I admit it, I am a bad blogger. I am always falling behind with posts for numerous reasons, be it sickness, work or lack of ideas. My mom emails me asking how I’m doing, because I haven’t updated my blog and it’s the only way she can keep up with me!

I have for awhile thought about biting the bullet and going back to Twitter, because then I could at least have tweets in the side bar with small blurbs about what I’ve been up to.

At the same time, I’ve been acquiring all these really fun “sharing” apps for my phone, such as Instagram and Hipstamatic, which allow you to take fun and creative photos easily. I really wanted a way to link them to my blog, but they only work with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Sure there is a WordPress blogging platform for the phone I could use, but it is frustrating and always buggy.

So I finally bit the bullet and set up a Tumblr account. It’s free, and I had a domain name I never used that I could point at it. I’ve added the link to the side bar under the “Blogs” header. I JUST set it up, so the domain name may take awhile to point towards it and may or may not be working for everyone yet.

I will of course still use this as my main blog, for sharing actual real posts, when I sit down and write them. The Tumblr blog is mainly for updates on the go (would have been great while on vacation!) as well as photo sharing and iPhone apps. They aren’t meant to be full on blog posts, just fun shared things. Small fun updates between when I finally make updates here 🙂


One Response to “I’ll Tumble For Ya!”

Aravis Says:

I have dutifully added it to my feed reader.