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Pricilla Take Two!

So last night was “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” the national Broadway tour. I had seen the show with the OBC (Original Broadway Cast) in it’s very brief initial run in New York. When it closed I bought tickets for the national tour when it was scheduled to hit Philly. Yes the show was that fun! The movie is of course awesome too!

The seats we had, while weren’t ideal and what I initially bought, were not as bad as I had feared. Oh wait, they weren’t as bad since the seats around us hadn’t been sold and we could shift seats! As the one who had seen the show, I told my friends I’d take the worst seat if need be. I was told by the scamming ticket agent devil “all seats had a full view of the stage . . . ”


Really bitch? I took photos . . . Does this look like an unobstructed full stage view? NO I DON’T THINK SO! Like I said I’m glad the seats near us hadn’t sold . . .

Needless to say if I don’t get my promissed refund . . . I not be retracting my credit card dispute, but I will also be making a blog post about these companies with their urls and names! Oh hell, even if I get the refund . . . the minute I do it’s coming! I just want my money right now, then I’ll make sure through Google search engines everyone else knows what fucktards these people are :)

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 9.22.34 PM

Even though it wasn’t the OBC, which you never get with a tour, the one plus of the show was Mr. Wade McCollum . . . he played the lead in the show. He was a yummy delight. When he took off his shirt I yelled “Oh Dayum!” to my friend Laura! He was ripped like no other. So I immediatly googled him only to learn he had also performed as Hedwig (above) in a tour. . . Yes please!

The best scene of the movie, and the show, is probably Cynthia doing her ping pong ball scene . . . here is a youtube version of the OBC in rehersals doing it . . . .

Ticket Hell!

My luck with show tickets latest has been 0 for 2! Seriously the next time I even think about buying tickets for some kind of show or concert, I will remember this past month and think twice. I have never had such problems before to be honest. WTH !?!?!

About two weeks ago we were supposed to go see Lady Gaga in concert. Well as you may have heard, due to an injury, she had to cancel all upcoming performances. I got a refund on my tickets, minus all those service fees they love to tack on. Why is there a service fee for me to print my own tickets off at home? What the hell is that about? Frankly I don’t see how it’s legal for a venue to make money off a concert that never happened. Said venue then sold new tickets to a screening of a Lady Gaga concert on tape they were showing the same nights on their big screen in place of the concert . . . SHADY!

Tonight we were supposed to go see “Pricilla Queen of the Desert” in Philly. Hopefully we still are! But again, more ticket drama! Part of this was my own doing. I always consider myself a careful buyer of things online and don’t use shady sellers. Well it seems I thought I was buying tickets through the actual venue, when in fact it was a cleverly crafted fake front site who used multiple ticket brokers. I bought tickets at one price level, only to get a call this morning with this very lame excuse that something was wrong with my initial tickets (which I got in the mail) and they had to re-issue them. Because it was so late, they emailed them to me, and again it was all these excuses that “They were sorry” and “The vendor just contacted them about the ticket problems this morning.” Shocker . . . the new tickets were at a much reduced price level and crummy seats! Call after call, nothing could be done, “so sorry, this was the events doing not ours.” Yeah right! I talked to the actual place putting on the show, which is where I learned I had not actually bought it through them, and they said this happens with these companies, and I should dispute the charges with my credit card company as they couldn’t do anything. So I put in a dispute with my credit card.

However as the day went on, this whole thing smelled of a scam. I grew more and more angry . . . how do you issue me tickets then have to reissue them? It sounds to me like they sold my original tickets to someone else for MORE money and stiffed me! I made a lot of calls, the scam got deeper. Multiple companies seemed to be involved. I finally am supposedly getting SOME of my money refunded. I wanted it all back, as the show is NOT sold out and I probably could have gotten better tickets AND at a cheaper price. Actually I KNOW I can. However at this point, the initial tickets were bought so long ago, and my bank said they would attempt to get a refund but it wasn’t guaranteed. This company got their money long ago as is. I basically had to cut my losses and get whatever money back I could and hope the tickets they gave me work. Oh I have not cancelled the dispute with my credit card and them mind you, so if the tickets aren’t good, or I don’t get the exact amount refunded back I was promised (not enough in my opinion mind you) then I will still go through with it. I don’t know how these companies get away with this either. I plan to also follow up with a better business bureau filing as well.

Lesson learned, a hard lesson, and one I thought I was careful enough not to get duped by in the first place!

