down . . . which means NO RAIN! I might be horrid and put up the icicle lights at the same time. No I’m not plugging them in though, just putting them up while it’s still somewhat warm.

With all the rain we’ve had this summer/fall, I think we may be in for a messy winter. I better get a good snowstorm dammit, we’ve been jipped on snow the past several years. I want a monster blizzard, just one, that shuts down the state and makes everything quiet outside.

Over the weekend Keith brought his new puppy with him. He was adorable, but the little monster wasn’t house broken at all and just pissed and shit everywhere. He was also a hyper puppy and just couldn’t sit or sleep . . . period. It made me realize I don’t want another puppy anytime soon.

A WTF rant that would have gone on Twitter . . . I just found out Reynold’s discontinued their handi-vac bags/system. I wondered why I couldn’t find the bags anymore. Not only that, the cheap alternative hand-pump Glad version also seems to be gone as well. I was going to buy them, but nope! So now I’m bag to sucking the air out of the bags before freezing or refrigerating them. I’ll have e-coli in no time!

Finally tomorrow is election day in many states, ours included. The Republican and Democrat candidates are neck and neck in the polls, and this year an Independent is in the race and has been gaining a lot of support. There is no chance in hell that he’ll win, but he will steal votes away from the other two. Which party has more people crossing lines to vote for the Independent will basically decide who wins. In the past even though the two-party system sucks and the candidates might not be ideal, I never understood why someone would throw their vote away on someone without a chance. Now I get it, it sends the message that people are tired of the bullshit the R/D give us. I’m voting Independent tomorrow, I know I’m not alone, but it most likely will insure a Republican win for the first time in many years here. I think Republicans are probably going to stick to their candidate, while a lot of the Democrats vote for the independent. For me a lot is at stake too, the Republican has made it clear there will be no gay marriage in Jersey as long as he’s in office.

And that’s about all I have :)

Cherry Hill Sex Shop Scandal - "No Purveyors of Smut!"

I found myself so fired up over an issue today that before hand I really didn’t give that much thought to. It all stemmed from a blog run by the local newspaper and open to residents of our township to post on. Most of the posts are from the newspaper’s staff so far. I had signed up with hope to find some things to blog about on it. However after today, I’m so disgusted I might not touch the thing.

Basically the back story here is that a few years ago a business owner planned to open up an adult novelties store in the township. The problem was the place he purchased to do so was right on Route 70, one of the major highways going through town. People felt it would be a blight on the town’s image, attract the wrong kind of people, yada yada. This all has lead to a lawsuit between the guy and the township which has just been settled. To keep the guy out, the town is paying him $612,500 dollars, which they claim isn’t coming out of our taxes, but the town’s insurance coverage. I don’t know, but it would seem to me that the township’s insurance fees might go up a lot after this, and where will they get the money for that? Also I think they should have lost their insurance coverage after that amount was paid out. Why? Because I don’t think we should be in the habit of paying off or running out business some people don’t think are “proper.”

Early this morning this post appeared on the blog in question. I read it and had no issues, it was well written, not that controversial and I just thought “whatever.” The only thing I got a chuckle about was the quote of the woman saying “I don’t think that’s the kind of business you want in the same place where children are playing.” Everyone knows where this shop was going to be, and if kids are playing there they are more likely to get run over by the traffic on route 70 than exposed to something seedy from the sex shop.

A few hours later came a similar post, but this one from the township themselves. This is the post which infuriated me. Not because people and the township didn’t want this guy or his business here and basically did everything they could to run him out, but because of the words used in the article.

First up is our glorious Mayor Bernie Platt saying “This immoral business was a direct affront to the integrity of the Barclay Farm neighborhood and our town’s values.” Oh Mr. Platt, as a politician, you really shouldn’t go calling other people or their businesses immoral. Political karma is a bitch and a nasty one at that. Pretty much every politician in the last few years involved in any kind of sex scandal was also it seems a “moral crusader” as well. Imma just saying!

