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My MiniBreak So Far

So I am typing this as Heidi drives us to Minneapolis for the day and evening. I just wanted to get a quick post up with some updates on my mini-break. Photos soon!

Upon arriving we went to the Mall of America, where we did some shopping and rode some coasters. One of them was impressive for a coaster In a shopping mall!

I broke down and bought some of those Sketchers Shape-Ups. I have had pretty poor shoes lately un terms of support, so I wanna see if these do what they advertise. I just thought they helped your back, but they are supposed to tighten the buttocks and your abs as well. We’ll see!

We spent two days in Wisconsin Dells at the Great Wolfe Lodge water park. It was so empty that we walked onto every waterside and ride. We also did a number of other things like Wizard’s Quest, Magi Quest and the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum.

On the way back from the Dells we hit this place called The House on the Rock, a unique house built on an old Indian Rock Shelter by this guy who collected anything and everything. He had guns, cars, armor, dolls and dollhouses, pipe organs and a giant carousel. Very neat place, the dolls were a bit creepy though.

We hit their hometown nightspot Friday night, The Wild Moose. This band Jonah and the Whales was playing. I got a bigger kick out of the two Asian/Malaysian drag queens on the dance floor dresses up like they were some anime super heroes or something.

Tonight we hit Minneapolis. Actually today. We are on our way now. Hoping to see a museum or two, have yummy food, then go dancing.

Hella Weekend

This was one of those weekends that you wish you had a time machine to go back and do a lot of stuff differently!

Emily and I decided we would finally get our butts to Philly for a fun night out. The events of the night began with the patco (transit/subway/rail system) to Philly. We are waiting in the station down by the tracks when a voice comes over the loud speaker “The police are on the way, get out of the station now!” There was a fair amount of people around, we are all puzzled. Again a voice tells us to leave the station. Well it turns out, some kids up in the actual station entrance were jumping the turnstiles or something.

We finally make it to Philly where we planned to eat at Jones, which is a fun American restaurant. We get there and some young man is in the entrance on his phone screaming obscenities. He’s asked to leave, and of course the cops come! More drama! We eventually enjoyed our dinner. However it later came back to haunt us. We got cheese perogies as an appetizer, they didn’t seem to sit well with either of us later on. It was either that or the drinks we had, as those were the only two things we both had.

After dinner we headed to Tavern on Camac to dance, which was dead dead dead until around midnight, then it seems everyone just showed up at once. We left around 12:30, both of us feeling blah from the dinner.

More drama at the patco station! As we wait for the taxi, some kid gets arrested. We don’t know why, but eventually we learn he had a warrant out for his arrest for something. He was taken to jail. He cooperated, so there wasn’t a scene or anything.

Back home, only to have my laptop crash. Windows broke basically and nothing was fixing it. My only option was a full format and starting over. Unfortunately I had backed NOTHING up since February! I was up till 5am figuring out how to get my files off the HD, otherwise I knew I’d be at best buy asking them to harvest the files from the HD for me. I fortunately got what I needed and spent the day re-installing everything on the latop. It’s not done yet, but I can at least work now.


Your Music Sucks

Last night was the “girls night out.” Myself and my friends Mary, Jen and Emily made the rounds in Philly. We weren’t going to check it out, but first we went to Woody’s. This is one of the biggest and oldest gay bars/clubs in Philly. They do country line dancing on Fridays till 11pm, then the music switches over. Woody’s recently got bought out and got a whole face list as well. I had heard terrible things about it, but we decided to check it out. The clubs new rep didn’t disappoint! As soon as the country people left the place got really deserted, far more deserted than it should be on a Friday night. It was also filled with a very ghetto crowd and the music was ghetto inspired. We decided we weren’t spending the evening there. Plus my friend, drunk at the time, insulted the DJ by asking when he was going to stop playing this shit. Keep on truckin Woody’s, you’ll soon have nobody left in your club!

We then headed to 12th Air Command, a place we hadn’t been in years. It was HBOs Rome night, you could tell because a lot of people were dressed up like gladiators and such. The dance floor had been expanded, the music wasn’t so great, the place was dead. One of the gladiators went after my friend Jen in a big way, which upset this little gay boy in the club! We eventually left there as well.

We next headed to the Bike Stop, only to learn they closed their dance floor long ago.

We finally ended up at good old Tavern on Camac. They have the best music in Philly now, but the problem is the space is so small and they can become so crowded that it’s not really fun. If you can’t even move around, what is the point? Here is hoping they expand real soon because they are the only good place left to go!


