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RIP Moo Kitty - 2003-2014

So tonight we had to say goodbye to Moo Kitty. He would have been 11 this year. He’s the first cat that was really mine and John’s, as John already had three cats when we met. Two of them are gone as well, and I fear the last (now 16 . . . maybe 17?) probably won’t make it much longer as he has hyperthyroidism.

Moo was in advanced kidney failure, and try as we might with meds, we couldn’t bring his values up (or down) enough so that he was in the good zone. He’d been on an IV drip for 4 days, but wasn’t improving fast enough. The vet worried because he was no where near the good zone in terms of his values, that taking him off the medicine would make him relapse, and keeping him on it probably wouldn’t do much good either as he was getting better so slowly that he’d back slide once off the IV. When we took him into the vet he was pretty much a slug and barely moving from his bed. Tonight when we went to say goodbye he was more of his old self, which made it even harder. I wanted to scream “he clearly looks and is acting better!” However I knew he was on borrowed time, and I guess I should be thankful he was feeling better when he went to sleep forever and not in the pain he was a few days ago.

I do wish I snuck him a last meal of sinful cat food though.

Now the challenge will to be keeping John away from the shelters and adopting another cat! Every time one dies, we seem to end up with a new one.

Good Riddance To April!

April sucked donkey balls, and I’m glad the month is over! I spent more time at the vet this month than I think I ever have . . . as well as a hell of a lot of money! Where to begin?

Well first up our eldest cat has been wasting away as of recently. At first I thought he was just old, he’s 15 or 16. It’s not unusual for older cats to lose weight. Then however I began to worry something more was wrong, as he had an insatiable appetite. He just sat and meowed for food all day long, and nothing seemed to fill him up. So I took him in, worrying it was cancer. His two brothers (litter-mates) died of it, so I was preparing for the worst. This was the last of the original three cats John had when we met. I knew he would not take it well if something was wrong. It was actually hyperthyroidism, and his levels were extremely toxic. He’s been on medicine for 2-3 weeks and is doing much better now. He still has to have another check-up in a few months to make sure everything is going okay and the meds are still working.

Then there is the dogs . . . . Nikko somehow got exposed to Lymes disease over the past 5-7 weeks, so the vet thinks from his blood work. What the hell! We have not found any ticks on him! I traditionally never frontline the dogs from December-February, but I guess that one warm day we had in February got him! Though frontline doesn’t completely prevent exposure to lymes disease either, so who knows when he got it. It has to be some time in the past year. Ironically I had also JUST got the lymes vacine for them both. Grrrrr! The vet said it will at least prevent further exposure from any other bites. He’s been on antibiotics and is fine. However I have to keep an eye on him for “lameness” which is the usual symptom dogs show. Of course as I type this, the news is running a report that our mild winter is going to mean a horrible summer for ticks. Don’t we already have to deal with those cicadas?

Finally Princess just about gave me a heart attack, which with my blood pressure issues is actually a real possibility. Her urine levels were off at a recent check-up, and then they realized they were off last year too. She had a +2 protein in her urine last year, it rose to +3 this year. Last year she had a bladder infection though, so they attributed it to that. This was the first I heard of this protein issue mind you! Now they needed more tests because it could be a sign of kidney disease, or it could be nothing as the vet said this can happen in older dogs. After the tests I finally heard the news that her levels are higher than normal, but not at the point where we probably need to worry. The vet is going to consult with a second doctor (I hope that isn’t another bill!) and will get back to me, but he thinks we’ll just have to add this test in yearly from here on out to watch it so it doesn’t rise to levels that could start causing kidney damage and then failure. I would rather pay and have this checked every 6 months to be honest if it can pose the risk google claims . . . cause you know when we google symptoms that minor neck pain always leads to an MS diagnosis. Needless to say I’m giving her supplements for old age doggies and probably putting her back on her old “limited ingredients diet” as it makes kidneys work less (among other things). She was on it for skin allergies and I moved her to a new food that she loves and didn’t bother her skin, and also had the added benefit of reducing doggy farts.