What really ticked me off was the line “Moving forward, the Township revised its zoning laws in 2007 so this type of ambush by a purveyor of smut never happens again in Cherry Hill.” “Purveyor of Smut?” Did we really just say that? I’m sorry, but do I live in New Jersey or the bible belt? I felt like I had been warped to that state (Arkansas I think) that banned the sale of all adult novelties.

On a side note, an article I found on The Courier Post’s website has an almost identical quote from one township spokesman Dan Keashen. Oddly missing is the probably slanderous and libel “purveyor of smut” excerpt.

Now I don’t make it a habit to frequent these stores, but I don’t think we should be denying their existence to people who might want to. I, like most of us adults, have gone into one out of curiosity. I mean in Philly it was a fun silly thing to do with friends. Here in Jersey I accidentally walked into one though as I thought “Fantasy Gifts” was a whole different type of store :)

It seems a lot of the brouhaha over this is that this was a “residential neighborhood.” Again, it’s on a major highway intersection surrounded by Jersey strip malls. I drive down these street multiple times a week, I never see “kids” playing about or what not. I don’t even see residential houses. I see traffic, lots of traffic and stores.

If people here were worried about protecting their kids from this “immoral smut,” well newsflash, it’s easier for your kids to find porn online than it is to actually get into one of these stores, which always have someone at the counter watching everyone who comes in.

To be quiet honest, I think we also know any one of us can go to any number of regular bookstores in the area, find the dirty magazines on their shelves covered by cardboard, or go to the “Adult Self Help Section” and find any number of books on tantric sex, the kama sutra and all sorts of other “smut,” all with fairly explicit colored pictures. Yes I’ve looked at them, and so have most of you!

However something makes me think the township would not use these words to talk about, oh, Barnes and Noble? I mean can we see the township saying “Say no to getting S&M and B&N!” I don’t think so, because they would then be squashed by the lawyers from the corporate giant.

From now on, whenever I need any kind of “adult products,” rather than going to CVS, that certain aisle in the grocery store, or ordering online; I will go out of my way to give my money to the few remaining “purveyors of smut” in the township, before people decide to run them out of town too.

Oh, and by the way, once the sex shops have been run out . . . who will the empowered people come after next? My guess is the dirty gays hanging their pride flags out where everyone can see 😉

Designing Women Love The Gays!

The following is a clip from a special feature of the “Designing Women” Season 1 DVD. This clip was from the Paley Media Center reunion of Designing Women (not to be confused with the one that Lifetime TV did, which is all over YouTube). This is my favorite clip from this reunion, for reasons you will soon see.

Fun Facts: Delta blurts out that she loves when Dixie was telling off the jury (which Dixie speaks about, a great episode I will say). Meanwhile the show’s writer speaks about Imogene! Imogene was the character from the AIDS episode who Julia blasted after she said AIDS was “killing all the right people.”

This whole clip is classic, and mad props to Linda Bloodworth-Thomason for what she says! Also Annie Potts for the zinger she delivers, as well as Jean Smart and Delta Burke’s comments about gay parades and bars. Even though she’s a republican, we love the Dixie Carter too :) We love you all! You are classy ladies!

Tonight I Was Outed To Republican Children! I Feel Like A Celebrity/Dirty Republican Senator

It’s late, I’m pooped, and after I was told this story I literally downed a glass of vodka in anticipation/dread of tomorrow. Sorry for any mistakes :)

So John came home tonight to tell me how he rocked his niece and nephews world (mostly just the oldest nephew). Oh yes, this is a story which will probably turn into huge drama tomorrow. I might just have to stay away from the farm for the day, but probably won’t be able to resist pre-4th fireworks.

