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Grrrr Hacked!

So my blog, actually a few of my sites, got hacked today. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on, but it seems someone dropped a bomb on me, for reals. I found an exploit script dropped into one of my sites that I’m assuming they used to collect a lot of info on many of my sites. I spent far too much time today restoring files, changing passwords and installing a butt-load of security scripts. Grrrrrr! Seriously, hack someone worthwhile, like The American Family Ass-ociation :)

*Update* Here is hoping no more problems arise. I am currently weighing various options after this mess! If you run into any errors on the blog, or you get a forbidden or denied error, please email me! I’ll do my best to get it fixed.

If Your Child Is Screaming, Leave The Store!

I had a migraine coming on today, and was basically out of meds. I thought I could make a quick trip to the store to get some, as well as pick up a few other things. At the time it seemed the headache wasn’t that bad. I was wrong, in the middle of the store I got hit hard, to the point where I thought I might toss my cookies right in the frozen foods aisle. I just grabbed the meds at that point and headed to the check out with what few things were in my cart.

Of course the fact that a woman elsewhere in the store was shopping while her child had a screaming fit didn’t help. It also didn’t help that no matter where in the store you were, you could hear this child. Then of course she ends up right next to me in the check out with her screaming child, and she is doing nothing about it. She is simply ignoring this child’s fit.

Now I know a little bit about child rearing techniques, and I know one school of thought is to ignore your child’s tantrums. However not when they are doing it in public! Shut the kid up or LEAVE. You are a public nuisance!

You know when she finally started yelling at the kid to stop it? As she was LEAVING the store in front of me with all her paid groceries! Really lady?

I should have taken her photo right in her face and told her it was because I was posting her on the internet.

I was in such pain, and wanted so badly to unleash a “Christmas Story” like tirade of obscenities on this woman. I also had decided if I puked, I would aim it at her and her screaming child. But I didn’t. And then when I got home I saw a story on the news . . . .

Apparently a man in Wisconnsin did just that to a woman who was in the express checkout with FAR too many items. Been there, done that, see it ALL the time! He of course went a little overboard, calling her fat and disgusting. I wouldn’t have resorted to personal attacks beyond their stupidity and inability to either read, count, or use common sense :)

You know what happened? He got cited and fine over $400 dollars for disorderly public conduct.

Run And Tell That Homeboy!

You don’t have to confess, we gunna find you!

Update, my mom didn’t understand this post. So for those who haven’t heard of Antoine Dodson, now an internet sensation, here is the original report that started it all.

And of course the ever popular auto-tuned dance remix!

P.S. Antoine has set up a website where he is selling t-shirts, the song on itunes and other kitschy stuff. All proceeds go to helping Antoine and his family to get out of the projects.

Lawn Ornament

I can’t take much more excitement or my heart might give out. I was just about to watch a movie when I heard the most horrific sound. Ran to look, an a car was parked on the corner of the lawn feet away from our porch, narrowly missing a giant tree.

1) Nobody is dead
2) I no longer have to cut those bushes and saplings growing there down
3) I was moments ago right there with the dogs – scary!

Jason or something scary would be fun to set up here haha! I actually now have to motivate enough to cut everything else down, cause this looks pretty bad from the road.

Happy New Year Penis Pictures

That’s what someone googled and somehow ended up on my blog. I’m intrigued. What is a Happy New Year Penis Picture? I guess I’ll have to go google!

Christmas Decorating Humor . . . .

From my mom . . . yeah you know I want to do this!

Well, there is good news and bad news about my Christmas decorations this year

Good news is that I truly out did myself this year with my Christmas decorations. The bad news is that I had to take him down after 2 days. I had more people come screaming up to my house than ever. Great stories. But two things made me take it down. First, the cops advised me that it would cause traffic accidents as they almost wrecked when they drove by. Second, a 55 year old lady grabbed the 75 pound ladder almost killed herself putting it against my house and didn’t realize it was fake until she climbed to the top (she was not happy). By the way, she was one of many people who attempted to do that. My yard couldn’t take it either. I have more than a few tire tracks where people literally drove up my yard.

Kind of feel like I gave in to the man by taking him down but my neighbor did confirm to near miss accidents on the busy street next to my house. I think I made him too real this time

So it was fun while it lasted

Click on for the photo!


Cherry Hill Sex Shop Scandal - "No Purveyors of Smut!"

I found myself so fired up over an issue today that before hand I really didn’t give that much thought to. It all stemmed from a blog run by the local newspaper and open to residents of our township to post on. Most of the posts are from the newspaper’s staff so far. I had signed up with hope to find some things to blog about on it. However after today, I’m so disgusted I might not touch the thing.

Basically the back story here is that a few years ago a business owner planned to open up an adult novelties store in the township. The problem was the place he purchased to do so was right on Route 70, one of the major highways going through town. People felt it would be a blight on the town’s image, attract the wrong kind of people, yada yada. This all has lead to a lawsuit between the guy and the township which has just been settled. To keep the guy out, the town is paying him $612,500 dollars, which they claim isn’t coming out of our taxes, but the town’s insurance coverage. I don’t know, but it would seem to me that the township’s insurance fees might go up a lot after this, and where will they get the money for that? Also I think they should have lost their insurance coverage after that amount was paid out. Why? Because I don’t think we should be in the habit of paying off or running out business some people don’t think are “proper.”

