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Healthy Pizza Crust... Aka The Quinoa Experiement.

IMG_0411 For some reason I’ve been on a kick to find healthy pizza recipes. Pizza is my Achille’s heel, it’s the one thing above all else I hate to give up. I’ve resorted to tortilla pizzas and english muffin pizzas in the past when I’m trying to cut calories, but it’s never the same thing. Recently I Facebooked my many attempts at cauliflower pizza crust, which while not terrible, is a lot of damn work for a pizza. A lot more than using the internet to order a delicious one. Recently a friend posted a recipe for Quinoa pizza crust on my wall. Me, being the pizza lover I am, decided I had to try it. This blog post is a public service announcement to the world . . . DO NOT MAKE THIS!

IMG_0437 Reason number one I should have been skeptical this would be good . . . quinoa is gross. I know it’s one of these new fad superfoods, but it is gross. Every way I have ever tried it, it sucks. Why did I think a pizza crust made of this crap would taste good?

Reason number two I should have known to stop . . . the smell. The recipe calls for you to not cook the quinoa, but soak it for eight hours in water. It smells like spunk. I am not even kidding. It smelled like someone masturbated all over my kitchen. Why did I think this would be good? If any lesbians are reading this and don’t know what this smells like, it smells like bleach.

Reason number three . . . after I made it, and seasoned the fuck out of it, it still stank to hell . . . and it looked like vomit. Okay it also looked like oatmeal, or porridge, maybe cream of wheat, all which look like vomit. They at least smell and don’t taste terrible, this did. I think this might be one of the only things that if you threw up, would taste better coming back up.

IMG_0440 When it cooked it was heavy, really heavy, like a brick heavy. That was reason number four I should have known this wasn’t going to be good. The density of this crust is less than the amount of poop it’s going to produce, that is a scientific fact. I still continued and tried to make the best of this disaster.

Unfortunately no amount of sauce, cheese, pepperoni, or whatever toppings you pick will be able to mask the fact that this is not pizza. Pizza should not taste like this. The nasty spunk crust still overpowers everything. This is worse than the time I tried flaxseed crust, and I never tried that again. If I want healthy pizza in the future I’ll either use a tortilla, or slap myself to remember that healthy pizza is like Santa Clause, it doesn’t exist.

If I have not yet convinced you that you do not want to eat this, well the recipe is below. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is pizza crust is probably the closest experience most of us will have as to what it’s like to be a starving Ethiopian child eating dirt and waiting for Sally Struthers to drop off some Chef Boyardee cans to the village. And those only cost pennies a day, quinoa is really fucking expensive. I could have ordered a pizza for cheaper than this.

Heart Health Month! Plus More House Photos.

So February is over, and I’m very glad. I decided to use “the month of love” to basically be about getting healthier. I converted to being a vegetarian again, which I was for 7 years once. It was only supposed to be a month long challenge, and believe it or not I succeeded!

Truth be told, I don’t know if I really feel any different, and I didn’t lose much weight at all. That’s likely due to the sodium in some vegetarian products, along with me eating too many carbs. Half way through the month I did my best to alter my carbs by changing to mainly flatbreads, flax breads and other hearty high fiber breads by Udi. Udi is best known as gluten free, but I wanted them for the flax/chia/hearty grains more than anything. I did try and make my own flax bread, which was gross. I will say the overload of fiber did not play well with my tummy for a large part of the month. I’m sure though it helped with my blood pressure and cholesterol issues.

I’m not sure I’m sticking with the veggie thing. In fact given the amount of frozen chicken and other non-veggie things in my freezer, I’m pretty sure I’m at least going to eat that up rather than throw money out the window. John won’t eat it, and it’s mainly small high protein portion controlled sizes from Personal Trainer Food, which is amazing by the way :) One thing I also did that I am going to try and stick to is I completely cut out soda, diet and non-diet. I have to say that was hard, and I noticed that I’ve never craved sweets as much as I do right now. John has this bowl of chocolates which I normally don’t care about at all, but I went to town on it a little too much this month. I definitely have to curb that for sure.

So in other news, the upstairs is coming along. I’ve thrown some more photos for updates in. A lot of insulation has been put in upstairs, and with access to all the walls elsewhere it’s been piped down to the manifold as well. Our house was from the age where they didn’t insulate, and it was noticeable in the dead cold of winter and the insane heat of the summer. It’s a lot nicer now. It will be nicer when the bathroom is done though. Then they will start the renovations on the main floor bathroom though . . .

The current joke is our contractor is basically Eldin from “Murphy Brown.” He will be here for nine seasons working on this house :)

Kettle Bell Hell!