Oh Yes . . . It

Given I know people are busy this time of year, I’m posting this a bit early. One year I did it early, one year I did it later. However I know you bitches (said with lurve, please let’s not relive the “Lifetime” joke drama!) are expecting this from me again. I have been posting it for a few years now, and this time I think I’ve out done myself with what I’ve found for you. It’s almost brand spanking new, added this very month! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see posts from 2008 and 2007.

BTW, if you didn’t know, the musical “Promises Promises” which this number comes from (based on the move “The Apartment”) is going to have a Broadway reprisal next year. It’s going to star THE Miss Kristen Chenowith (Glee, Wicked) and THE Mr. Jack McFarland (WIll and Grace)! Oh yes, I will be there!

BTW, next year perhaps I’ll learn this dance and do it for you. How about that? I know you bitches wanna see that!


This one follows up on the Christian Bale video I posted a few days ago. OMG! I almost peed my pants watching this one. I was telling my friend Emily tonight about the youtube/audio clip of diva extraordinaire Patti Lupone freaking out during a recent performance of “Gypsie” because an audience member was taking photos. You can find a 3 minute tirade here. However above is the hilarious dance remix!

Some For Uncle Joe . . .

It’s the holidays, and while it’s no longer Turkey Day, it’s still okay to play this video. This damn song gets stuck in my head every time this year. Oh yes, it’s “Turkey Lurkey” time again!

Last year I did a post about this number from the musical “Promises Promises” which you can read here. I first discovered this number from the movie “Camp.”

This year I found yet another classic rendition of it online, which I present to you now. This song and the dance moves will now be stuck in your head, enjoy!

BTW, what the hell is that little tiny stuffed creature in the background? Be on the lookout for him. He’s scary, and I’m sure kills people while they sleep!

I <3 Kristin!

Very bad language ahead. Well mildly offensive. Broadway music for sure, so don’t play this at work!

I love Kristin. I dream of the day she and Edina do a revival of “Wicked” so I can go see them again.

See more Kristin Chenoweth videos at Funny or Die

The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow

Grrr, yesterday was a day of contemplation on many fronts for me. Mixed with good news, surprises and news I wasn’t exactly overjoyed to get.

First the bad news. The class I was to TA for this fall got cancelled due to under-enrollment. I had a bad feeling something was up, I hadn’t heard a peep about the class and it was to begin in 2 weeks. I’m not sure exactly how I feel. Part of me is a bit relieved, I have more time to work on the dissertation and get it done this fall. The other part of me knows having that paycheck coming in would have been nice too, especially in this economy! I also turned down teaching my own class, mainly for the reason I didn’t go there in the first place, too much work when I’m trying to finish the dissertation. I know I’d get distracted preparing lectures, and that’s the last thing I need right now. The other two teaching opportunities are still out there, giving thought to them still.

Thank heavens for my obsession with “Singstar” on PS3, which is about to get renewed. After what seems like 4 weeks of no updates, a huge one comes this Friday. We are talking Britney, Jesus Jones, Twisted Sister, Men At Work and more. Oh yes, bring on the songs, I will need to cut loose like “Footloose.”

Speaking of singing, “Mamma Mia” is about to get re-released on Labor Day weekend with full lyrics in a “Sing-A-Long” version. Oh yes, you know you want to get out there and enjoy some Abba all over again. I so plan on going.

Finally, Marget Cho is bringing her “Beautiful” tour to Philly finally. I saw this earlier in the summer with my mom. The BF jumped for joy when the commercial came on and said I had to get tickets. Well I did, 5th row even, but because of the date he doesn’t know if he can go because of work. Grrrrr! I have a few back-ups in mind who would probably take the extra ticket.

Mamma Mia: Big Cheesy Fun

So just got back from “Mamma Mia.” I enjoyed it, and if you’ve seen the Broadway show and liked it, then I think you’ll like the movie. If you’ve never seen the show . . . . well . . . . I don’t know. Three women were sitting next to me who loved Abba but hadn’t seen it and they liked it. Whether you like it will depend on three things I think. I think you need to 1) really like Abba 2) accept that this movie is going to be cheesy (as in so far over the top cheesy) on purpose and 3) accept that they cast Pierce Brosnan for looks and appeal to a certain age of woman and clearly not his ability to sing (which he can’t, at all, even though he tried, really hard).

The storyline from the show is all there. I won’t give anything away, though honestly it’s pretty much given away in the trailers really. That’s about it, a wedding and three possible dads. There are some twists along the way. I really like what they did with Collin’s character in the movie, and the audience also thought it was hilarious.

The audience seemed to like it over all. There was clapping, laughter and singing. One girl started dancing during the credits, I think trying to get others to join her.

Because a lot of people found my old “Mamma Mia” post through Googling what had been changed, here is a list of things I can recall . . . .

