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One Way Street This Is Not

So I got a little peeved last night and decided to make a blog about it of course! Unfortunately you now have to listen to me bitch and moan, but hell, you are used to it.

Basically, it’s been about 2 months since I have walked across the street or into said establishment. I’ve stuck my ground, even though I have to admit it’s starting to suck being stuck alone a lot of the time. I start teaching in January again, that will get me out. Also thankfully a friend moved back to Philly recently, and she’s always happy to have me come hang out, so it does get me out too. I’ve made other new friends as well, but seeing them isn’t always easy to coordinate, cause usually it involves nights out in Philly goofing off.

Anyways, when I ask how things/people are John continues to say things like “You could come over and find out” or how I’m letting a certain asshole win out and cut me off from people who care about me. Then last night it dawned on me . . . . I’m 50 feet across the street, not 50 miles away. The street is not a one way street, it goes two ways. If people were so concerned about me, or missed me so, they can “come and knock on my doooooor!”

However so far only one lady has come over to check on me, which was awhile ago, and then she got ill and hasn’t been working as much lately. She also sent me a birthday card, she rocks. Another messaged me that it sucks I don’t come over and asked for my cell, suggesting she would come over and walk the dogs with me some morning. Another I know, and maybe this is an issue for some, feels weird about coming over as this is the boss’ house.

Now I also know a lot of the employees can’t come over while working. But again, before or after work to say hi? Just knock on the door and see what’s up. Hasn’t really happened. So basically I’m left feeling for many I was the guy they were nice to cause I was sleeping with the boss. I am the guy who offered free website work. That makes me feel kinda shitty to be honest.

Next time John mentions how I need to come over, people miss me, blah blah blah. I’m gunna say hey this is a two way street here, but frankly for way too many years it’s been a one way street. If I ever feel like I’m gunna cave and cross the street, I’ll remember how many people have crossed it to see me.

Paranormal Activity Review

Paranormal Activity Poster So it’s that time of year, time for some scary movie reviews and recommendations. I just got back from seeing the much hyped, the over hyped, “Paranormal Activity.” How to describe this movie . . . . I know! Hey, did you ever see “The Blair Witch Project?” If you answered yes, then you’ve also seen “Paranormal Activity!”

This movie I felt was a copy of “Blair Witch” even down to the marketing. Back when “Blair Witch” came out it was an indie film, no money behind it, no big studios were banking on it. They marketed it through a very clever website that made the movie seem real, authentic, as if it was a real documentary you were going to see. With “Paranormal Activity” a similar approach was taken. It was first shown in a handful of obscure out of the way theaters. A twitter campaign was launched to spread word and demand it in your city. It was expanded in a limited run in the top 15 cities. Finally now it’s opening more widely. With that much hype being put into it, I went in thinking it probably wasn’t going to be great.

Was it great? Well I have to say if there was never a “Blair Witch” then it probably would have been. However there was, and this just felt like a direct copy. Instead of three kids with a hand held camera going out into the woods to track down a local legend, a couple uses a hand held camera to try and catch the ghost haunting them on tape. In this case it really isn’t a ghost, more of a demon or evil entity. The entity is attached to the girl (Katie) and has been since she was a little girl (this is how these things tend to work in real life).

If you’ve seen the trailer, well sadly you’ve also seen just about every scary part of the movie. Most of the film is the boyfriend Micah carrying the camera around while his girlfriend Katie whines about how he’s just antagonizing this demon and making it worse. He boasts that he’s the man and he’s gunna solve this problem, they don’t need outside help. Only at night do most of the spooky things happen, and again most of them are in the trailer. They last for seconds only too. For half of them rather than being spooked, the theater was laughing.

Spooky Scene from Paranormal Activity Just as seeing “Blair Witch” in the theater did, the shaky hand held camera, often out of focus, just made me violently ill. If you are prone to motion sickness, migraines, etc; you will probably not like this film at all. I had to close my eyes for a lot of the second half because I was just ready to puke. Waiting for the small screen version minimizes this, it did for me at least when I saw “Blair Witch” on TV.

