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Horrific Dreams!

Perhaps I had my mini blog post yesterday about Monster Mania and Tumblr on the brain, but wow did I have some insane dreams last night. The one I remember was straight out of a horror flick. I, and a bunch of people I don’t remember, got stranded in a town over night, and were given shelter in the town’s haunted house. I’m not sure, but I think Elizabeth Montgomery was the woman who owned the house. It was a terror filled night as the ghosts came out. Since I refused to sleep, I oddly braved exploring the house and recording ghost sounds on my iphone – – – to upload to my Tumblr blog. I would NOT be so brave in life let me tell you.

I do have a bunch of posts I hope to get out soon. I’ve been using my S2H to get points, though not as often as I should be according to the bathroom scale! I want to make a post about it, as well as some tips and tricks I’ve discovered for anyone who is thinking of (or has) ordered one. Additionally I’ve also been using some other sites that gain you money back while shopping online that I want to share. I’ve been using them for a month, and know which work and which DON’T.

Spring time is around the corner, and I’ve been surveying my yard! One of the things I hope to do next week is kill weeds and then plant some grass . . . not that kind!

Someone Done Stole Christmas!

I had the most bizarre dream last night. Given this past years “wonderful” Christmas, it definitely is troubling. I dreamt someone broke into our house and stole a chunk of our Christmas ornaments! They left everything else, they just went after Christmas ornaments. I was devastated and bawling in the dream. I even woke up feeling like I had been physically crying.

Whether or not this spells doom for this coming Christmas, who knows. Other things didn’t make sense. Like my Grandma was alive in the dream, but one of her legs had been amputated. Oh and we did get our ornaments back, and the thief was caught, thanks to Oprah. Yes Oprah, who apparently has spy cameras everywhere, personally called our house with a tip on the thief that lead to her apprehension. Yeah the burglar was a woman!

Dreams Can Come True . . . Just Not These

I’ve been trying to get back to a normal sleeping schedule. I begin teaching in 2 weeks, but fortunately my classes are mid to late day. The spring semester I’m not so lucky, very early AM classes. I might have to finally learn to like coffee.

Anyway, lets just say my dreams the past few nights have not been good. I keep getting attacked by homicidal maniacs or crawled all over by bugs. One night I actually kicked all the sheets off the bed.

I don’t know if it’s stress, the “all natural sleeping pills” I decided to try, or Monster Mania anticipation. Maybe all of the above?

Ghost Room 201

So after a looooong night of mojo hunting, I got home in the weee hours of the morning. Our housekeepers were set to show up this morning, and I just decided I’d take the dogs and lock ourselves in the guest room and let them clean the rest of the house. This was not only the longest time I’d ever spent in that room, including sleeping in there . . . but apparently the first time the dogs had ever been in the room.

Almost immediately the dogs darted straight under the bed. This was a problem, because the bed is seated high up on coasters, and it’s become a bit unstable as of late. I had also had a dream the night before that Princess refused to ride in the car when travelling, she insisted on running under the car as I drove. I of course was paranoid I’d run her over. I decided because of this dream, they couldn’t stay under the bed. In fact, the bed did get a little tipsy later on!

After a bit of coaxing I got them out from under the bed and up on top with me. There they just stood alert looking around for a good long while. At some point they eventually settled down. I wondered what they were seeing, but as I was so dead tired at that point, I didn’t care too much. I just went to sleep. As far as I know, the ghost didn’t bother me . . . but now I feel like I’ve invaded his territory.

Dum dum dum dum!

Boo! I Had A Bad Dream, Or Did I?

Just when I thought I would be taking a break, something worth while happens that fits in with this time of year :) Last night I woke up, swore I saw a dark shadow creeping up over the bed, kicked at it and started screaming “No!” really loud. Then of course I came to my senses and John woke up wondering WTF was happening.

When I looked around, I saw no dark figure. When I thought about it, it had its arms outstretched and a funny hat on. It reminded me of Freddy, which reminded me earlier that day in Philly I saw a kid walking around with a red-n-green Freddy like sweater on. The influence? I don’t know. I’ve woken up and thought I saw this weird figure in the bedroom before. Aliens? I really hope not on that one!

I am sure it’s not the influence of watching “One Missed Call 3: Final” before bed, cause that movie just sucked hard core.

These Dreams . . . . Suck!

Last night I did not fall asleep until around 6am this morning, which I guess counts as this morning and not last night. I just COULD not get to sleep. When I finally did though, what dreams!

