Bye Bye Social Networks

Just an FYI, I have deleted my Myspace, Facebook and my Twitter accounts. No, I’m not joking, they are gone. Deleted. Dead. If you don’t believe me, try and visit them. They are no longer there.

I have also taken the above mentioned apps off my iPhone. As much as i love my iPhone, I’m also contemplating going to my local AT&T store and seeing if it’s possible to go back to my old Razor. Again, not a joke. See the above if you think I’m kidding 🙂

Basically this blog is really my only social networking connection left, if it can be considered one.



3 Responses to “Bye Bye Social Networks”

Dave S. Says:

Gasp! Insanity!

Okay, not really. I have a facebook, but I really don’t get on it much. I basically keep it so long-lost friends can find me if they want to. It’s actually been extremely effective in that way. I only update it once in a blue moon. Like you, I have my own site to maintain — who has the time or inclination to maintain all the peripheral ones?

Now, my iPhone on the other hand… I know I wouldn’t be able to survive without *that*. I think my head would likely explode in a flurry of blood and gray matter…


boo Says:

I deleted my facebook because I never went there. I deleted everyone off my myspace except family about 6 months ago. The only reason I keep it is to keep up with my family who live out of state. Why did you decide to delete everything Dustin?


Dave S. Says:

Is it alright if I add you to the Links section on my site? I’m assuming it’s okay, but just wanted to doublecheck — just email me whenever you get a chance. No hurry.