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Paranormal Paraphernalia!

Last weekend John and I attended a get together with some of the people I’ve met through local paranormal investigations. It was a small, invite only party. Therefore I was thrilled I got invited.

It was a very chill and relax evening. I knew some of the people, it was nice meeting others I had heard about but never got to meet. The hosts set up a lot of fun games for us to play. We did a seance, but not much happened there. We also did smoke billets, which is holding cards over a flame to see if an image appears. That was a lot of fun. I seemed to get a lot of animals on mine, so people thought. I should have taken photos of my cards but didn’t.

It was a potluck, and we found out after arriving that there was a contest for the best dish. Oh lordy! Everyone said they would have done so much more had they known that. I made sloppy joes (from scratch!) and ended up winning. My prize was a spirit trumpet. It’s an old spiritualist tool that was used at seances. It’s supposed to move, float around, and let ghosts talk through it. In reality the old spiritualists had tricks to make it move and talk. Still, it’s a fun little prop. I plan to put it in the haunted room and see if our resident ghost moves it around.

IMG_9010         28b97f721ed7e2d53e1179c377e1685b

Smoke Billets / My Spirit Trumpet award :)

My Ft. Mifflin Adventure! Plus A Rainy October . . . .

So here is my over-due blog about my night at Ft. Mifflin. I posted several photos on my Tumblr blog, so some of these are repeats. Ft. Mifflin is considered by many historians as the fort which helped win the Revolutionary War and keep the British at bay. It was also used a prison during Civil War times. So there are a lot of ghosts there. Aside from the soldiers, some of the most famous are a pair of little girls who are believed to have died from yellow fever, and a woman known as “the screaming lady” who tends to scream and moan late at night.

Left: The house of the Commandant, which got burned down inside by the Boy Scouts in the 80s. Right: Barracks where the screaming lady and two little girls haunt.

We arrived around 6pm that night, and got started a little after 8pm. Heavy rains moved through that night, which we were constantly dodging as we moved from one area to the other. We had set groups and schedules until about midnight, insuring everyone got to all of the most active spots. After midnight it was a free for all, we could go anywhere we wanted to.

Toys left for the little girls in the barracks.

The barracks definitely seemed to be the center of activity all night long. Almost every groups had weird occurrences. Doors got open and shut, things got tossed across the room, and one group even heard giggles.

Casemates or jails. Both places had a cold presence, and we felt as if we were being watched. Orbs in both photos. Real? Or Dust? The only two photos of the night I got orbs aside from outside, and that was all moisture and rain.

Other places definitely had a presence, but not much in terms of activity. Now there are hours of recordings of EVPs that have to be listened to of course. But physical activity was scarce. Perhaps it was the weather which dampened the night in more than one way? In the Commandant’s quarters, we definitely heard a lot of sounds from what used to be the second floor. It was as if someone was pacing upstairs. The Boy Scouts burned the entire inside down years ago on one of their camping trips . . . . There is no second floor, so it was likely a residual haunting or impression left in the environment as opposed to an active haunting. Also in the casemates, which were the jails, we definitely had a lot of cold spots. At one point I whistled “Yankee Doodle” just to see if we could get a reaction, which is when it got cold.

By midnight we reached the point where we were free to do what we pleased. Many people began leaving about 1am, even though the point was to stay the whole night. A small group of us went back to a few places, including one of the casemates for a spirit box session. This is where you use a tampered with radio to scan white noise channels, with the idea that EVPs will be made audible in real time and not just on tape. We got a lot of responses, so many that it became confusing! The first question we asked was for the name of anyone with us. Almost immediately several names were rambled off. One man with a very deep voice constantly communicated, and a lot of what he was saying was vulgar curse words. I asked if anyone was murdered in the jail, and a very clear “Nope!” was answered. When asked how people died, we got answers such as “sick, stabbed, and shot.” Given the Revolutionary War Battles, all were very possible. I need to listen to this session again to try and pick out more answers. The spirit box is never as clear as it’s made out on some of those ghost hunting shows! Often you get garbled responses you just can’t understand.

By 3am, many of those who were left decided to turn in. I had not slept well the night before, and I knew I was going to get no sleep at this place. It just wasn’t going to happen. I also wasn’t going to investigate on my own! So I decided to head home for the night. All in all a fun night, I think without the weather interfering though we may have gotten a lot more. Plus I was not the only sleep deprived person, so that did many of us in early.

Speaking of weather, it has been wet and rainy here. I have not gotten much of Halloween out yet because of this and my busy schedule this month. Tomorrow will be a rare sunny day, so I’m hoping to get some more stuff out. Really all I’ve done is set up a side cemetery using this year’s birthday gift. It actually looks great at night with the blacklight and fog machines on. Eventually I’m going to add in a few more tombstones, and probably one more ghost I have downstairs.

Less Than 24 Hours Till My Ghost Adventure!

So in 24 hours I will be at historic Fort Mifflin hunting ghosts. How am I spending the day before? By going to see wonderful movies like “House at the End of the Street” and watching “Ghost Adventures” on TV. Nothing like getting in the mood to be scared with scary movies and television!