I dreamed I was back in Glen Cove in Fairfax, Va; where most of my childhood was spent. However someone had painted our old house in this ugly hippy design, attaching all these giant artwork butterflies and stuff to it. I decided to take some photos to put on Facebook. Then I went around back to where the old woods we played in were. These were town homes, and I found almost everyone either had added these silly shacks onto the back of the house, or had trailers back there. It was for all the extra kids they had and didn’t have enough room for in the house! So I took photos of that too. Oh did I mention by this time it was dark out? Well some woman though I was a pervert and started chasing me with intent to kill. Running from her I ended up running into a giant black bear, which then started chasing the both of us. As I’m trying to use my phone to simultaneously take photos and call for help, it broke. Then I realized I had two days to get it fixed before the year warranty ran out, cursing myself for not buying the apple care for 2 years.

Then I finally woke up. The iphone 3.0 software update is out today. Clearly that influenced my dream :)

This Little Ant Didn

Well I didn’t get out hiking, hopefully next week though! I overslept, but not that it would have mattered if I didn’t. With it being a busy holiday weekend for the farm, John took the car to run various farm related errands (picking up and delivering produce).

I’ve been having most horrible dreams as of late. A lot of me ending up in public naked. I know it’s a classic anxiety dream. I usually don’t have the naked dream though, usually the ones where my teeth fall out. I also keep having the dream where I have taken up smoking. I’ve never smoked a day in my life, so it must be from a past life. I wake up even remembering how the cigarettes tasted. They didn’t taste good either from what I recalled.

The ant problem in the kitchen seems to be better now. I don’t know if it was the ant traps that did it, or spraying the counter with Windex :) Jamie told me to try that trick out, and it seems to have worked. Makes me feel like I’m in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” though. Here . . . . try some Windex!

Nightmare On My Street

I always mean to get some kind of earplugs for when I come home to Virginia, as my room is in the center of the house, downstairs, right by the stairs and thus I hear EVERYTHING from it. It can be somewhat annoying, as I wake up to every little sound. I got all these sleep enhancers for my iPhone, but forgot to bring a wall charger home :-\ It will drain the battery without them. I have become accustom to the large sleep-number bed too I think, as I have not been sleeping well in my old old childhood twin sized bed. Thus I have been having some bizarre dreams. I tried to tweet them when I first woke up and they were fresh, but the phone was too bright and I turned it off as it hurt my eyes :) The room has zero light, no windows, so I was a bit sensitive when I woke up.

The first nightmare I remember was that aliens were destroying the world. Thank you Fox for showing the commercial for “The Day The Earth Stood Still” constantly! I was for some reason in Las Vegas when it was happening. They started blowing up all the hotels. Somehow I survived, because me and others got to the top floor of the hotel we were in. The top few floors didn’t get blown up, they just plummeted and landed on a sea of water that flooded the city. Where the hell the water came from, I don’t know. After it went away to where it came from, we walked out and surveyed the disaster that was.

The second dream I’m a little foggie on. It was some kind of soap opera threesome serial killer dream. I’m pretty sure I was sleeping with a woman in it too. See, I told you, nightmare! I think for some reason though I looked like Patrick Muldoon, which wasn’t all that bad really.

There was a third dream which I can’t recall. I’m pretty sure I was back in high school though, and it probably had to do with Marching Band. I was searching through old photos while I’m home to scan and embarrass myself fully :)

Vacation Nightmare

I had the most bizarre dream last night. We were on our annual cruise, and it was a disaster. For starters for some reason I was with my brother and mom and not the BF. The room was tinier than usual, and we had no bathroom! We had to use a public one where all the showers and toilets were just sitting in the open for the whole world to see you doing your business.

My brother finally found our bathroom though, it was apparently hidden away and somehow we didn’t find it at first. It was a filthy mess of a nightmare and it looked like nobody had cleaned it in forever. So we were left with the dilemma do we use the dirty bathroom or the public bathroom?

My friend Keith was on the cruise with us, and as usual in the room next to us. He started text messaging me to come meet him down at the shops. For some reason he wanted me to buy some jacket or something. However I was unable to text him back. I was getting his texts on a watch, and I had no way to return them. I have no idea what that was about as I don’t even have a watch, I’ve used my phone as one for years. I don’t like wearing them.

The creme de-la-creme was when my mom and brother left for dinner, and I somehow lost my room key-card. For some reason I needed it to do everything, from get on the elevator to get into the dining room. So I had to take the steps all the way down to the pursers office to get a new card. No big deal, as usually the steps on cruise ships are really nice. For some reason though I was condemned to this dank dark stairwell inside the walls of the ship.

I have no idea why I had this dream at all. I think it reflects Black Friday :)

Sleeping With A Stranger?

Last night I remember waking up, looking at the person in bed with me and thinking “Who are you?” “You aren’t supposed to be here?”

I remember looking and seeing the face of someone who wasn’t my BF. I remember the face clearly actually. Then I remember touching and feeling and thinking “You feel right, you just don’t look right.”

Then I remember struggling to remember who was supposed to be in bed with me and what they were supposed to look like, but I couldn’t! I eventually gave up . . . and went back to sleep with some strange person in the bed.

Odd . . .