Yes I know I’m talking a lot about the “Blair Witch” in a review for this movie, but again, it’s impossible not to make the comparisons. I opened this review with the comment if you’ve seen the first, you’ve seen this one. And I mean it. Once you realize they’ve used the same formula, well it’s not hard to figure out how it’s going to end now is it?

This one I can’t really give a see it to. I can say rent it, if you have something like Netflix where you aren’t paying per rental. Otherwise wait for cable. I think the woman next to me in the theater said it best after the film ended. “We paid to see this?”

The next movie I’m gunna review is “House of the Devil,” which is currently playing on your cable box’s Video on Demand channel. It opens in theaters in a limited release on October 30th.

Halloween House At Night

I took this video a night or two ago. Enjoy it, because it’s pretty much all gone now. We’ve had 45-55 mile an hour winds here today. I got so tired of running out to fix things or stop things from blowing down the street that I gave up and took most of it down. I have no intention of putting it back up until the winds go away, or possibly again. Having it destroyed only days after I put it all up has ruined it for me.

Cherry Hill Sex Shop Scandal - "No Purveyors of Smut!"

I found myself so fired up over an issue today that before hand I really didn’t give that much thought to. It all stemmed from a blog run by the local newspaper and open to residents of our township to post on. Most of the posts are from the newspaper’s staff so far. I had signed up with hope to find some things to blog about on it. However after today, I’m so disgusted I might not touch the thing.

Basically the back story here is that a few years ago a business owner planned to open up an adult novelties store in the township. The problem was the place he purchased to do so was right on Route 70, one of the major highways going through town. People felt it would be a blight on the town’s image, attract the wrong kind of people, yada yada. This all has lead to a lawsuit between the guy and the township which has just been settled. To keep the guy out, the town is paying him $612,500 dollars, which they claim isn’t coming out of our taxes, but the town’s insurance coverage. I don’t know, but it would seem to me that the township’s insurance fees might go up a lot after this, and where will they get the money for that? Also I think they should have lost their insurance coverage after that amount was paid out. Why? Because I don’t think we should be in the habit of paying off or running out business some people don’t think are “proper.”

Early this morning this post appeared on the blog in question. I read it and had no issues, it was well written, not that controversial and I just thought “whatever.” The only thing I got a chuckle about was the quote of the woman saying “I don’t think that’s the kind of business you want in the same place where children are playing.” Everyone knows where this shop was going to be, and if kids are playing there they are more likely to get run over by the traffic on route 70 than exposed to something seedy from the sex shop.

A few hours later came a similar post, but this one from the township themselves. This is the post which infuriated me. Not because people and the township didn’t want this guy or his business here and basically did everything they could to run him out, but because of the words used in the article.

First up is our glorious Mayor Bernie Platt saying “This immoral business was a direct affront to the integrity of the Barclay Farm neighborhood and our town’s values.” Oh Mr. Platt, as a politician, you really shouldn’t go calling other people or their businesses immoral. Political karma is a bitch and a nasty one at that. Pretty much every politician in the last few years involved in any kind of sex scandal was also it seems a “moral crusader” as well. Imma just saying!

What really ticked me off was the line “Moving forward, the Township revised its zoning laws in 2007 so this type of ambush by a purveyor of smut never happens again in Cherry Hill.” “Purveyor of Smut?” Did we really just say that? I’m sorry, but do I live in New Jersey or the bible belt? I felt like I had been warped to that state (Arkansas I think) that banned the sale of all adult novelties.

On a side note, an article I found on The Courier Post’s website has an almost identical quote from one township spokesman Dan Keashen. Oddly missing is the probably slanderous and libel “purveyor of smut” excerpt.