My plan for tonight was to stay up as late as possible, then sleep as late as possible tomorrow. However given I was up early this AM, I am thinking this isn’t going to happen. I will need a nap at some point tomorrow to make it all the way through tomorrow night. I also plan to get a lot of coke as well for caffeine. Some nights I have horrible insomnia, it will be my luck that tomorrow night is not going to be one of them.

I’m going to be at Fort Mifflin from 6pm to 8am. I’m sure there will be a lot of breaks throughout the night, so I’ll do my best to post updates and photos of anything interesting. These will be posted on my Tumblr Blog as it’s easy for me to share stuff there quickly from my phone. Better photos from my camera and a more detailed description of the night will have to wait until next week at some point.

Countdown To Deadtime!

So deadtime is what they used to always call the hours between midnight and three A.M. on this show “Paranormal State” that John used to be obsessed with. I hated it, I thought it was the biggest bunch of fake crap I’d ever seen. I still think it’s fake, and fortunately John no longer watches it. Since someone will likely end up at this blog google for this, I will quickly explain why I think it was fake. The best example I can give was from an episode that dealt with a family battling evil forces thanks to a voodoo doll. First the voodoo doll was a gift from a friend who apparently picked it up in New Orleans. That means it was likely something sold to a tourist, and therefore just mass produced garbage. Even if it was authentic, voodoo dolls are normally used to target a living person, not house a spirit of some kind. Then the family decided they didn’t want it, so they just burned it in the fire. Really? Who goes to that much trouble? Why not throw it out? But that’s how they got haunted. Bullshit!

Now moving on, I have for some horrid reason found myself watching some of these god awful shows as of late as nothing is on T.V. right now. One of them is “The Dead Files” on The Travel Channel, which I actually will admit I’m fascinated by. It’s a fairly neat show involving a psychic and a cop investigating peoples homes or businesses. The other show I’ve for some unknown reason started watching is “Ghost Adventures.” I think I just ended up mesmerized by the host Zak and the absolutely stupid things he does in each episode to provoke ghosts, demons and what not. Even John, when he saw me watching it one night, commented that the guy “Was built like a brick shithouse, but dumb as a box of rocks.” That’s him to the left by the way, with a fan I am assuming. I stole this off Google images.

However as someone living in a haunted house, I have developed the bad habit of watching these shows at night before bed . . . and then I wonder why I can’t sleep! My trip to Ft. Mifflin is about a week away now, and after watching all these damn shows I’m starting to get a little spooked.

August Come And Gone . . . .

Damn this summer flew by! Seriously, I want it back! Where did it go? Some updates on various parts of my life . . .

My vegetable garden seems to have been a craptacular failure this year. I guess I just had too many good years, so I was due for this. I am pretty sure I know what I did wrong. I reused a lot of my soils from last year this year. I thought I had prepared it in a way, with fertilizers and mulch, that would make it okay. I don’t think it really worked out. The plants I grew using new soil did amazing, the reused soil failed. Next year I plan to buy all new soil, and the old soil I will spread on my lawn while using to just reseed it.

My garden wasn’t a complete failure, but two of my tomato plants were. Nothing could save them, they just died slowly. The other three grew huge, but only just now am I getting tomatoes. It’s the end of August, this is getting a bit late! Cold snaps will start, and that will kill the tomatoes that are just now growing. Perhaps I also need to plant earlier next year as well . . .

Oddly enough, my pepper plant, a first for me, did amazing . . . @!#$@%@$#%@$# I would rather have had tomatoes! Last year I had so many tomatoes I was throwing them out because I couldn’t use them fast enough. Oh well, I have live and learned!

With the summer over, work will be starting up again soon. I don’t know how I feel about this. I will be glad for the paycheck, but every semester you don’t know what you will end up with in terms of a class. I am very happy to be teaching my favorite class, “Magic and Religion,” for the first time ever this fall. It became so popular the department added it to every semester (it used to only be in the spring). I love that I’ll be able to cover Halloween in depth! Also it looks like there is a good shot for one of my adjunct jobs to become more permanent in the future . . . we shall see!

For a complete change of topic, in a week I will be enjoying Madonna . . . live in concert! I can’t wait! This is a week before my birthday, and is basically my birthday present to myself. I won’t lie, I have cheated and been watching fan uploaded videos to YouTube a lot this summer. Still, I can’t wait! I think I’m most excited about seeing her do “Express Yourself” again . . . even if it is a controversial “Born This Way” mash-up that’s been fueling fan wars with Lady Gaga. This song along with “Like A Prayer” are up there with my most favorite Madonna songs ever. Oh yes, and we can’t forget “Vogue.”

Finally, for another complete change of topic . . . I have made friends with a local paranormal investigation society. I’ve done several investigations with them over the past year. At some point I really want them to come to my house to check out my own ghosts, but I have to figure out what to do with the dogs. Having two exiting yappy dogs not leaving people alone would not aid in an investigation into ghosts. To get back to the point at hand, in September I will be accompanying them for my first overnight trip to a haunted location . . . Fort Mifflin! This is a local Revolutionary War fort that has been featured on countless “Haunted History” shows on TV. I can’t wait!