Happy New Year! (AKA We Suck)

So last night was the big night out, which sort of fizzled. Okay it fizzled. Almost everyone bailed, it ended up just being me, the BF, Jen and her BF. The weather was nice, sort of. Shortly after midnight and the fireworks the rain came in, so it was nice it waited till then.

The evening started off at Tangerine in Philadelphia, a Steven Starr restaurant. Steven Starr has all these different restaurants in Philly, each one is a different theme. Tangerine was Mediterranean. I didn’t think I’d like it that much, but it was probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life. We had this tasting platter as an appetizer, for our entrees we had a mix of chicken, steak, lamb and seafood (I didn’t eat that part). For dessert bananas creme brulee and this tower of chocolate thing. Mmmmmm!

After the dinner we tried to walk around and find someplace fun. Everyone wanted an insane amount of money to get in, we weren’t sure if we’d like any of the places. Plus we were all tired, cause we suck, and Jen’s BF and myself both had headaches coming on.

We ended going back to her BF’s place and watching Dick Clarke’s “Rockin’ New Years Eve” with Ryan Seacrest. We also watched “Talk Sex With Sue.” We finally wandered out to see the fireworks at midnight, which were really good. After the fireworks we all called it a night.

Some art gallery we passed. The exhibit was “Reflections of the Eternal City.” Yeah, the paintings are all white. My BF said “But they have different textures applied to the canvas!”

Fireworks in Philly for 2007


And The Night Comes To An End

I am back home now. It was an early night. Emily and I went to Bump! for dinner. They changed the sauce in their tortellini, I wasn’t that impressed. Afterwords we went over to TOC where MusicGuy was playing. Listened to hime for awhile and then went upstairs to see what was going on. Some of Emily’s friends met us there, after awhile we then went to Woodies. Everything was DEAD tonight, I guess people were at the shore. We came home early because someone drank too much too fast!

On the ride home I ran into an old acquaintance (not an ex btw). I’m pretty sure from some comments he made he reads the blog. If he does, “Hi Tim!” He said I was bitchy and not comfortable with myself. Blah! I prefer cultured (bad anthropologist!) and old fashion, I don’t bump and grind and get nasty on the dance floor with someone I just met :) I’ll spare you some of the other comments he made (which were all sexual in nature).

Anyways, I’m cooking up a hamburger before I head to bed, to keep the hangover away in the morning 😉 Actually I’m pretty sober, I’m just hungry!


Still Waiting For The Fun To Begin!

So last night I did go to Fados and had a yummy burger, too full for the bread pudding. I met Jen and her new beau, Kellie wasn’t feeling up to coming out. It was kinda odd it just being me, Jen and the new guy. It looks like we are all (Kellie and others) planning a movie night on Friday.

After Fados we planned to go to South Street, but Jen decided we should stop into Bump! for a martini . . . or four! Mary met up with us there, Jen ended up decided to call it a night so she and her beau headed out. Unfortunately Mary and I should have done the same. We went to Tavern, where it was packed because of some softball party, and then to Woodies, which wasn’t packed but was not fun at all. I don’t even want to rehash it, the night is best summed up by Mary shoving some drunk guy away from her near the end of the evening (for us) and us deciding we were done.

I don’t know what has happened to the gaybourhood, it used to be fun, now it’s kinda not. I know the crime rate in Philly is going up, and there were lots of seedy people hanging around outside the clubs, as well as a large police presence. I just don’t know, it’s unfortunate and sad.

Probably the best part of the evening was finally, after months, running into musicguy from Raging Rainbows.



Lets all sing the ABC TGIF Song in our heads now! This evening/afternoon I head over to Philly where the fun is set to begin (I hope?). I’m meeting Jen and Kellie for dinner, I am also going to meet Jen’s new boy (Kellie has met him already, I haven’t). It should be a treat and hopefully the three of us together won’t completely chase him away. I’m still remembering how we somewhat ignored the last one when we were together . . . . We are meeting at Fados, which is an Irish Pub in the city. Hmm, that could be too much information, oh well hopefully I won’t be stalked! They have wicked good burgers so I can’t wait to get one. I think they have bread pudding for dessert too, so maybe I can make room for that as well (never mind the diet I’m supposed to be on, make that NEED to be on at this point). Of course Fados could be jammed packed, which it normally is on Fridays, which means we’ll have to go down the street to the Fox and Hound. Damn, please come stalk me tonight!. They are equally as good and they have a giant drink menu :) Mary is then coming out to meet me, this is when the usual dancing portion of the evening begins. Tavern on Camac, 12th Air Command and Woodies could all be on the menu. Please don’t kill me! Emily is also going to try to come out if the rain stays away, which it is looking like it might at this point. If the party is ruined we know to “Blame It On The Rain, Yeah Yeah.” Hopefully it will be fun filled, and I hope all you guys and gals have something fun planned for Friday or the weekend.