Bob Harper Kettle Bell Workout So with the new year I knew I had to start working on getting back into shape, losing weight, and monitoring the blood pressure. It’s still high, I’m on two medications, and they don’t seem to be lowering it enough. I go back to the doctors at the beginning of March where I expect to be put on new medication honestly.

I know I really need to just monitor what I eat and exorcise more regularly. That will probably help more than the medicine, and even the doctor said that was the best thing I could do at my age. I went back to using an app on my phone to make a food journal so I can be more aware not only of calories, but salt/sodium. Plus it’s just a good way to know what I shouldn’t be eating to help me lose a few pounds too.

So it had been a while since I had been to the gym regularly. We are talking since before Christmas. So I plunged back in and took the worst class I could have, a kettle bell class. Oh lordy! To the left is Bob Harper (“The Biggest Loser”) doing it. They make it look so easy! I took it on a Friday, I was not able to actually walk up and down stairs, bend over, and generally sit without pain until Thursday. The weekend was particularly bad, I just wanted my legs cut off. I did NOT go back this past week, mainly because John and I had day-after-Valentine’s Day-plans. If I go back this week I will demand a lighter, easy, beginner weight and not the heavy thing the trainer stuck me with because he thought I could handle it.

In other news, the brakes on our car went out. Fortunately I didn’t get too far in the car, or had gone too fast, before realizing it. They weren’t all gone, but the pedal was to the floor and it still was slow to react. My heart did jump though when it seemed the car wasn’t stopping. We got that taken care of quickly today. The car was just serviced two weeks ago too… It’s definitely time to look for a new car after this fiasco.

Birthdays, Gardens, Health and More . . .

So yet another year passed, and I forgot poor Princess’ birthday again! She just turned 8 years young on July 12th. I originally thought it was the 8th, looked it up and found out it was the 12th. Then by the 14th I remembered I had forgotten it! She was of course devastated . . . . okay not really. I need to put this in my iPhone calendar with an alarm set though, along with Nikko, who is in October.

My garden hasn’t been doing so hot this year. I don’t know what’s going on. I guess I had a few good years, now I’m do for a bad one. I put three tomatoes in topsy turvies, two in pots, and one pepper plant in a pot. The one tomato plant in the topsy turvy that I thought wouldn’t amount to much is now doing the best of the three, while the other two seem to be hanging on. I think the heat has been a little too much, and those two get the most sun out of all the plants because of where they are.

Then I had a vermin problem. The groundhogs are back! They devoured half of the best tomato plant that I put in a pot. It has come back, but it probably would have been twice the size it is now. I have since put my halloween zombies out, attached tin foil pans to the tomato ladders to make noise, and have been spraying my plants with various internet remedies to keep the buggers away. So far so good . . . but I just for the first time in a long time saw a groundhog today. Grrrrr!

I have not even touched the two rooms in the house that I said I’d start packing up. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I won’t get to them until the fall at this point. I have a lot of stuff going on. I have taken on a few projects, which are right now only in the planning stages. Nothing huge yet, but come fall it will become some added work for me. Of course it pays nothing right now, the hope is for a future payoff from them and a better job for me in the long run. I’ll discuss all these is a future blog at some point. Hey I gotta keep something to blog about since I have so little to blog about as of late!

I have been keeping up with my diet and fitness regime, and am down about ten pounds! I’ve been doing a lot of classes at my gym in the evenings: Zumba, Step, Boot Camp and Body Blast. This has become all the more important as of late, as it turns out I have high blood pressure. I probably have for years now honestly, but it’s just slowly gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I think this probably explains why I’ve felt so run down and blah for awhile now, as well as the increase in my headaches. I just thought it was the result of stress and the long commutes to and from work. I am now on medication, and it’s wait and see if it works. I am actually waiting for my doctor to return my call as I write this, as I was supposed to check in with her as to how it’s going. So far it’s down slightly, but it’s still high. Boo! Then I have another appointment at the end of the month to review everything and decide whether to try something else or change dosages. Fun fun! John is also being the food police. Actually no he’s just being a brat, telling me how all I’ll be able to eat on the cruises from now on are the bland spa selected meals on the menu.

Getting Back Into Shape . . . .

So I’m once again working to get back in shape . . . This is NOT however a New Years Resolution! I don’t do those, they never work. I wanted to get back in shape and lose some weight last year before the cruise . . . it just never happened.

