Yesterday Was A Very Pukey Day . . . .

Well we didn’t have a good day yesterday unfortunately, but it ended well. Not only is it cold in Florida, it was wet and raining all day long. Surprise today is basically the same too. We’ve nixed Disney at this point in favor of Universal, as we bought 2 day tickets for it. With the weather we didn’t want to spend too much on parks if the weather was sucking and/or rides would be shut down. Not that there is too much we wanted to do at Disney really, we are fans of Universal more.

However the night before last we hung out with a friend of Keith’s down here. He ended coming back to our place where the drinks were poured, but Dustin didn’t have enough to eat that day unfortunately. Not a good combo! My head hurt a bit when I woke up, and I was actually okay up to the point we got in the big ass car and drive to Universal. Ironically the one thing, okay two things, that seem to make me motion sick are riding in big passenger busses or big SUV/Trucks. I don’t know why that is, as I can do coasters with no problem. So of course I was feeling a little car sick, but once out of the car was okay. Breathing in the cold crisp Florida air helped. Then we went on The Hulk. From there it was down hill. Oh we were not good when we got off, and with a half hour I was throwing up in the middle of the park for all the Japanese tourists to watch and film! Yeah, embarrassing!

We didn’t stay too long after that of course. I actually was feeling better, but the weather really turned to crap and it looks like it was about to hurricane or something, so we left. We napped for a few hours when we got home, then I met up with a local blogger here, Sorted Lives. We all went to dinner at the ever classy Olive Garden TM. Later the vacation gang watched a movie and went to bed.

Now we are up and going to give Universal another try. There should be no pukey issues from me, let’s just hope the weather holds out. It’s not looking great though! Hopefully there will be no lines so we can do everything we want quickly.

Oh PS, I give up on the Twitter Daily Digests. It’s clearly not working and I don’t have time to tinker around with it. I doubt I post more than 10 tweets a day, so my daily tweets will fit on the side bar for now.

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