PS I’ll try and take some photos of the pets this weekend, after the dogs get a bath though!

The Day And Night That Was Yesterday

So yesterday just wasn’t the greatest day. It all went wrong when I woke up around 5:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep due to stomach pains and issues, something the day before I had wasn’t agreeing with me at all. I was able to get an hours sleep in between 9 and 10am though.

The stomach issues lead to me eating almost nothing all day, which of course made me cranky.

My phone broke, dead dead dead. Not good at all since I was expecting people to call me that evening to arrange meetings and rides and such. Fortunately I borrowed my BFs old ass Nokia and put my sim chip in it. Time to get a new phone! I did that today.

Somehow (cats) some paint cans got knocked over in the basement. Paint everywhere! It’s an unfinished basement, but it was still a fricken mess to clean up.

The ugly ass and poorly constructed Ikea dresser in one of the guest rooms (where all my crap currently is kept) decided to fall apart. The bottom three drawers basically fell into one another. Half of my clothes are of course in them. Time to get new dressers! I’m going to Levitz tomorrow, they are having a going out of business sale. Otherwise it’s a consignment shop. Last resort will be back to Ikea, but after my experience with these (which I didn’t buy by the way), I’d rather not get more Ikea furniture.

Last night I did go to the surprise party. It was at this place called Cavanaughs on Del Ave. The company was great and a lot of fun, the rest of the people there? Not so much fun. It was split between twenty something college kids and forty somethings who were young at heart, yet often very scary. One couple, swear to God, their trailer must have been parked outside. They were that bad.

The service at the place was TERRIBLE. We could not get the bartenders in the main area to wait on us if we waved 100 dollar bills at them. They ignored us. One looked like Ashley Simpson, so we kept calling her that. Almost all of the bartenders actually were 18 year olds. Sure they look pretty for the boys, but they were terrible. Kellie and I had to seek out an abandoned bar to get our food from, all we really wanted was to order dinner!

I stayed there till around 11pm, then Mary called to meet up. We met in Center City and looked for a place to go. It just wasn’t my day or night. Tavern on Camac was just strangely odd last night. I mean they were playing “I’m Too Sexy!” It became very apparent quickly that most of the people there were on the prowl, so we left. Woodies was equally bad, it was also pretty dead. Everyone must be at the shore this weekend. Woodies was playing far too much hippoty hoppity stuff again, and once again the trailer trash was present. There was this couple there, I think they were running scams. The guy was a skinny white boy with bad teeth, REALLY bad teeth. The girl was a bit heavier and had a Tonya Harding look about her. She kept sending him off to dance and take his clothes off to his undies so he’d get dollars. I think she was also trying to pimp him out. Ew!

Eventually we left, I then had a long long long ass wait at the Patco for a Taxi home. People kept showing up and lingering about the Patco, and at 3am it sketches you out. One needed a cab and I actually had the cab service send 2 cabs. I was however afraid they wouldn’t, and he was going to somehow steal my cab. Fortunately I got my cab, I hope he got one too.

Back home and off to dreamland. Oh boy, fun dreams! We were on our cruise, and I kept getting into trouble. I kept walking through areas I wasn’t supposed to for some reason. I got pulled aside and red marks were put next to my name in the ship’s roster. Oh no! I also pissed off some woman by talking about something improper around her child. I apparently was rude to her at some point as well, telling her she was far to thin or something (something I would never ever do). She also complained to the ship’s people and got me into trouble. The one good thing was our cabin on the ship was huge, and the bathroom had a jacuzzi and everything. I remember thinking the cabin was bigger than my old apartment, wow!

Today I’ve been trying to focus on work :) I did get a new phone, I had planned to go furniture shopping but just didn’t make it. Hopefully tomorrow.


Yes It

So today’s the big day! Car test driving, finally! I’m so excited that I basically woke up at 6am and am not back asleep. I was also really hungry. I’m forcing myself to take a nap after eating some yogurt, otherwise I won’t make it till tonight.