Early this morning this post appeared on the blog in question. I read it and had no issues, it was well written, not that controversial and I just thought “whatever.” The only thing I got a chuckle about was the quote of the woman saying “I don’t think that’s the kind of business you want in the same place where children are playing.” Everyone knows where this shop was going to be, and if kids are playing there they are more likely to get run over by the traffic on route 70 than exposed to something seedy from the sex shop.

A few hours later came a similar post, but this one from the township themselves. This is the post which infuriated me. Not because people and the township didn’t want this guy or his business here and basically did everything they could to run him out, but because of the words used in the article.

First up is our glorious Mayor Bernie Platt saying “This immoral business was a direct affront to the integrity of the Barclay Farm neighborhood and our town’s values.” Oh Mr. Platt, as a politician, you really shouldn’t go calling other people or their businesses immoral. Political karma is a bitch and a nasty one at that. Pretty much every politician in the last few years involved in any kind of sex scandal was also it seems a “moral crusader” as well. Imma just saying!

What really ticked me off was the line “Moving forward, the Township revised its zoning laws in 2007 so this type of ambush by a purveyor of smut never happens again in Cherry Hill.” “Purveyor of Smut?” Did we really just say that? I’m sorry, but do I live in New Jersey or the bible belt? I felt like I had been warped to that state (Arkansas I think) that banned the sale of all adult novelties.

On a side note, an article I found on The Courier Post’s website has an almost identical quote from one township spokesman Dan Keashen. Oddly missing is the probably slanderous and libel “purveyor of smut” excerpt.

Now I don’t make it a habit to frequent these stores, but I don’t think we should be denying their existence to people who might want to. I, like most of us adults, have gone into one out of curiosity. I mean in Philly it was a fun silly thing to do with friends. Here in Jersey I accidentally walked into one though as I thought “Fantasy Gifts” was a whole different type of store :)

It seems a lot of the brouhaha over this is that this was a “residential neighborhood.” Again, it’s on a major highway intersection surrounded by Jersey strip malls. I drive down these street multiple times a week, I never see “kids” playing about or what not. I don’t even see residential houses. I see traffic, lots of traffic and stores.

If people here were worried about protecting their kids from this “immoral smut,” well newsflash, it’s easier for your kids to find porn online than it is to actually get into one of these stores, which always have someone at the counter watching everyone who comes in.

To be quiet honest, I think we also know any one of us can go to any number of regular bookstores in the area, find the dirty magazines on their shelves covered by cardboard, or go to the “Adult Self Help Section” and find any number of books on tantric sex, the kama sutra and all sorts of other “smut,” all with fairly explicit colored pictures. Yes I’ve looked at them, and so have most of you!

However something makes me think the township would not use these words to talk about, oh, Barnes and Noble? I mean can we see the township saying “Say no to getting S&M and B&N!” I don’t think so, because they would then be squashed by the lawyers from the corporate giant.

From now on, whenever I need any kind of “adult products,” rather than going to CVS, that certain aisle in the grocery store, or ordering online; I will go out of my way to give my money to the few remaining “purveyors of smut” in the township, before people decide to run them out of town too.

Oh, and by the way, once the sex shops have been run out . . . who will the empowered people come after next? My guess is the dirty gays hanging their pride flags out where everyone can see 😉

Back in Joisey

Drove back to my Jersey home today. Just some random ramblings here :)

  • The house shockingly isn’t a total disaster.
  • The bunny had no water and almost no food left (John claims he had both last night).
  • Percy had no wet food, so I had to go buy him some.
  • I also had to get dry food and litter, which they were out of.
  • Scrubbed cat puke out of the bedroom carpet.
  • Picked up cat puke from the dungeon basement (this was old cat puke that John just ignores).
  • Cleaned cat pans (so gross!).
  • Washed silverware in the sink (I left it with no dirty dishes).
  • Filled the feng shui fountain which was bone dry.
  • Dumped the pet food water and refilled it (the cats knocked a food dish into it, it was gross).

Anyways, I am getting ready for the “Harper’s Island” finale now :)

The NEW Wonder Woman Animated Movie

It’s no secret that I LOVE my Wonder Woman! Well a new animated movie came out this week on DVD. So of COURSE I had to have it! Not only did I get it, but I got a super sweet (ie kinda crappy) exclusive action figure with it. Hey, it will be a collector’s item one day (in 20 years).

So what did I think after watching it tonight? Fricken Awesome that’s what! Of course it would be, it’s Wonder Woman! The only Wonder Woman movie/show that ever sucked was that 70s Kathy Lee Crosby version made for TV. Totally horrid! I do fear if they ever make a real live action Wonder Woman movie it will end up like the Cat Woman movie staring Halie Berry. *Shutters!*

This movie basically tells of Wonder Woman’s origins, meeting Steve Trevor and coming to the US. It’s been totally updated though, no WWII and Nazi stuff. It also brings in Ares as her main foe in this one, but Cheetah makes an appearance in there too 😉 I’ve already been “informed” a sequal is in the works.

The animation is great, but even better, the voice acting! Kerri Russell plays Wonder Woman, while Nathan Fillion rocks as Steve Trevor. His one-liners are fantastic in this film. Alfred Molina plays Ares, while Rosario Dawson is Artemis. Virginia Madsen rounds out the all star cast as Queen Hipolyta.

Everything from the story, to the animation, to the acting was a treat. This isn’t Wonder Woman for the kids or grandma either. There is blood, there is ass kicking and there is some sexual references in there!

Rent it! Buy it if your a Wonder Woman nut though.

Rose Has Something To Say . . . .

Betty White Is Sick Of Your Shit!

I just think this is hilarious :)