Before we went on our cruise I ended up joining a new gym. My old one, Bally’s, got bought out by LA Fitness. I wasn’t that impressed, toured some other gyms, and found a local one I really like. It also came with some introductory private training! Most gyms, when you join them, do offer this. I just never did in these in the past . . . . I decided to take the plunge this time.

Well while we were on our cruise, it once again became apparent how out of shape I’ve gotten. We went to a beach one day, and I decided to swim out to one of those floating giant trampolines they had. Then I remembered why I dislike snorkeling . . . I can’t swim that well anymore because I’m so out of shape. On the way back to the beach I seriously began to wonder if I was going to make it. I did, of course. I did not want to be that person that had to be rescued by the lifeguards . . . that was for sure!

So we are taking advantage of those private training sessions, and if they go well maybe I’ll sign up for even more. I already had my first two (of four) and I have to say . . . holy hell did he kick my ass! After the first I was sore all weekend long. I hope after today’s I’ll be a little better. I’m also gunna start swimming too, so that next year I don’t have visions of having to be saved by a lifeguard . . . . unless of course Jake Gyllenhaal or Hugh Jackman is working that day 😉

Okay Spring Can Come Now!

Okay as much as I love me some snow, I’m over this cold. I have moved on, and I want to get outside and start yard work and gardening again! The weeds have not yet returned, but that’s because it’s still cold. I need to make sure they don’t come back. I’ve started spraying weed killer because that warm spell we had a week or so ago caused things to begin turning up.

The winter knocked a bunch of branches down all over the place, which need to be picked up. Actually some are so large they need to be cut up first. I don’t know where I’ll put these things. My compost pile from last year did decompose some over the winter, but not enough. It’s probably going to get built up as big as it was before! Oh and it would seem something is living in it too . . . .

I never did get to the back side of our house last summer, so it’s still covered in ivy and all sorts of tree saplings are growing where they aren’t wanted. That will probably be this summers challenge.

I am totally going to grow topsy turvey tomatoes again, and I think I’ll add in peppers this year. I was not in love with the eggplant last year. I don’t like it THAT much and I still have some in my freezer (which I guess I should toss).

I think I’m going to plant a bunch of sunflowers in the garden area this year, they were pretty last year. As for out front, I’m being easy . . . I’m just going to get some pre-planted hanging baskets to put up!

Oh and another reason I’m ready for spring . . . grilling! I am ready to BBQ again and try some new recipes out on my grill. I also just bought a small smoker as well, so that should be fun.

SPRING! Get here NOW!

My S2H Came!

So my S2H came today. Yay! Unfortunately I was a bit under the weather, so I haven’t been able to fully try it out.

It was very easy to set up. Putting it on is easy, but the little computer thingy that keeps track of your workout is basically just sitting snuggly inside the rubber/elastic band you wear. Therefore when putting it on and taking it off, it has a tendency to slip out somewhat. You’ll want to be careful to make sure you don’t drop it (then do something bad like step on it!).

In contrast to what I originally posted, from assumptions, it doesn’t work based on your pulse rate. At $20 bucks I guess that was not gunna be feasible :) It basically has a motion sensor. However you really need to be shaking it or moving around to activate it. Simple walking won’t do. Power walking, swinging your arms a lot, will however make it work. So yes you can use it for walking! To make sure people don’t cheat though by just randomly shake it through the day, you have to do three minutes of continuous movement of the thing to get a credit bar to fill up.

More thoughts as I begin to use it!

S2H Replay! Free Crap For Working Out? Yes Please!

I have all these posts in my head I want to write, I just need to find the time to sit down and do them. Some are on some things I’ve received as gifts, or bought myself, that I wanted to share because I think they are really neat. One I just bought, after seeing a report about it on TV, is the S2H Replay Watch.

The S2H Replay Watch, which costs a whole $20 bucks, really isn’t a watch per say. Though the website for it does say it tells time. You wear it while your working out and it tracks your cardio time, via your pulse I guess. Every time you reach 60 minutes of cardio, the watch gives you a code. You input the code into the website and it turns into points. You wrack up points and exchange them for gift cards or other prizes.

So wait, I can get free shit for working out basically? Sounds like a win to me! At $20 bucks, I figured it was worth a try. You can order them through their website or I ordered mine last week and just got the email today that it shipped (so if you order one be patient). I’m very excited. I have finally been getting back to the gym, and I think this will just motivate me to keep it up and even go more. I just hope it works. I shall keep you posted!

P.S. If your not into cardio, they are working on a pedometer that is coming soon.

Superbowl Sunday . . . . Which Means GLEE!