So like I said . . . . good bye April!

An April Update! Cats, Dirt and Soaps!

Cleaning Off The Porch I’m checking in with a long overdue post, because it’s been so long, and because my mother thinks there must be something wrong. I’m just busy. That plus the fact that I feel like I don’t have much to talk about. I guess I could do movie reviews? I did just read all the Hunger Games book and went to see the film.

Once May hits, I’m sure I’ll have more posts. Work will be done for the summer, and I have a few trips on schedule. One to see my friend Heidi in Colorado. I’ve never been there, so it should be fun! Another trip is back to Williamsburg to ride the new coaster at Busch Gardens. Though I may postpone this till fall honestly. I really want to go there for Halloween as they do it up.

I have been meaning to work in my garden and yard area the past 3 weekends. But I haven’t had the time or energy. This is not good, as it’s almost time to plant tomatoes! I finally made myself take a break from grading today to do so. The porch I worked so hard to recover a few years back needed attention in a bad way. The fountain I cleaned out and got working again years ago, has fallen into disrepair. I cleaned it out, but haven’t got working again yet. Sadly the little naked pan that was the fountain fell off this winter and his head broke off :( I have to find a way to glue or cement him back together. He’ll still run, he’ll just be headless.

MewMew . . . 1 Year Old! In other news, MewMew is about a year old now. How did this year go by so fast? She’s a very small cat, confirming what we thought, that she was the runt. Unfortunately all she eats is the dry food, so she’s become a porker. This I must nip in the bud before I have MooMoo 2.0 on my hands. Their names were too similar, I guess it’s a curse! John even “weighed in” last night that she was getting heavy. We have to stop this before it hits the point of no return as it has with Moo Kitty.

A final bit of info to leave you with. My old soap page has asked me to write some blogs for them from time to time on my thoughts on “Days.” I wrote one about a month ago. The second will be up sometime this week! You can also find my snarky little thoughts about the show on FaceBook!

Till my next update . . . .

Kitty Has A Name, Still A Monster Though

So monster kitty had her second vet appointment, and I HAD to give her a name. I told them it was Baroness Tangina Von MewMew. The lady at the desk then had to go an tell every one of the staff the cat’s name . . . .

They just put down Tangina, but we call her MewMew. That’s what she has learned and responded to.

MewMew also met her first BIG dog at the vet. She hissed, which I never heard her do. She growled too, never heard that! She shot straight up me (I was holding her at the time) and went to the back of my neck.

She was scared shitless . . . no really she had an accident on me . . . .

The lady behind the desk said “You should have a cat carrier!”

Yes I know, but she was small enough at this point still I didn’t bother. I won’t make that mistake again!

Poor Nameless Kitty

Just a quick note to say I did survive my trip to Oklahoma . . . no twisters. I’ll post something about it soon.

The poor kitty still is without a name. I am pondering Titania at this point . . . Queen of the Fairies!

I wanted Demona (from Gargoyles) but John again doesn’t seem to think the kitty is in fact a demon.


NuKitty has a vet stamped and certified vajayjay! So now she needs a name. The vet’s office said they were expecting something good, given our other animal’s names.

So for now she is Baroness Tangina Gretel Von MewMew!

Von MewMew because I called her MewMew for the past week or so.

Gretel is a play on Grendel, which John wanted for a boy.

Baroness Tangina is not only a royal name, to go along with the only other girl in our house Princess Bumbles, but it’s a reference to a movie character. Can you guess which one?

Just Call Him Chaz?

Since NuKitty, who I’ve just been calling Mew-Mew, came home, we have been trying to name him.

John’s latest suggestion is Grendel, cause NuKitty is a face eating monster. He likes to bite your nose, your ears and anything else attached to your head.

The problem now? I don’t think it’s a him. John was sure from the moment he brought the kitty home it was a boy, because the litter was very mixed colors and it takes 2 orange parents to make an orange female, but only one orange father to make an orange male. There were three black/mottled cats and 2 orange.

That, however, doesn’t mean they were all of the same parentage though. Mommy could have gotten around! There have been a couple wild orange cats around here over the years.

