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I am getting old. So old. But not as old as some of these peeps :) Most still rock.

Stacy Q . . . She’s so rad! That’s a “Full House” quote for the youngsters. Us old folks remember when she appeared on “Facts of Life.”

Shit, Shannon is still awesome, she probably should have not worn that. God bless she can still sing.

I only added this cause that’s Miss Bo Brady on lead vocals.

Lisa Lisa . . . luvs

This was minutes from me and two weeks ago. I didn’t know. I’m crying!

Someone who always comes so close, and I never have seen, but one day it shall happen!

Ticket Hell!

My luck with show tickets latest has been 0 for 2! Seriously the next time I even think about buying tickets for some kind of show or concert, I will remember this past month and think twice. I have never had such problems before to be honest. WTH !?!?!

About two weeks ago we were supposed to go see Lady Gaga in concert. Well as you may have heard, due to an injury, she had to cancel all upcoming performances. I got a refund on my tickets, minus all those service fees they love to tack on. Why is there a service fee for me to print my own tickets off at home? What the hell is that about? Frankly I don’t see how it’s legal for a venue to make money off a concert that never happened. Said venue then sold new tickets to a screening of a Lady Gaga concert on tape they were showing the same nights on their big screen in place of the concert . . . SHADY!

Tonight we were supposed to go see “Pricilla Queen of the Desert” in Philly. Hopefully we still are! But again, more ticket drama! Part of this was my own doing. I always consider myself a careful buyer of things online and don’t use shady sellers. Well it seems I thought I was buying tickets through the actual venue, when in fact it was a cleverly crafted fake front site who used multiple ticket brokers. I bought tickets at one price level, only to get a call this morning with this very lame excuse that something was wrong with my initial tickets (which I got in the mail) and they had to re-issue them. Because it was so late, they emailed them to me, and again it was all these excuses that “They were sorry” and “The vendor just contacted them about the ticket problems this morning.” Shocker . . . the new tickets were at a much reduced price level and crummy seats! Call after call, nothing could be done, “so sorry, this was the events doing not ours.” Yeah right! I talked to the actual place putting on the show, which is where I learned I had not actually bought it through them, and they said this happens with these companies, and I should dispute the charges with my credit card company as they couldn’t do anything. So I put in a dispute with my credit card.

However as the day went on, this whole thing smelled of a scam. I grew more and more angry . . . how do you issue me tickets then have to reissue them? It sounds to me like they sold my original tickets to someone else for MORE money and stiffed me! I made a lot of calls, the scam got deeper. Multiple companies seemed to be involved. I finally am supposedly getting SOME of my money refunded. I wanted it all back, as the show is NOT sold out and I probably could have gotten better tickets AND at a cheaper price. Actually I KNOW I can. However at this point, the initial tickets were bought so long ago, and my bank said they would attempt to get a refund but it wasn’t guaranteed. This company got their money long ago as is. I basically had to cut my losses and get whatever money back I could and hope the tickets they gave me work. Oh I have not cancelled the dispute with my credit card and them mind you, so if the tickets aren’t good, or I don’t get the exact amount refunded back I was promised (not enough in my opinion mind you) then I will still go through with it. I don’t know how these companies get away with this either. I plan to also follow up with a better business bureau filing as well.

Lesson learned, a hard lesson, and one I thought I was careful enough not to get duped by in the first place!

I Almost Forgot! Glad I Remembered . . .

August Come And Gone . . . .

Damn this summer flew by! Seriously, I want it back! Where did it go? Some updates on various parts of my life . . .

My vegetable garden seems to have been a craptacular failure this year. I guess I just had too many good years, so I was due for this. I am pretty sure I know what I did wrong. I reused a lot of my soils from last year this year. I thought I had prepared it in a way, with fertilizers and mulch, that would make it okay. I don’t think it really worked out. The plants I grew using new soil did amazing, the reused soil failed. Next year I plan to buy all new soil, and the old soil I will spread on my lawn while using to just reseed it.

My garden wasn’t a complete failure, but two of my tomato plants were. Nothing could save them, they just died slowly. The other three grew huge, but only just now am I getting tomatoes. It’s the end of August, this is getting a bit late! Cold snaps will start, and that will kill the tomatoes that are just now growing. Perhaps I also need to plant earlier next year as well . . .

Oddly enough, my pepper plant, a first for me, did amazing . . . @!#$@%@$#%@$# I would rather have had tomatoes! Last year I had so many tomatoes I was throwing them out because I couldn’t use them fast enough. Oh well, I have live and learned!