It’s Superbowl Sunday! In fact the Superbowl is on right now as I write this . . . though not in our house. We could careless :) The only thing Superbowl Sunday means in this house is that “Glee” is back right after the game. Woohoo! Time to get our “Thriller” on.

Let’s see, what to blog about? I’m trying to be good about my diet and fitness again. I’m down two pounds, and I’m finally back at the gym. I actually just started back today after 2+ weeks of not going because of that nasty cold I caught right after the cruise. I’m sure though it helped with those 2 pounds, but I fortunately got off the ship weighing about the same as I got on. Amazing I know!

The snow is FINALLY starting to melt. I can now walk the dogs further than 10 feet from the house. Our driveway had been a giant sheet of ice all week. NOT fun, especially with two little dogs who think they are sled dogs pulling me their master. No mush, stop! I almost fell far too many times this week.

However as our current snow melts, it looks like we may be blessed with more this week. They are calling for a Nor’Eastern at the end of this week, and should it hit land and not go out to sea, we might be in big trouble. These are the storms which resulted in the 2 foot blizzards we had last winter. Who am I kidding, I still love the snow, so bring it on. The doggies love the snow too :)

If you haven’t checked out my Tumblr blog, it’s linked to the left in the side bar right under the Blogs header – which comes after the photo of moi. I’m having a lot of fun with it, but it’s mostly just photos I post from my phone. Still, I’m loving it. I’m also still trying to find a theme for it I like, so don’t be surprised if it changes style a lot.

I’m still on the fence about Twitter. I actually did get my first Twitter name back finally. I can integrate it both into the Tumblr blog as well as the side bar here like I used to. I just haven’t bit the bullet and jumped back in. I’m still trying to be good, not wanting it to take over my life again like it did :)

Happy New Year!

So the Christmas from hell has come and gone. If I’m to celebrate Christmas next year there will have to be changes. #1 is that John will be coming down to Virginia with me on Christmas Eve to spend Christmas with my family. In 9 (or coming up on 9, I’m too tired to count) years we have never done a Christmas together. I have always gone home to Virginia, he has always had to go to his sisters and take his mother. However every year it becomes more and more of a “have to” rather than a “want to” for him . . . and I hear about it! Each year he seems to become more and more irritated that he’s stuck with his sister’s husband’s family . . . who mind you wouldn’t welcome me should I choose to stay here . . . which is why I don’t. After he became Scrooge and Marley incarnate this year, I told him he had a whole year to tell his sister and mother he was not coming next year, and they had a whole year to figure out who would drive his mom to his sister’s house. I am serious too . . . why the hell do you want to be unhappy on Christmas? It SUCKS!

Gift wise, I did have a good Christmas. But as any good Xtian will tell you, gifts are not what this holiday is about . . . . (then again they also go postal if the clerks at the stores they spend money at for gifts wish them “Happy Holidays”). But I digress, you can clearly get awesome gifts but still have Jesusmas spoiled. As I was asked in my shoutbox, I got some good loot :) I got a keyboard for my iPad, which now replaces my laptop for traveling. I got some good games (okay 2 I bought for myself). John got me this fun mini-cupcake maker, oh and he bought us this giant ass HD LCD TV! We have both been in awe over it . . . . I think him more than me thanks to “Twilight” movies airing this weekend.

For New Years all the plans were insane this year. Didn’t know who was doing what, who wanted to come over, who wanted to go where. It ended up a last minute thing and in the end myself, John and my friend Kaitlyn just went to Holihans for dinner then watched Ryan SeaCrap and other stuff at home. The fact that John’s brother just TOLD US he was coming down New Years Eve also put a crimp in plans, cause that was a bedroom taken up that could have gone to friends. I’ll just shut my mouth on this issue . . . .

We now fly out to Florida in a week for our cruise, which I am so not prepared for at all. I have so much work to do this week it’s not funny, and I know it’s not all getting done. I’m used to having to work on vacation at this point, I’ve done it every year as is. It will just be finding the time to sneak off to the library or something to work :)

I am also not to happy that I’m going on vacation big as a house! I never lost the weight I had hoped to, and I while a lot of that is because of too much fast crap food, I’m sure stress had a lot to do with it too. My commuting schedule this fall was just too much, and I’m glad I told University M that I could not work there in the spring. Nothing against them, I just had too much I was supposed to do and I didn’t realize how much time it would suck up. I am going back next fall, when I’m scheduled to teach 4 classes between University R and M. I’m probably going to be a nutcase then too, but it’s along ways away :) Well really not that long . . . . Ack!

Happy New Year . . . . 2012 will be here before we know it . . . .