“Knowing Me, Knowing You” and “Under Attack” are both gone. “Name Of The Game” will appear on the DVD as an extra. This was a last minute edit, it apparently appeared in previews last month in San Francisco. “Thank You For The Music” runs during the closing credits and is not in the show. “I Do, I Do, I Do,” while not on the soundtrack, is in there. So is “Chiquita,” which is one of the best numbers of the whole film.

Added in was the song “When All Is Said And Done.” However unlike on the soundtrack where it’s a duet, it’s basically just Pierce singing it in the movie.

“Take A Chance On Me” is moved around from when it appears in the show. Rather than happening right before the wedding (the characters are setting chairs) it happens at the celebration dinner for Donna and Sam (which isn’t in the show). This I thought was a good move mainly because they needed something big and well known to sorta close the movie out (I always thought “I Do, I Do, I Do” wasn’t the strongest thing to basically go out on).

“Gimme Gimme Gimme” seemed to have been truncated a bit in the movie I thought to allow for too much talking between the characters of Sophie and Sam.

Oh and yes, the encores of “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo” are there EXACTLY as they are in the show. I won’t say anymore because this is the funny treat of the film/show if you’ve never seen it.

Mamma Mia Fever

To say that I’m excited about the “Mamma Mia” movie is a bit of an understatement. I am counting the days till it comes out! I think I’ve seen the show 3 (4?) times, including once in the great white north of “Oh Canada.” This is a movie I expect to see multiple times before the summer is over, so if it blows I’ll honestly be crushed.

The soundtrack for the movie came out today, the first really good sneak peak to the movie and how it might turn out. Based on the soundtrack I’d say it *should* be a good movie. Some quick thoughts as I’ve just listened to it (I got it off iTunes in the wee morning hours).

First, thank heavens Meryl Streep can sing. No she’s no Broadway diva, but she can carry a tune. Given her part of Donna is the lead, that’s a good thing as Martha might say.

Christine Baranski absolutely rocks on “Does Your Mother Know” and as usual, I expect her to be a scene stealer in this movie.

Amanda Seyfried plays the daughter Sophie. Well she’s really good on “Gimme Gimme Gimme.” On some of her other songs she sounds like . . . I’m going to just say it. She sounds like Alvin’s girlfriend from “Alvin and the Chipmunks” (remember they had a rival band “The Chipettes” or whatever). Way overdone on the vibrato.

My favorite Abba song of all time is S.O.S. Unfortunately in every Broadway performance I’ve seen it always falls flat, usually thanks to the person playing Sam. Peirce Brosnan may be a sexy mofo, but like everyone else he just falls flat when it comes to this song. I’m an S.O.S snob, I just don’t like it as a duet I think. Based on the soundtrack, I wish Collin Firth had played Sam. Pierce obviously has more star power though.

My actual favorite number of the show “Under Attack” was dropped. Also dropped was “I Do I Do I Do,” a very early Abba song, but not one of their bigger hits. “One of Us” and “Chiquitita” are also gone, which are shocking as these were big hits. Obviously they had to trim, not sure how well this will go over. They have added in the lesser known Abba song “When All Is Said And Done.” This is one of the “Abba Break-Up Songs,” written about the two couples real life break-ups. It was their last chart topper in the U.S. Oddly enough the best known break-up song “Knowing Me Knowing You” was also dropped from the movie. What the hell! The only reason I can see they dropped it was because this was the one song Sam (Pierce’s character) did as a solo. The added “When All Is Said And Done” is a duet for Donna and Sam. On this song Pierce does sound okay though. I’m thinking a lot of Sam’s songs were dropped because of singing talent factors (“I Do” was another Sam-strong song.)

Disappointingly “Waterloo” is not on the soundtrack. This was featured as an encore in the show, as it isn’t the easiest thing to fit into the story based on the subject. Who knows what they’ll do for the movie. Perhaps it will roll as the credits do? I don’t know, but it was Abba’s first hit song which launched them to stardom and should really be there. Abba-fanatics will not like this missing.

All in all, a good soundtrack. The missing songs are a disappointment, hopefully the movie won’t be. “Lay All Your Love On Me” should be one hell of a number based on the soundtrack. It was always one of the big numbers in the show too.

A final note, according to Wikipedia, “Chiquitita,” “I Do I Do I Do” and “Waterloo” are in the movie. “Thank You For The Music” will run over the credits and not be in the movie. It was in the show as an actual number. “Name of the Game” supposedly was a last minute cut from the film, though it does appear on the soundtrack and will be a DVD extra.