I have seen no signs of “ballage” since NuKitty came here. I keep watching and waiting for them to appear. Also from all the graphic “How To Sex Your Kittens” porn I’ve been looking at, I think it’s a girl.

One thing is for sure, the kitty is getting tired of being molested! If NuKitty is a girl, Princess isn’t the only one in the house anymore.

Oh Oh Oblio!

NuKitty is doing well. He (as far as we can tell, no balls yet) sleeps through the night, and has begun using his shoebox lid litter pan today. He knows where it is and goes there to do his business.

Galahad (our oldest) and Grim (the youngest who still is not fully people adjusted yet – we think due to abuse possibly -) don’t mind him. Galahad is actually interested in him, which Princess HATES. Princess thinks NuKitty is her baby it seems. She is always monitoring him. Nikko doesn’t seem to care one way or the other.

Percy and Moo Kitty are NOT fans. They hiss every time he comes near. Percy in fact has kept himself upstairs or downstairs the past two days. I guess he’s jealous that he’s no longer the only orange kitty.

John and I are still debating names. He wanted Peter since he came near Easter. Not bad. Then he wanted Romeo, I vetoed that flat. I said no way, I’ll just think about Lil’Romeo, we don’t need a cat named after Shakespeare (not a fan!) or a rapper!

I want to name him Oblio at this point. John doesn’t even know who that is. He just gave me a look and I said “seriously?” He should know this, he’s older than me!

Oh Hell To The No! Cuteness Overload!

John walked in last night with a tiny little orange bundle of meow. I said “WHAT is that!” It seems a litter of cats was found in the farm barn, and the mother had left. He claims the kitten “choose him,” that out of the 5 of them he walked away and up to him and wouldn’t leave him alone all day. I’m sure!

Now he knows I had a rule in place, no more cats until one more of ours went to kitty heaven. But he also knew bringing this over would melt my heart. He said “Oh I was just bringing it to show you, I’m taking it back over in a bit.” Yeah right! He also knew I wouldn’t allow that, because one too many cats dropped off at the farm that take a liking to John try and follow him across the street and end up squished. Just last week someone’s cat was squished down the road from us (we actually think it may be the kittens father).

I have always joked I’m going to go work at the pet store down the street, as they are always hiring. I might need to for food discounts at this point!

Sequestered With A Woman With No Lips!

John got called for jury duty and is at the all day selection process. He somehow always gets called, but normally escapes duty somehow. This time they got him. He’ll know by the end of the day if he has to serve on a jury or not. I keep teasing him that he’s gunna get sequestered in a room with a lady with no lips and a big box of June Allison bladder pads :)

I have 10 some pounds of turkey sitting in my fridge. Would anyone like some? I really don’t know what I was thinking, other than I’d never cooked a real turkey before, and the idea of grilling it made it a fun challenge. I’ve been having turkey sandwiches for two days now and I’m over it. I’d give it to the dogs, but it would probably give them the sharts. I’ve been told to make turkey soup out of it. I guess I’ll have to look up a recipe. I’m not much of a soup guy though, unless it’s egg drop or miso soup . . . tofuuuuuu!

Moo Kitty is now on my every last nerve. He is stilling peeing around the house, and we now realize he is doing it out of spite and to try and regain his lost control. Several times he’s done it right as I’m standing there too . . . the little shit. He’s no longer alpha kitty and he does not like that. The other three cats are now terrorizing him. Even the old 14 year old cat is jumping on him! I just don’t know what to do. I told John how are we to go away in January for a week, we’ll come back and he’ll have peed on everything!

Anyway, I got the Jesus lights on the front of the house. I’ll take some photos tonight and post them. I really want some for the bushes, but I don’t want to spend anymore money on lights. John wants to use the purple halloween lights, but I said they aren’t Christmasy enough. Maybe if we mixed some white in, but like I said, I don’t feel like spending anymore money.

I haven’t even started on the inside yet. I’ll do that later this week I guess (after the house gets cleaned).

*Update* He didn’t make the jury.