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New Years Eve Wrap Up

So New Years started out with a good inch or two of snow falling all morning, then by evening it was just miserably cold and at times pouring down rain. Fun! We ended up staying home as predicted, a friend came over, and we just kept it low-key with lots of movies.

On New Years Day John and I headed out to take in a movie. We finally went to see “Avatar.” All I can say is wow! This is a film you must see, must see on the big screen, and assuming it doesn’t make you ill see in 3D. We really wanted to see it on the IMAX, but those shows were all sold out.

I basically agree with comments almost everyone else has said. The story is not original and has been done before, as well as mimics history. It’s colonialism taken to the level of space/other planets, with greedy corporations looking to exploit the natural resources of the planet, not caring about the destruction they bring or indigenous life they kill in order to exploit the resource and doing so with the muscle of a bought army behind them. While the story is not original, and you will see every single “twist and turn” coming a mile away, even up to how the movie ends, it is just a really fun ride. It’s a beautiful film to watch and a marvel of technology. I predict it will also be used to market the Real3D technology line of HD TV’s set to be released late next year.

Now however, with the weekend over, we turn to making sure we have everything set for our trip. We leave for my mom’s on Wednesday, and assuming there are no snow and ice delays take off for Florida on Thursday . . . . where it’s apparently cold and freeze warnings are in effect . . . . At least it won’t be cold in the Caribbean . . . I hope!