Vacation 2011 Update #2

So I am typing this blog on a phone, so it’s a very quick update.

We get off the ship tomorrow. It went too fast, but at the same time I am ready to go home. I want to sleep in my bed and see the doggies. Also I have been plagued by a lot of migraines this time around. Something in the food or drink I think is triggering them, never had that happen before.

We visited St John and went to the beach there. I actually got in the water cause it was so clean. I have photos.

In St Marten we just went shopping. I stopped in a cute little catholic church, cause I love historic churches. A local crazy man was also there and proceeded to expose himself to me. I kid you not, in a church! Of that I don’t have photos, I was just too shocked to snap one.

Onboard I rocked Glee Karaoke for Wii and now have the high score for “Defying Gravity”. Heidi signed us up to do Karma Kameleon in real Karaoke. Now that I’ve done that, I never need to again. We were horrid!

I have had lots of relaxing massages. So the stress and tension is all gone, until next week when work starts again

Uploading photos is a bit difficult on the phone. So I’ll post a link to a webshots slideshow when I get home.

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