The contenders at the moment are the Honda Fit, the Toyota Camry and maybe the Matrix. I decided I really don’t like how the Prius looks, but will give it a glance over again to be sure. I don’t care how great a car it is, if I don’t like how it looks then I am not buying it. Yes, I’m vain and shallow, so sue me. The Matrix I’m not sold on its looks from photos, but when I see someone drive by in one I like it. Though I do remember not liking it when I saw it at the lot a week ago. Maybe it’s like a full on Monet, from afar it looks great but up close it’s just a mess. The Rav 4 I’ve pretty much disqualified because it gets the worst gas mileage of the lot, and because the boyfriend already has a Honda CRV. Honestly why do we need two small SUVs? I also think I should have a unique car.

Tonight Emily, Jen, Kellie and maybe Crazy Crystal and I are going out to party. I decided to abandon initials. Honestly you don’t know who I’m talking about, and I’m not using last names. Were I to make up aliases I’d never be able to remember them. First Emily and Jen are coming over, they are going car shopping with me. Maybe Kellie will join us. I don’t know yet.

The dealers close early on Saturday, 6pm. If we can shop early afternoon then we’ll probably be able to make it to Philly for happy hour! We’ll most likely eat at Bump Lounge. Not only do they have 2 for 1 entrees on Saturdays, they make the best martinis in the city. Afterwards we’ll probably go to Tavern on Camac for dancing, since Woodies is far too housey on Saturdays (I like to know the songs and be able to sing along).

I’ll update everyone later, either when I get home from the car dealers (if I have time) or late late LATE tonight or in the morning.

In honor of fun night . . . .

You Are an Appletini

Most of the time, you’re a typical party girl / guy.
But when you get super sauced, you really up your sex appeal.

My drink of choice too, and I didn’t have to cheat to get it!


Sad admission of the day, I just bought The Pussycat Doll’s “Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)” from iTunes. I know, I should be flogged.

Looking For Some Hot Stuff Baby This Evening

So last night M and I hit the town. I wasn’t feeling all that great as I headed out, so drinking and dancing probably wasn’t the smartest thing to be doing. Oh well! We decided to go to Woody’s. This used to be our usual haunt, but it started sucking a lot in the past months. They were playing far too much hip hop and rap. I can go to any other club in Philly to hear that stuff! We started frequenting Tavern on Camac, which seems to have become the new it place in the neighborhood. Anyways, it was 70s/80s night early on, transitioning into modern music later. We decided to give it a try. Woody’s redeemed itself last night for sure. I think though it was because of the 70s/80s music, it was a much older crowd and therefore they may have shied away from the hip hop. Or maybe they wised up and stopped playing it. Maybe I’ll check them out on a Friday again and see.

Mr. Bee Gee was there again, but he had his hair in a pony tail and was wearing a more appropriate shirt. Others I don’t know what they were thinking when they left the house. I used to not be so fashion conscious, I used to be a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy for the longest time. I guess Philly (and my friends) have made me a bit more savvy. This one guy thought he was Danny Ontario (he inspired John Travolta’s character in Saturday Night Fever for those who don’t know him). His hair was so oiled down and he only had one button buttoned on his button up shirt. Ew! Also, what is with the plaid shorts/jams that are back in fashion? I mean they were ugly in the 80s and they are still ugly now. Plaid should only be worn playing golf at the country club. (I’m sure someone reading this now is wearing plaid shorts and is pissed at me!)

We had a great time dancing though, and as always M ran into someone she knew. This time it was someone from her work. Every time we go out she finds someone she knows. As we are having a grand ole time, I for some reason start text messaging my friends. J sends me a message that she’s out with a totally hot guy. Ten minutes later I guess he stopped being totally hot, she ditched him and went home. J and I have plans to go dancing next Friday before I head back to Virginia again for a week or two. We texted back and forth how we were going to drag K out with us and she was not allowed to bring her boyfriend, K’s boyfriend sucks! Okay he doesn’t suck, we don’t even know him. However she’s in 1 month old new relationship euphoria right now, so we feel the need to drag her out without her man for a night. He’ll probably be uspet, no sex on a Friday night for K’s new boyfriend! K might be upset too 😉

I’m sure I’m leaving stuff out about last night. It’s not that I’m blacking out stuff or anything (I remember EVERYTHING I do thank you, even if I’m embarrassed that I did it), I’m just pooped. I didn’t get to bed till about 3:30ish. If anyone out there is in the area, or plans to come to Philly, drop me an email. Consider this an open invite to hit the town one night and have fun :)

Scary moment of the entire evening, waking up and thinking I was in bed with a butt naked M! Ahhhhhh!