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I Want That Crown To Be On My . . .

Unfortunately no, not that kind of crown. I went to the dentist yesterday and got the wonderful news that one of my fillings is breaking down and basically it would need a crown. I was warned this was happening last summer actually, I was just hoping we could go a little longer without this. I was told it wasn’t an emergency, but it would need to be done at some point. Better sooner than later I know, because I do not need it turning into a root canal!

Of course the problem is . . . I have no dental insurance. I canceled mine last year when the rates became outrageous. My monthly premiums ended up totally how much they’d cover in one year. I’m not whiz, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how insurance is supposed to work! I figured I was better off paying out of pocket when I needed work done, and saving money when I didn’t. Of course now I need work done, and crown’s aren’t cheap. We are talking I could buy a new computer/go on vacation/have a real good time with a high class hooker here.

I am already looking into any kind of affordable dental insurance that is actually worth it, but not finding too much. Dental insurance really is a rip-off unless have it with BCBS. Anyways, I’m off to see if I can find some kind of affordable yet beneficial coverage (already some prospects, I just hate the idea I might have to get a new dentist). However I would have to wait 6 months to get the crown and be covered, I know that much from the last crown I got (and also had to pay out of pocket for at the time). I might have to ask the dentist this time if it can wait 6 months 🙂

Home On The Range

So I’m finally home in Virginia for a visit. I haven’t been back since the vacation in January. When I started teaching I just couldn’t get down here, then I had other commitments (the boot camp). Now I’m commitment free for a week and 1/2, so I made my way home for a visit. I brought some work with me of course, so here’s to getting a lot done 🙂

Not much else to say. The old school computer nerd in me has come out recently. Today marked the release of the first of several new “Monkey Island” games. Woohoo! I loved these back in High School through College. Old school point-and-click adventures! It’s out on PC and Wii. Next week on PC and Xbox is the release of the original, totally remastered with new HD graphics. So can’t wait! This genre was my favorite genre, and it sadly died off with the advent of 3D graphics and internet gameplay. I need to put some time playing the game tonight 🙂

Happy Fourth!


No Fireworks . . . Yet

Since I know some might be wondering how things went today, as of yet nothing has happened. This of course doesn’t mean it won’t. From what I found out, John’s sister had a talk with the oldest and basically said “This is not to be discussed with your father, he doesn’t need to know you all know.” Even the oldest understood this reasoning, there are some things we just don’t tell him because it will cause issues and drama. If this can be avoided with the man, it usually is.

Now how long the kids will keep their mouths shut is not known. More than likely one of the other kids will mention something in passing, so IF he hears the comment (he’s really hard of hearing) then it will become an issue. More so when he figures out they’ve all had the talk and of course he was not involved and get to add his opinion. It’s his opinion that he didn’t get to drill into the kids that will be the biggest issue with him on this subject. Trust me, he will have words to say on this subject, and not kind ones.

Now I know many will say “These are his kids, he has a right to be involved and teach them the morals he sees fit.” Yes, but at the same time, you don’t know this man. He has grown children from the first marriage that are about John’s age, or a little younger. When John came out years ago, let’s just say he quickly turned all his kids against John. They apparently went from being very friendly with John to not even speaking to him. Earlier this year one of these kids got married and John was invited to the wedding, which was clearly just done to be polite. John was invited, just John, not John plus a guest. Yes they know about me too, and I’m sure all bad things they’ve gotten from their dad.

So when I said in my last post that he most likely would ban the kids from seeing me, ban them from our house, probably try and ban then from even hanging out with John; no I wasn’t kidding.

Oh we found out that the father, not long ago, gave the oldest son a book on politics to read. Knowing the father, it was probably one of those “How Liberals Are Destroying America” books. I asked John to find out the book, as I’m sure there is a whole chapter on the evil homosexual agenda.

