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Mattel-hoverboard-Back-To-The-Future So it’s a new year, how time flies. While 2014 wasn’t the worst year in recent memory, it wasn’t the best. We lost Moo Kitty and Galahad last year, and Bunny Poo Poo needed an expensive operation. He’s at least okay now.

Christmas was good and bad. It turned out the cold I couldn’t shake developed into pneumonia. Fun! While at the urgent care to get treated John picked up the flu virus. Thankfully we both got good drugs and are recovered just in time for our vacation. We are headed out on our cruise soon, so as usual watch my Instagram and my Tumblr blog for photo updates. We are going on the newest Royal Caribbean ship The Quantum of the Seas.

Finally some house renovations inside are going on. Work is starting on our bathroom renovations, even though I wanted to hold on that until it was a tad warmer. We are looking into finally possibly putting a small bathroom in upstairs and then later expanding our main floor bathroom. Yes we are moving on up, a two bathroom house! Mind you this house was constructed in 1914 when one bathroom was a bonus.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for some more fun updates!

Oh yeah . . . it’s 2015, so where’s my damn hoverboard?

Bunny Poo Poo Has Issues

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 6.52.36 PM So Little Bunny Poo Poo has been the latest victim of our bad pet karma this year :( Since last summer he’s had bouts with GI stasis. This is when a rabbit’s gastrointestinal track gets messed up and they stop pooping and eating. Rabbits always have to eat, otherwise bad stuff happens. He went through another recently, but this one was worse than ever. He also started having pee pee issues. After many expensive tests, it turned out he had a bladder stone the size of a marble. No joke, I saw it on the x-ray. It wasn’t going to solve itself, and medicine wouldn’t help either. It was surgery or permanent sleep. He’s only five years old and rabbits, believe it or not, can live to bet ten years and older. So we opted for the very expensive surgery.

The first few days after I wondered what in the hell I had done to this poor thing. He was clearly not happy. AT ALL. He was a vegetable that just sat there. The vet never told me it would be better to put him down, so I began to think I made the wrong choice. Fortunately around day three he showed improvement. He’s still not 100% better mind you. He still is having damn poop issues. But he’s also on three medications twice a daily, and I’m still force feeding him even though he’s been eating very well on his own. I hope within the next week he’ll be fully back to himself, because let me tell you the corner where his cage is is stinky no matter how many times a day I clean it!

Meanwhile it seems our bad pet karma has ended up with my mom. She had to put down one of her cats this weekend. No more animals are allowed to get sick or die for several years at this point! I have decried it.

Ebbie It Is!

I finally named the pup, and Ebbie won out in the end. She and Princess are getting a long great, as long as she doesn’t get too close when Princess is eating something. However they play with one another a lot. Even the cats don’t seem to have a problem with her. Nikko however, is slow to warm up to her. She tries to play with him, but he growls at her. This morning he snapped at her and Princess charged Nikko and they started fighting! I had to yell and pull Princess off him. I’ve never seen them fight like that! She seems very protective of the pup, and she keeps Nikko in his place.





The bunny meanwhile finally seems to be on the mend. No more nasty force feedings every few hours. He still needs to lose weight, but that will be a process over time.

I’m heading to Virginia for about a week to see family. I’m hoping Nikko will learn to play with Ebbie when they are all racing around in my mom’s backyard. I’ll be sure to take lots of photos of them all.

Almost Here!

IMG_3141[1] So only a week left till the new baby comes home! We are so excited, but a name still hasn’t been decided on. I’m hoping when we get her home something will just feel right.

The bunny finally seems to be on the mend. I spent the last two weeks taking him into the vet every other day for fluids via an IV and then pumping him full of green goop. I finally had to get him a new cage cause the old one was toast. I am hoping he will be back to normal by time the new pup gets here this Friday. Otherwise I’ll just be running around ragged dealing with them both.