With the summer over, work will be starting up again soon. I don’t know how I feel about this. I will be glad for the paycheck, but every semester you don’t know what you will end up with in terms of a class. I am very happy to be teaching my favorite class, “Magic and Religion,” for the first time ever this fall. It became so popular the department added it to every semester (it used to only be in the spring). I love that I’ll be able to cover Halloween in depth! Also it looks like there is a good shot for one of my adjunct jobs to become more permanent in the future . . . we shall see!

For a complete change of topic, in a week I will be enjoying Madonna . . . live in concert! I can’t wait! This is a week before my birthday, and is basically my birthday present to myself. I won’t lie, I have cheated and been watching fan uploaded videos to YouTube a lot this summer. Still, I can’t wait! I think I’m most excited about seeing her do “Express Yourself” again . . . even if it is a controversial “Born This Way” mash-up that’s been fueling fan wars with Lady Gaga. This song along with “Like A Prayer” are up there with my most favorite Madonna songs ever. Oh yes, and we can’t forget “Vogue.”

Finally, for another complete change of topic . . . I have made friends with a local paranormal investigation society. I’ve done several investigations with them over the past year. At some point I really want them to come to my house to check out my own ghosts, but I have to figure out what to do with the dogs. Having two exiting yappy dogs not leaving people alone would not aid in an investigation into ghosts. To get back to the point at hand, in September I will be accompanying them for my first overnight trip to a haunted location . . . Fort Mifflin! This is a local Revolutionary War fort that has been featured on countless “Haunted History” shows on TV. I can’t wait!

Scissor Sisters!

Last night was the Scissor Sisters concert at the Electric Factory here in philly. It was soooo much fun. We got there really early, and the place was dead. I was worried it wouldn’t be a good turn out, but by time they took the stage the place was packed.

We, for some reason, just climbed to the top/back of the place. The upstairs is where the adults go to drink, the downstairs for the underage and those who want to mosh. John kept commenting how everyone seemed so olllllddddd. I said you were the one who wanted to come all the way up here!

My camera/phone didn’t get really good photos when they were playing. Too many bright lights and it kept washing out. I did get some good ones during songs they had trippy light shows going.

I also got a few good vids of them playing. Here are two of them . . . .

Kiss You Off My Lips

Take Your Mama Out All Night

Ace of Base 2.0 vs Jenny

One of my favorite groups is attempting to make a come back. That would be Ace of Base. Given the resurgence of electro-pop dance music, it’s not a shocker. The group continued to put out albums and singles in Europe, they just never made it here.

Unfortunately Linn and Jenny, the sister duo who were the singers, have left the band. Linn began to fade into the background after their third album, and by the fourth she could only be heard on a few tracks. She stopped touring with them long ago as well. Jenny ended up departing last fall/Christmas as well.

The two guys have tried to reform with two new girl singers. Unfortunately I feel they are a bit young (based on looks and voices). All we have from them is a 30 second demo of their upcoming single “All For You,” which was just released. It’s not much to go on. Right now I feel like it sounds a little too much like any generic dance song you might find on an itunes radio station geared towards dance music or your dance music channel on whatever cable system you have. The uniqueness that was the sisters’ voices as a duo aren’t here. It also sounds like they tried to find a clone for the blond sister Linn. Time will tell. I’ll have to hear the whole thing and more before I make a final decision on Ace of Base 2.0.

Meanwhile one of the original sisters Jenny has been doing her own thing. She’s recorded vocal tracks for other swedish groups and movies. Now she seems to be trying to make her own debut as a solo artist. Released in May, this is said to be her official first single from an upcoming album. Looks like there might be an Ace of Base music war going on soon!

99 Luftbaloons!

Just posting this for your listening pleasure in case you didn’t see it in my tweets. Nena redid her classic “99 Luftbaloons” at some point last year. Now it’s apparently a mix of French and German, why I don’t know. Too bad there wasn’t an “Engrish” version!

A Holiday Snowem and Snowtos!

So I woke up around 10am and headed out to shovel AGAIN. Making a patch for the dogs, doing the deck, the front walk, etc. It’s all covered again already, so I’ll have to go back out later and clean up again. While outside it was very quiet, so I had time to think. I composed this little diddy to a well known holiday classic . . .

In my backyard we can build a snow-woman,
And give her giant boobs and call her Dolly P!
She’ll say “Are you married?” and I’ll say “Gay ma’am,”
“But I’ll come to your show when you’re in town!”

Later on, at the Dolly Show,
It’s a sea, of chicks and homos.
She belts out a song,
We all sing a long.
The drinks are good in Dollywoodland.
All is right in Dollywoodland.