Now I don’t make it a habit to frequent these stores, but I don’t think we should be denying their existence to people who might want to. I, like most of us adults, have gone into one out of curiosity. I mean in Philly it was a fun silly thing to do with friends. Here in Jersey I accidentally walked into one though as I thought “Fantasy Gifts” was a whole different type of store πŸ™‚

It seems a lot of the brouhaha over this is that this was a “residential neighborhood.” Again, it’s on a major highway intersection surrounded by Jersey strip malls. I drive down these street multiple times a week, I never see “kids” playing about or what not. I don’t even see residential houses. I see traffic, lots of traffic and stores.

If people here were worried about protecting their kids from this “immoral smut,” well newsflash, it’s easier for your kids to find porn online than it is to actually get into one of these stores, which always have someone at the counter watching everyone who comes in.

To be quiet honest, I think we also know any one of us can go to any number of regular bookstores in the area, find the dirty magazines on their shelves covered by cardboard, or go to the “Adult Self Help Section” and find any number of books on tantric sex, the kama sutra and all sorts of other “smut,” all with fairly explicit colored pictures. Yes I’ve looked at them, and so have most of you!

However something makes me think the township would not use these words to talk about, oh, Barnes and Noble? I mean can we see the township saying “Say no to getting S&M and B&N!” I don’t think so, because they would then be squashed by the lawyers from the corporate giant.

From now on, whenever I need any kind of “adult products,” rather than going to CVS, that certain aisle in the grocery store, or ordering online; I will go out of my way to give my money to the few remaining “purveyors of smut” in the township, before people decide to run them out of town too.

Oh, and by the way, once the sex shops have been run out . . . who will the empowered people come after next? My guess is the dirty gays hanging their pride flags out where everyone can see πŸ˜‰

Halloween House Video

A very quick video. No music (you can hear cars going by) and just the day (no night time lights yet). I’ll try and do a night shoot then some editing when I have time πŸ™‚

Halloween House 2009!

I finished the house, well for now. I still have a $5 dollar coupon off a $25 dollar purchase good through the weekend. I looked today but wanted to get what I had up and see how much room I had, if any, for more.

This years cemetery Spiderweb and victim!

There is an alien in the attic!

Boooo! Jason Vorhees!

I added a second ghost to the porch, he was in the attic last year before I decided to go all alien this year. Behind them is a lit up spider-web, but they sorta block it in the photo. I might move it, just don’t know where too. I also had a blue light on the porch or a bit but took it out as it washed out the blacklight on the ghosts.

I am gunna try and make a youtube video of the house like I did last year. That think has been picking up hits again and getting comments the last few days.

Post Note: Took the smaller ghost down, porch was too crowded looking. Also moved the spider over to the left a little. How well the spider and web will do will be tested as soon as we get our first storm this weekend.

Extreme Decorating In Progress!

I started today! Lighting is still being fiddled with, and I’m gunna move a few things around still.

The Front Door The Glowing Ghost

Jason is back! Danger is everywhere!

Grim Reaper and Victim The House So Far

I’m gunna have to fiddle with the front door. I found the blood “Keep Out” cover at the Halloween store for 4 bucks, but when the sun hits it, well it looks a little crummy. It’s taped to the inside of the door, I might tape it to the outside to help it lay a bit flatter.

For 4 bucks I also got the Grim Reaper and Victim window covers. The Grim Reaper I’ll move over towards the victim a little more tomorrow. These I intended to hang on the house actually, but they are the same plastic as the door thing . . . so when the sun hit them, yup it looked shinny and silly. They didn’t look so silly on the windows fortunately.

Jason and the Ghost are back, but in slightly different positions this year. Also the skeleton/ghost in the attack is now an alien and I have a green strobing light up there instead of red.

I still have to cobweb the bushes, put up the cemetery, make a 2nd zombie for the cemetery and finally get the spider and spider web up. The later are going on the right side of the porch this year and I’m going to try and glue skeleton bones onto the web. We’ll see how well that works out!