The Ouija Has The Answer!

Williamsburg Ghost Walk Photos

So I took a good 40+ photos on the ghost walk. Not surprisingly, a lot were just crap. As the night wore on, it got more humid out, and the camera flash was reflecting off water drops in the air filling my photo with orbs that weren’t anything otherworldly. I could see them lighting up in the air in the flash. So I attempted to take as many photos without the flash, using only the available light, as I could. The issue there is the camera has to be completely still, otherwise you just get a blurred photo. I didn’t bring a tripod (next time!) so I had to use walls and trash cans to rest it on.

Of all the photos I took, here are some of the more unusual. In a few I adjusted lighting and contrast to make things easier to see, though I picked all the weirdnesses out of the original untouched photos fairly easily.

I took a lot of photos over the wall of the cemetery at Bruton Parish Church. In two I had a blueish-green orb moving across the back. In others, nothing. These were taken without any flash, so these aren’t water droplets.

Of note, the light streak, that is from a lantern nearby. Was that the cause of the orb? Was it a fluke? I don’t know!

Another two photos for comparison at the church. In the steeple window in one there is some bizarre light. I called it a visitor, because it actually reminded me of an alien!

I can’t recall which house this is. However the orbs here are all from moisture in the air. Few of the houses had any lighting inside at night. Something, or someone, looks to be sitting in the top right window, as if peering out in a rocking chair?

This too was from the church. The focus was the tombstone, which the guide told us people see images in the stone that had appeared over time (a skull, the family’s dog, etc). However in the window it looks like a man is peering out, with a colonial type ruffled color and coat on. Of course I may be stretching :)

Boo! Believe!

Horrific Dreams!

Perhaps I had my mini blog post yesterday about Monster Mania and Tumblr on the brain, but wow did I have some insane dreams last night. The one I remember was straight out of a horror flick. I, and a bunch of people I don’t remember, got stranded in a town over night, and were given shelter in the town’s haunted house. I’m not sure, but I think Elizabeth Montgomery was the woman who owned the house. It was a terror filled night as the ghosts came out. Since I refused to sleep, I oddly braved exploring the house and recording ghost sounds on my iphone – - – to upload to my Tumblr blog. I would NOT be so brave in life let me tell you.

I do have a bunch of posts I hope to get out soon. I’ve been using my S2H to get points, though not as often as I should be according to the bathroom scale! I want to make a post about it, as well as some tips and tricks I’ve discovered for anyone who is thinking of (or has) ordered one. Additionally I’ve also been using some other sites that gain you money back while shopping online that I want to share. I’ve been using them for a month, and know which work and which DON’T.

Spring time is around the corner, and I’ve been surveying my yard! One of the things I hope to do next week is kill weeds and then plant some grass . . . not that kind!

Real Housewife Of New Jersey

My friend Keith came to visit this weekend, per our Halloween tradition. We also hit a haunted house. We went to Pennhurst Asylum, which opened for the first time in 20 years to be a haunted house.

The asylum was a state school for children and run from 1908 to 1987(ish) before a lawsuit shut it down do to horrible conditions and abuse the children endured for years. The reopening of it for a haunted house, of course, caused great controversy. Many people in the town where it was felt it was horrible because of what went on there, even suing to try and stop it. They lost though. The place is also a well known haunted location. You can find tons of stuff on youtube about it, as well as various clips from ghost hunting shows that have gone there.

Last night I went out with friends to a local club. It was so much fun, but I am hurting today! I also now have to start my diet and fitness routine and be good about it. I have a little over 2 months to try and lose about 20 pounds. Ack!

I dressed up as a REAL Housewife of New Jersey. I threw the costume together last minute. It was an old wig I had, costume jewelry and then a leopard print snuggie :)

Ghost Room 201

So after a looooong night of mojo hunting, I got home in the weee hours of the morning. Our housekeepers were set to show up this morning, and I just decided I’d take the dogs and lock ourselves in the guest room and let them clean the rest of the house. This was not only the longest time I’d ever spent in that room, including sleeping in there . . . but apparently the first time the dogs had ever been in the room.

Almost immediately the dogs darted straight under the bed. This was a problem, because the bed is seated high up on coasters, and it’s become a bit unstable as of late. I had also had a dream the night before that Princess refused to ride in the car when travelling, she insisted on running under the car as I drove. I of course was paranoid I’d run her over. I decided because of this dream, they couldn’t stay under the bed. In fact, the bed did get a little tipsy later on!

After a bit of coaxing I got them out from under the bed and up on top with me. There they just stood alert looking around for a good long while. At some point they eventually settled down. I wondered what they were seeing, but as I was so dead tired at that point, I didn’t care too much. I just went to sleep. As far as I know, the ghost didn’t bother me . . . but now I feel like I’ve invaded his territory.

Dum dum dum dum!