My garden is doing well. Lots of big bushes with green peppers and tomatoes, now if they’d just turn red. My flower beds have also managed to stay, for the most part, rodent free. One of the chipmunks is digging there, but hasn’t munched on the plants. I may have finally chased off groundhog, as I haven’t seen him in ages. I kept dumping my old coals from my grill down his hole. However we do have a rabbit and what may be a big ole rat that have moved into his hole. I saw something grey with a long tail rush down it today. It could be a small opossum too. Ick! They all need to go.

Finally we have since the 4th finally had 3 nice days of sun and heat. The heat kinda sucks, but so far we have not had any rain. We had almost two weeks of just rain rain and more rain. The ground is so wet that it can’t take anymore water at this point. Our entire driveway is invested with weeds because of it, and I gave up trying to spray them to kill them until the rain stopped. I think our nice weather streak may be ending this week with, you guessed it, more rain!

Bad Pet Karma

b539404aa0b881e35799958f209b5278 My pet karma has been pretty negative lately. In March/April it was the cat, in May it was Princess, and now in June it’s the bunny. When the new pup comes next month I’m hoping it will break the cycle!

Little Bunny Poo Poo has developed what’s known as GI Stasis. It’s the number one killer of rabbits and tends to go undetected until too late. Basically their natural GI system gets screwed up, they stop eating and drinking, and then they die. I googled on the first signs something was wrong and got him to the vet in time. He goes in daily for an IV for the next few days, is on medication, and I have to force feed him green goop several times a day. For a bunny that doesn’t like to be picked up and held, it’s not been fun!

Needless to say, Bunny is not very happy with me right now. He has however gotten used to being manhandled. I might be able to get him out of his cage and let him run around after all is said and done. He does seem to be on the mend, and I think it’s the pain meds I just got from the vet that are doing the most good for him.

Yet Another Manic Monday!

So I’m typing this on this handy dandy Mac app called MacJournal. It is a diary/journal app, but with the ability to post them to blogs. We’ll see how well it works, especially since I’ve attached some photos and resized them.

I can also apparently download ALL my previous blog entries into it. We haven’t tried that yet, we wanted to see if posting went okay first. If it works though, it will be a handy way to have a solid back-up of the blog in a format other than the MySQL database wordpress stores them in.

The weather lately has been wonderful. I just hope the nasty rain and cold stay away :) Well obviously we need rain, but not days of flooding rain! In spite of the lovely weather, I spent most of the weekend with a migraine. I know where it came from, I volunteered to do some manual labor in the sun on Friday at school. The next day . . . migraine! Aside from feeling crappy, I am now behind on work. Story of my life lately!

Speaking of school, I am teaching in the fall and next spring most likely. I was told the prospects of keeping me around look fairly good right now. Fingers crossed! I have my conference at the end of this month, and am entertaining submitting an abstract to another local conference that happens in May. Fortunately I can and will use the same paper, with some minor tweaking :) The dissertation will finally be finished and defended this summer. It’s dragged on long enough, and by fall I expect to be working a lot and it just needs to be done.

In a little over a month I head out to visit my friend Heidi. Unfortunately we have become a fat-ass! I was shocked and horrified when I stepped on the scale this morning. I have not been exercising enough lately with working so much, and I’ve been drinking too many non-diet cokes for caffeine boosts at work, as well as grabbing too much fast food cause it’s quick and easy. None of this is good considering we are doing some water parks. Me in a bathing suit like this? GASP! It’s diet time again and I now have to be serious. I also picked up a copy of EA More Active, the sequel their personal training Wii game. I liked the original well enough, aside from the fact it was such a lunge nazi. Lunge lunge lunge! I got sick of always lunging. I’m hoping the sequel is better, I’ll give it a go tomorrow morning to see if it revs me up.

