The WTF Blanket

I posted this on twitter, but I can’t get enough of it. I cried the first time I watched it because I was laughing so hard. I bought a snuggie yet find the humor in this 🙂 It really is hilarious.

WARNING: This video has some language, so don’t play it at work!


4 Responses to “The WTF Blanket”

mlp Says:

Haven’t commented in a while, but I had to agree that this is hysterical. It brought tears to my eyes. Lucky me, I have my own office so I am safe to watch all of your crazy posts at work. Which is good, since you have saved me from having a really sh*tty day more times than I can count.


cassandra Says:

OMG!! That is too funny! Have you any interest in the Street Fighter IV game? People seem all over it, I haven’t had time to play it thought…. Keep the funny stuff coming! 🙂


Dustin Says:

I was never a big SF nut so I haven’t picked it up


Aravis Says:

There’s some people I’m going to have to share this with. *G*