First some background. John has two nephews and a niece that live here (three grown nieces in Texas). The oldest nephew is going into 8th grade, the middle child/nephew is going into 6th grade and the niece into 3rd grade. I’m fairly certain those are their grades :)

Well John’s entire family is also VERY Republican (well except apparently the nieces in Texas). During the election I got an earful from the 3rd grader as to why Obama was a bad man and I shouldn’t vote for him. She recited what she heard at home pretty well! Did she understand what she was saying? Probably not :) Well apparently lately the 8th grader has really been on a “Obama and the democrats have ruined this country beyond repair” kick. This is basically how this all started.

At the dinner table it was John, his mother and the childrenz. The news was apparently on, and the 8th grader was just apparently giving his usual “It’s the Democrats fault” shtick. They were probably doing the weather report on how it will rain on the 4th. You think that’s a joke, but seriously, it would be the Democrats fault. (We have such power, who knew!)

John apparently informed the 8th grader that we just came out of 8 years of a republican white house as well as years of a republican controlled senate, so did he really think within 6 months anything was going to get done or solved given the dilemma our country was in? And how did he think we got here? Was it all the democrats fault?

Well the middle child asked John if he was a democrat. John said yes he was. The middle child asked why? The 8th grader decided to answer by saying “Because he doesn’t know any better.” Oh yes, he did! I’m sorry, but I hate that answer, and republicans give it in spades. I can accept that many people who are republicans came to that choice through their own decision (okay and for many yes their church) so why do they always have to assume people who are democrats are so because they are dumb? Sorry, but that statement makes republicans look dumb in my opinion :)

Okay I got sidetracked by a tangent. John apparently also got steamed at that point and said he was a democrat because he was a gay American. This is how he told the story to me, I don’t know what else was said. Frankly I would have phrased it as one of the reasons, not the only reason. To be a democrat just because you are gay is as naive as the republican insult I ranted on before. To go on another tangent, I grew up with my parents never talking about politics and I assumed they were republicans cause most of our family was. Hey we lived in Virginia! I remember thinking Reagan and George the 1st were great. It was the first Iraq war that turned me to the dark side though :) I identified as democrat along time before I admitted to myself and others I was gay. I only found out my parents were democrats when I was adult and myself got interested in politics and bothered to ask them questions. And yes, I know Obama and the democrats have not gone out of their way to help gays, but unlike George the 2nd I don’t expect democrats in this day and age to make it a priority to hinder gays with stupid marriage amendments either (and yes I know we are were we are in part thanks to Clinton signing Doma – like I said I’m not a total idiot).

Okay back on track. Well the middle child responds to the gay news with “I’m guessing you aren’t talking about being happy?” These kids do know what gay is, we live in an open area, they help run a farm market stand on weekends in the gay mecca of South Jersey (Collingswood). John said no . . . and then this is where I got involved. He then told them “And Dustin isn’t my housemate” which is what they have believed for years and years and years. That we are best friends who live together. Honestly, I expected to be questioned yearsssss ago about this and never was. They even regularly come over to play videogames here and really never ask questions about photos and stuff hanging around! Yes I guess they really were that naive/sheltered.

John said he thinks the middle child and youngest probably could careless about this revelation, either they really care less or they are too young to be bothered by it (I disagree, more in a few). He thinks though that the oldest child was in fact shocked. As John put it, he now has to think for himself and evaluate some things rather than regurgitate what his father tells him. Oh, you don’t want to get me started on what KINDS of things he could hear about the gays from his father. We are talking about a man who once felt a close friend of the family was only gay because he had a crummy relationship with his father growing up.

John’s sister was none too pleased with him apparently, as now she has to sit down and have this talk with her kids. My opinion on this of course is that is is far too late and overdue. I mean this is an important talk to have with kids when they are young enough. It’s not different than the racism talk, as well as the sex talk. Okay the sex talk is probably #1, otherwise your kids will end up on that new MTV show “Pregnant at 16 (if they are lucky to make it to 16!).