As for the kids and how they are reacting. Well I saw the oldest briefly, all he basically said was “Hi.” He is at that stage where he’s pretty anti-social, he knows more than the adults around him, when adults speak they say stupid things. So I can’t say for sure if I was snubbed or not. He said hello to John too this morning, that was about it. The youngest of course is not phased at all. She was hanging all over me as usual, wanting us to go swimming in the pool. The middle child I haven’t seen all day.

In other news, I think I’m giving up on the vegetarianism, at least for a bit. Not because of a weak will, but because of the scale. I was at 158 last month, now after the boot camp and two weeks of eating crap, I’m up to 165. I’m not happy, I haven’t been this heavy since last May. In January I was at 155, last December I think I had gotten down to 148 (145 is my goal weight). I think it will be easier for me to drop pounds eating chicken and the various stockpile of lean cuisine’s in the basement. I’m just eating too much pasta and carbs with the vegie stuff. What I will NOT go back to is red meat though. That and McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, etc . . . .

I also know once I get back into running the weight should come off pretty quickly too. I think I’m going to try and keep getting up on the earlier side as I had been and run in the morning to wake me up. Once alert, then I’ll be ready to put in my 4 hours minimum of writing that day.

Tonight I Was Outed To Republican Children! I Feel Like A Celebrity/Dirty Republican Senator

It’s late, I’m pooped, and after I was told this story I literally downed a glass of vodka in anticipation/dread of tomorrow. Sorry for any mistakes 🙂

So John came home tonight to tell me how he rocked his niece and nephews world (mostly just the oldest nephew). Oh yes, this is a story which will probably turn into huge drama tomorrow. I might just have to stay away from the farm for the day, but probably won’t be able to resist pre-4th fireworks.

First some background. John has two nephews and a niece that live here (three grown nieces in Texas). The oldest nephew is going into 8th grade, the middle child/nephew is going into 6th grade and the niece into 3rd grade. I’m fairly certain those are their grades 🙂

Well John’s entire family is also VERY Republican (well except apparently the nieces in Texas). During the election I got an earful from the 3rd grader as to why Obama was a bad man and I shouldn’t vote for him. She recited what she heard at home pretty well! Did she understand what she was saying? Probably not 🙂 Well apparently lately the 8th grader has really been on a “Obama and the democrats have ruined this country beyond repair” kick. This is basically how this all started.

At the dinner table it was John, his mother and the childrenz. The news was apparently on, and the 8th grader was just apparently giving his usual “It’s the Democrats fault” shtick. They were probably doing the weather report on how it will rain on the 4th. You think that’s a joke, but seriously, it would be the Democrats fault. (We have such power, who knew!)

John apparently informed the 8th grader that we just came out of 8 years of a republican white house as well as years of a republican controlled senate, so did he really think within 6 months anything was going to get done or solved given the dilemma our country was in? And how did he think we got here? Was it all the democrats fault?

Well the middle child asked John if he was a democrat. John said yes he was. The middle child asked why? The 8th grader decided to answer by saying “Because he doesn’t know any better.” Oh yes, he did! I’m sorry, but I hate that answer, and republicans give it in spades. I can accept that many people who are republicans came to that choice through their own decision (okay and for many yes their church) so why do they always have to assume people who are democrats are so because they are dumb? Sorry, but that statement makes republicans look dumb in my opinion 🙂

Okay I got sidetracked by a tangent. John apparently also got steamed at that point and said he was a democrat because he was a gay American. This is how he told the story to me, I don’t know what else was said. Frankly I would have phrased it as one of the reasons, not the only reason. To be a democrat just because you are gay is as naive as the republican insult I ranted on before. To go on another tangent, I grew up with my parents never talking about politics and I assumed they were republicans cause most of our family was. Hey we lived in Virginia! I remember thinking Reagan and George the 1st were great. It was the first Iraq war that turned me to the dark side though 🙂 I identified as democrat along time before I admitted to myself and others I was gay. I only found out my parents were democrats when I was adult and myself got interested in politics and bothered to ask them questions. And yes, I know Obama and the democrats have not gone out of their way to help gays, but unlike George the 2nd I don’t expect democrats in this day and age to make it a priority to hinder gays with stupid marriage amendments either (and yes I know we are were we are in part thanks to Clinton signing Doma – like I said I’m not a total idiot).