And now for some photos! Click through for giant versions, especially if you want to examine ornaments :)

Looking Out From The Front Stoop Front Of The House

Out front, look close and you might spot a Princess in the window!

Nikko Princess, back steps

Nikko finds something in an old stump and won’t leave it (them) alone.
Princess says “Fuck this shit, I’m going back inside!”

Pop Culture Tree Side 1 Pop Culture Tree Side 2

The Star Wars / Wiz of Oz / Wonder Woman / Pop Culture / Life Day Tree – Click for giant photos to see the ornaments!

Main Tree Nativity Shelf!

The main tree (minus a tree skirt for now)
The Nativity Shelf! Our old nativities, plus the Time Life books LOL

I Was A Little Monster Last Night . . .

at Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball that is. Yes John and I went to the Lady Gaga concert last night and it was great . . . . and LONG. Poor John isn’t used to being out or up that late. She had two opening acts, didn’t go on until a little after 9:30 and performed for almost 2 hours herself. Then getting out of the parking garage was a nightmare. We weren’t home till about 1am.

Musically the show was amazing. She performed songs from both her albums and played the piano a little as well. One thing that sets her apart from the Britneys of this day and age is that she writes her own music, plays instruments and sings live while dancing! No lip synching for Gaga!

Her costumes were great, but not as outlandish as her award show ones. She did have to be able to move and dance around after all. My favorite was this gold outfit that made her look like She-Ra, Princess of Power!

The fans were a riot. They came trying to dress up like Miss Gaga the best they could. I was also somewhat shocked by the mothers bringing tween girls to the concert. Lady Gaga was pretty crass and foul up on stage a couple of times. She dropped the F-bomb a lot. I don’t know if the parents were expecting that or not, but she gave Adam Lambert a run for his money for sure.

The sets for the show were pretty sparse. It was mostly a movie screen/box behind her showing videos or other stuff while she and he dancers danced in front of it. Here is where I’ve been spoiled by the likes of Madonna, who has gigantic sets and all her dancers go through costume changes with her. I forgot that Lady Gaga really is just starting out. In a few years though, I expect her shows to rival Madonna and Britney’s in their production values.

Anyway, as for other stuff, the pink nightmare tree is up, but hasn’t been decorated. John doesn’t seem to be in a rush, so I might do it myself this weekend if he doesn’t get in the mood. Photos to follow!

Technology Gaga!

Some mindless rambles and updates . . . .

I guess it’s been about 3 weeks since I put Windows 7 on my laptop and the old desktop. So far so good actually. Though as with any Windows installation, it generally takes a month or two to show its true colors. Vista ran great the first month, then crapped out. I’ll see how these are still running in January before deciding if Microsoft finally got something right :)

Our washer is STILL broke. John wanted to see if he could fix the problem before spending money. However he took his sweet time to sit down and do so, or even look at the handyman fix I found online (I googled the error code). A week later when he finally bothered to read the paper he said “Oh this is too technical for me, I don’t think I have the tools for this.” Um, couldn’t you have realized that a week ago had you read the paper! Grrrrr! The repairman fortunately comes tomorrow. We’ll see if he can fix it though.

It looks like I’m spending Thanksgiving in Jersey. I was planning to go to Virginia, but it looks like we might have a lot of house guests that week, ones I feel the need to keep an eye on. I won’t say anymore on that . . .

If I’m staying here I guess I have to get some grub together. Personally Thanksgiving is not a holiday I ever really enjoyed. All it meant was time off of work/school, and let’s face it, the Macy’s Parade blows nowadays. For me it now just means “time to start decorating for Christmas!” An employee of John’s invited us, and John’s brother, to his house for dinner. However I always get weirded out by sitting down to dinner with a bunch of strange people. We did this one year and while the food was good, it was a house full of people I didn’t know. John’s mom is going to Texas to see their other sister and her family. I don’t know what John’s sister here and her family are doing, probably going to one of her step-kids homes. A friend from school invited me (and John) to do it up with her, which I might take the offer. John won’t get out early enough from the farm I’m sure. In the end, I’m sure I’ll end up making some stuffing and a turkey meatloaf and watching Christmas specials on TV at home though.

Something I’m way excited about is that in December we are going to see the one and only Lady Gaga in concert! I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to this as much as a Madonna or Alanis concert. Just seeing her costumes is gunna be a fun experience on its own. I hope it’s all ridiculously outrageous. Her new video for “Bad Romance” came out today. I can only hope the concert is remotely like this video! I was seriously saying to myself just the other day “Nobody makes real music videos anymore . . . ”