Ahhh another tangent! Back on track. Basically kids in this day and age know what gays are, if they haven’t been exposed to us evil gays on nasty liberal TV then they got the education in school and probably from the mouths of kids who are repeating what their asshole parents said. We do however live in a very open and accepting area, not to mention an area with a high school known for the drama department and churning out stars (shout out to Ali Larter and Kelli Rippa), so here is hoping these kids got some positive information as well. I mean in this day and age, talk to your kids and talk early. It’s everywhere now, they’ll get exposed with or without your input (just like sex), so make it a positive experience. I learned what gay was when I was in 3rd grade, cause the kids in school called me faggot, gay-wad and teased me that I was going to have a sex-change operation when I grew up. Yes, 3rd grade. This was a long time ago too, so don’t think your kids will live in a bubble about this issue!

The father’s reaction is of course going to be the biggie. I think John and I are going on 8 years together now. You know how many conversations I’ve had with this man? None. I think he’s said all of 2 sentences, maybe 3, to me in all these years. I remember one was bitching at me for always being around too. A second was “Where is John at.” The man never bothered to get to know me, I was John’s lova and that made his mind up for him. Since then I have heard all the shit he has told the employees at the farm about me over the years. Let’s see . . . . John supports me. I live in John’s house and don’t pay the bills. I mooch of John and the family (IE his family). My favorite is that all I do is sit home all day and smoke dope. As recently as last month one employee was shocked that I didn’t smoke dope. He said “but you used to right?” I said “no, in spite of what X said, I have never smoked dope!” That in fact is the truth. I can honestly say I have only taken one drag off of one joint in my life, and that was enough for me. I have also NEVER smoked a cigarette, period. I have never done crack, coke or any other drug either. Obviously from the beginning of this post, I have had alcohol :)

So there you have it. Tomorrow could be big fun! Did you have big fun with “The Wretched” Vanessa? Did you? Like I said, the father has hated me for years. He hates that the kids like to come over to our house and play. He hates that the kids even talk to me and hang out with me. I have a feeling someone is going to try and make new rules banning me and this house lol. Bring it, someone has had an ass kicking coming for 7 years. I can honestly say I long for an excuse to punch the man. Yes, I know, violence never solves anything. But didn’t we all cheer when Daniel-san kicked some ass at the end of the movie :)

RNC Chief Makes Stupidest Case Against Gay Marriage Ever

So it’s been awhile since I made any politics posts, but this one takes the cake! Today the Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele suggested a new way to oppose gay marriage and reach a new audience, you know, who might not have moral issues against it, which studies show many younger people don’t. The strategy? Go for their pocket books, especially in this troubled economy. The problem? His logic is STUPID.

Steele apparently got the idea while talking to a young republican who was fiscally conservative, but socially liberal. Using the idea of health care and other benefits, the logic is to point out supporting gay marriage means businesses have to shell out more money . . .

“Now all of a sudden I’ve got someone who wasn’t a spouse before, that I had no responsibility for, who is now getting claimed as a spouse that I now have financial responsibility for,” Steele told Republicans at the state convention in traditionally conservative Georgia. “So how do I pay for that? Who pays for that? You just cost me money.”

Astounding logic! Let’s oppose gay marriage because small businesses will have to pay more benefits out. Let’s overlook how many other businesses will in fact actually get a boost from it. Gays do have more expendable income than other couples for a variety of reasons we won’t go into. Oh and well, gays love to throw a good party. Recent studies in California showed how much the economy there would actually benefit from gay marriage. Oh well, they voted to ban it and now that state is going broke. All that money gone to Iowa and Maine, sucks to be California right now huh?

Of course the most ridiculous part of this argument? For years and years the population figure for gays in our country has been around the 10% mark . . . . . sucks to be a small business when 90% of the employee pool is straight, can get married, and you’ll have to shell out more money to cover their spouses and dependents health insurance and other benefits.

Source: ABC news/AP