The doggies have also been getting their exercise as of late. I’ve been taking them to the enclosed field next to us to run around sans leashes and play Frisbee. They get pooped out pretty quick though. They are as out of shape as I am :) Enjoy some photos I took of them today, as well as one of Little Bunny Poo Poo, who is now a little over a year old.

wpid-IMG_1145.LYbQAiEfrxk5.jpg wpid-IMG_1144.pj14RbnsjaT2.jpgwpid-IMG_1136.GYkl6m3EeGwC.jpg wpid-IMG_1142.6IshUyESEc8C.jpg

Back in Joisey

Drove back to my Jersey home today. Just some random ramblings here :)

  • The house shockingly isn’t a total disaster.
  • The bunny had no water and almost no food left (John claims he had both last night).
  • Percy had no wet food, so I had to go buy him some.
  • I also had to get dry food and litter, which they were out of.
  • Scrubbed cat puke out of the bedroom carpet.
  • Picked up cat puke from the dungeon basement (this was old cat puke that John just ignores).
  • Cleaned cat pans (so gross!).
  • Washed silverware in the sink (I left it with no dirty dishes).
  • Filled the feng shui fountain which was bone dry.
  • Dumped the pet food water and refilled it (the cats knocked a food dish into it, it was gross).

Anyways, I am getting ready for the “Harper’s Island” finale now :)

Little Bunny Poo Poo

Just posting a quick photo of the bunny.

A Bunny For Easter!

So if you haven’t noticed by the “bunny cam” that’s been running the past few days on the blog, yeah we adopted one of the baby bunnies from the farm. We think it’s a girl, we aren’t sure. It’s hard to tell until they are old enough to see balls or not basically :)

The first day or two the cats and dogs were very interested in it. Now nobody really cares except for Grim, who likes watching it and often sleeps by the cage. Princess and Nikko only take interest when someone else takes an interest in the bunny instead of them. Princess treats it like one of the other cats, she just licks it all over and sniffs its bunny-butt.

John, Princess, The Bunny

I bought two small room hepafilters for the house. One I put by John’s PC area, as it’s a haven for cat hair. They all sleep there and sit in the window. I’m hoping it helps with the dust over there. The other, for now, I stuck by the rabbit cage. I thought if there is a smell, which there isn’t so far, it will help. It will also help with any dust from the hay. There hasn’t been much of that either.

So far the only down side is the cheap-o cage I bought. Not knowing how this would work out, I was not about to invest in a large fancy cage with perks. I got a simple starter cage. I got the kind where the poopies fall through to a tray below, because it’s supposed to be more sanitary than the ones where they sit in the litter/bedding. Unfortunately there is one perk to those kinds, they have a well/sides to the cage to hold the litter in. This one has no side guards whatsoever, so the rabbit has a habit of knocking food or hay out the sides. I’ve minimized that for the most part. However the bigger problem is that it pees out the side of the cage! I’ve limited it to one area where I have some paper towels down to at least catch it. I bought the thing a litter pan, you are supposed to be able train them to use them. So far it doesn’t get it. It’s probably to young to understand.

I’ve already found a better and bigger cage I’ll probably get for it. It not only has the grate for cleanliness, but side guards as well. The cage I have now I can turn into an outdoor pen for it. You’re supposed to give them fresh air often. If I remove the bottom tray it can sit over grass, which will come through into the cage via the bottom grate. That way it can have fresh munchies. Plus with the floor grate, it can’t dig it’s way out of the cage and run off.

The bunny really is sweet. The first two days it was a timid little thing, constantly hiding in the house I got for it. Now however it’s not afraid anymore and will come over to check you out when you approach the cage. It lets you pet it too. The mother is exceptionally sweet and nice, so maybe it has friendly genes. Actually I’d love for it to turn out like the mommy. To be honest I would like to kidnap her :) She’s nicer than most of the cats!

As for a name, it doesn’t really have one yet. I considered Pieces, which was a play on P.C. for Peter Cottontail. For now I am just calling it Little Bunny Foo Foo. Yes, I realize half of America probably names their rabbit that. Did half of America also play Little Bunny Foo Foo in their school play? Probably not, but I did :) Therefore I own the name!