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Bye Bye Social Networks

Just an FYI, I have deleted my Myspace, Facebook and my Twitter accounts. No, I’m not joking, they are gone. Deleted. Dead. If you don’t believe me, try and visit them. They are no longer there.

I have also taken the above mentioned apps off my iPhone. As much as i love my iPhone, I’m also contemplating going to my local AT&T store and seeing if it’s possible to go back to my old Razor. Again, not a joke. See the above if you think I’m kidding 🙂

Basically this blog is really my only social networking connection left, if it can be considered one.


Vegetarianism Again, With A Side Of Fish

So after gaining too much weight back that I had lost last year, and realizing I was eating far too much crap (i.e. fast food), I have yet again decided to try and go back to vegetarianism. I am, however, allowing myself to eat fish. Odd really, as I don’t know what has me on this fish kick lately. I haven’t really had fish since I was a kid and my mom gave me fish sticks. Eventually I just stopped eating them, and fish, all together. Well no, I would eat my mom’s tuna noodles, that was about it.

I decided to give vegetarianism a try again for two weeks and see how I feel. Last time I tried this I quit after one week when it packed pounds on. I think I need to stick it out for 2 weeks though for the body to get used to the changes. I tend to eat a lot of pasta and breads, which is more carbs than normal, so I think my body has to adjust to the change 🙂

After 2 weeks I’m going to evaluate how I feel and if it’s something I want to continue. From a health standpoint it is something I want to continue, I just have to get there will power wise! I’ve done it before for 7 years, I can do it again. I have stocked up on tons of veggie foods, including things not even available back when I was a vegetarian. The Morning Star Farms bacon is heavenly!

I also just got the EA Sports Active game today. It comes with a 30 day challenge, which is a preset workout for you every day for 30 days. I am dedicating myself to doing it as well. Thoughts on this game after a week of use, so I can evaluate which exercises I think are the best. I already did it today and after 25 minutes I was pooped!

RNC Chief Makes Stupidest Case Against Gay Marriage Ever

So it’s been awhile since I made any politics posts, but this one takes the cake! Today the Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele suggested a new way to oppose gay marriage and reach a new audience, you know, who might not have moral issues against it, which studies show many younger people don’t. The strategy? Go for their pocket books, especially in this troubled economy. The problem? His logic is STUPID.

Steele apparently got the idea while talking to a young republican who was fiscally conservative, but socially liberal. Using the idea of health care and other benefits, the logic is to point out supporting gay marriage means businesses have to shell out more money . . .

“Now all of a sudden I’ve got someone who wasn’t a spouse before, that I had no responsibility for, who is now getting claimed as a spouse that I now have financial responsibility for,” Steele told Republicans at the state convention in traditionally conservative Georgia. “So how do I pay for that? Who pays for that? You just cost me money.”

Astounding logic! Let’s oppose gay marriage because small businesses will have to pay more benefits out. Let’s overlook how many other businesses will in fact actually get a boost from it. Gays do have more expendable income than other couples for a variety of reasons we won’t go into. Oh and well, gays love to throw a good party. Recent studies in California showed how much the economy there would actually benefit from gay marriage. Oh well, they voted to ban it and now that state is going broke. All that money gone to Iowa and Maine, sucks to be California right now huh?

Of course the most ridiculous part of this argument? For years and years the population figure for gays in our country has been around the 10% mark . . . . . sucks to be a small business when 90% of the employee pool is straight, can get married, and you’ll have to shell out more money to cover their spouses and dependents health insurance and other benefits.

Source: ABC news/AP


Pepsi Throwback!

Tastes like a sweeter version of Pepsi basically.

Work It Gurl!

Okay so first up, I’m finally doing better. I didn’t take any cold medicine this weekend, weaning myself from the evil stuff. I even went to the gym this morning, only using the treadmill to walk on an incline as to not overdue it 🙂

Today I ordered EA Sports Active, a fitness game I’ve had my eye on for awhile now. It can use the Wii balance board that came with Wii Fit, but doesn’t require it (will be interested to see how it uses it). What I’m really excited about is that this game is a real cardio workout, unlike Wii Fit which was more focused on yoga or toning exercises. This thing has dance, cardio boxing and kick boxing. Woot! The boxing part of Wii Fit was the best part of it in my opinion.

The game is set to be released next week. I’ll give you my thoughts. Maybe I’ll make a videoblog review of it!

Worst Luck Ever!

So if you’ve followed the tweets, you know what’s been going on. After my week from hell I thought things would look up finally with classes being done and me now being able to focus on my work. Nope! I got sick. Not the swine flu, just a seasonal cold. Probably from all the stress and stuff. I just have the worst luck ever! I’m on the mend now though and hoping to be 95% by tomorrow . . . hoping!

No Need To Abort . . . . The Countdown Starts

So I’m freeeeeee! Well kinda. My job ended this week, well it was my last days teaching I should say. I still have a butt-load of grading to do, but preparing lectures and power points and all that jazz is over! This means I have 7 days a week to devote to finishing the dissertation. I do NOT plan on getting a job until it’s done, I just can’t multitask well it seems. To save money I’ll eat eggs and salads from farm produce if I must, it will help me with my other goal, to lose the 10 pounds I have put back on since January.

The deadline for August graduation is June 15th. That is my goal to shoot for. I need to get at least 80% of this sucker turned in and edited by then. I am well on my way there too, so it is totally doable. It will just take 7 days a week of focused concentration and working! This sucker is weighing in at around 1000 pages as is, so it’s a giant tome of a thing.

I have decided I must “tweet” at the end of the day what I accomplished that day, that will help keep me accountable 🙂 Today and this weekend my plans are to go through all the intro and background chapters I’ve written and edit them in preparation for sending off to my adviser within the week.

The other goal by June 15th is to try and lose the 10 pounds I’ve put back on since January. I’m at about 161 now, I need to get that gone, my booty is getting too big for the svelte summer clothes I bought not too long ago 🙂 With all my time back, I do plan to hit the gym more regularly. I just didn’t have the time when I was juggling school and teaching, now I should. Plus it’s warm out again, so I can easily just go for runs outside. Woohoo!

My gym membership is up in July, and I was planning on touring and thinking about switching to this new gym around the corner Future Fitness . . . . well I’ve been warned to stay clear of them, and have also found out they have several better business bureau claims filed against them . . . OF COURSE I find this out AFTER I’ve sent off my phone number and email to them about a tour, 2 week free pass and joining. Just great, now I’ll be hounded daily to join them I’m sure. Next year a huge LA Fitness center is opening up nearby, so I guess I’ll stick it out with my current gym (Ballys) one more year.

Okay that’s about all I have to say for now, I think. Yes that’s it, move along now.