Okay back on track. Well the middle child responds to the gay news with “I’m guessing you aren’t talking about being happy?” These kids do know what gay is, we live in an open area, they help run a farm market stand on weekends in the gay mecca of South Jersey (Collingswood). John said no . . . and then this is where I got involved. He then told them “And Dustin isn’t my housemate” which is what they have believed for years and years and years. That we are best friends who live together. Honestly, I expected to be questioned yearsssss ago about this and never was. They even regularly come over to play videogames here and really never ask questions about photos and stuff hanging around! Yes I guess they really were that naive/sheltered.

John said he thinks the middle child and youngest probably could careless about this revelation, either they really care less or they are too young to be bothered by it (I disagree, more in a few). He thinks though that the oldest child was in fact shocked. As John put it, he now has to think for himself and evaluate some things rather than regurgitate what his father tells him. Oh, you don’t want to get me started on what KINDS of things he could hear about the gays from his father. We are talking about a man who once felt a close friend of the family was only gay because he had a crummy relationship with his father growing up.

John’s sister was none too pleased with him apparently, as now she has to sit down and have this talk with her kids. My opinion on this of course is that is is far too late and overdue. I mean this is an important talk to have with kids when they are young enough. It’s not different than the racism talk, as well as the sex talk. Okay the sex talk is probably #1, otherwise your kids will end up on that new MTV show “Pregnant at 16 (if they are lucky to make it to 16!).

Ahhh another tangent! Back on track. Basically kids in this day and age know what gays are, if they haven’t been exposed to us evil gays on nasty liberal TV then they got the education in school and probably from the mouths of kids who are repeating what their asshole parents said. We do however live in a very open and accepting area, not to mention an area with a high school known for the drama department and churning out stars (shout out to Ali Larter and Kelli Rippa), so here is hoping these kids got some positive information as well. I mean in this day and age, talk to your kids and talk early. It’s everywhere now, they’ll get exposed with or without your input (just like sex), so make it a positive experience. I learned what gay was when I was in 3rd grade, cause the kids in school called me faggot, gay-wad and teased me that I was going to have a sex-change operation when I grew up. Yes, 3rd grade. This was a long time ago too, so don’t think your kids will live in a bubble about this issue!

The father’s reaction is of course going to be the biggie. I think John and I are going on 8 years together now. You know how many conversations I’ve had with this man? None. I think he’s said all of 2 sentences, maybe 3, to me in all these years. I remember one was bitching at me for always being around too. A second was “Where is John at.” The man never bothered to get to know me, I was John’s lova and that made his mind up for him. Since then I have heard all the shit he has told the employees at the farm about me over the years. Let’s see . . . . John supports me. I live in John’s house and don’t pay the bills. I mooch of John and the family (IE his family). My favorite is that all I do is sit home all day and smoke dope. As recently as last month one employee was shocked that I didn’t smoke dope. He said “but you used to right?” I said “no, in spite of what X said, I have never smoked dope!” That in fact is the truth. I can honestly say I have only taken one drag off of one joint in my life, and that was enough for me. I have also NEVER smoked a cigarette, period. I have never done crack, coke or any other drug either. Obviously from the beginning of this post, I have had alcohol 🙂

So there you have it. Tomorrow could be big fun! Did you have big fun with “The Wretched” Vanessa? Did you? Like I said, the father has hated me for years. He hates that the kids like to come over to our house and play. He hates that the kids even talk to me and hang out with me. I have a feeling someone is going to try and make new rules banning me and this house lol. Bring it, someone has had an ass kicking coming for 7 years. I can honestly say I long for an excuse to punch the man. Yes, I know, violence never solves anything. But didn’t we all cheer when Daniel-san kicked some ass at the end of the movie 🙂