Summer Cleaning! Since I Skipped Spring Cleaning

So the past few days I spent way too much time searching for things that I couldn’t figure out where they were. I have way to many drawers of “crap” where things could be. And the overflow of crap in cabinets and other places has hit epic levels. I’ve decided if I can clean out one drawer, or one pile of crap, or a portion of a closet every day, then by the end of the summer I will have made huge progress “de-hoarding” this house. Game on!

In other news, John has someone looking into house painters. The house needs to be repainted badly, and to do that also means removing the vines and other crap that’s grown up all over it. I’ve tried each summer to tackle this, but it’s totally out of hand now. Hopefully this means someone other than me will finally remove it all and keep it from coming back!

PS . . . John is way worse of a hoarder than I am, my issue is I just saved way to many computer parts and boxes and since most are now totally obsolete it’s pretty easy to toss them or take them to the place they need to go for recycling!

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