House Of The Dead & Technobabble!

I spent a good portion of this weekend backing up, wiping clean and reinstalling PCs . . . FUN! My HP laptop has to go in for service as there is a crack in the hinge/lid. It’s covered as it’s a defect in the make of it. They’ll fix it, but in a year or so it will crack again. It’s the placement of the processor, it overheats and warps the plastic. NICE! One more reason I will not be buying anymore PC’s in the future 🙂 I definitely at least won’t buy an HP again after the troubles I’ve had with this one.

So I had to back it up and wipe it clean. I’m not sending a PC in with things on the hard drive 🙂 I need a working PC, because to date there is no Access program for Mac, and it’s the one thing I need a PC for at this point. So I got to back up my old Dell laptop and reinstall it (cause I couldn’t deal with the slow 10 minute boot-up!). It’s running great now, which always happens with a fresh install. It’s however an older laptop, some things aren’t as quick on it. I’ll survive.

I called HP for service, they are sending a box for me to ship off the other laptop in. When it returns I have to finally face the dilemma . . . to install Vista or not? I know I shouldn’t . . . . I do, but I probably will at this point. The HP, when restored to factory defaults, just has too much preloaded crapola on it. A Vista install will be completely clean. Plus like it or not, Microsoft isn’t going to support XP for much longer, even though they do need to admit what a mistake Vista was 🙂

Moving on . . . I have a video game recommendation! I am a Sega nut, I have every system they made (RIP) and used to run a Sega fan page. One of the games they make is “House of the Dead” which is a zombie shoot-em-up game. I’ve played them in the arcades, had some on my old Sega systems. They were great fun.

Well Sega just released “House of the Dead: Overkill” for the Nintendo Wii. If you like shooting things, get this game. If you like zombie and horror flicks, get this game. If you like potty humor and long strings of profanity, get this game! Seriously, it’s a great game. Basically it’s a gun game, which means you are shooting things on the screen as the game moves on “rails.” That means it moves on a guided path through levels as you shoot stuff and try not to get attacked or hit by thrown objects. You win cash and can upgrade your gun on the way.

The game is great, as is the story. Sega has outdone themselves. They reinvented the franchise in the spirit of the old exploitation horror films of the 70s, which were reintroduced to audiences recently by Quentin Tarentino in his “Grindhouse” films. The movies and story are presented in a disco 70’s funk soundtrack with a cheesy voice over guy. Oh this is one game you aren’t going to want to play with the kids around! Every other word is the F-word, if not some other profanity. This is one of those games that if you aren’t offended by cursing, well you will just start giggling because of some of the lines.

Get this game, also get a Nyko Perfect Shot to complement it and make it easier (playing with the Wii-mote on it’s own is a little awkward and hurts your wrist).


4 Responses to “House Of The Dead & Technobabble!”

DWQ Online Says:

Install Vista. Vista is a good program and as long as you know how to use it, you shouldn’t have any issues.


BlogspotBecky Says:

oh I am sure if I can play Fallout 3, Condemmed, Bioshock, I am sure I can play this game. Sounds fun!


Becky Says:

We were just looking at this game yesterday. Travis really wants to get it. I love shooter games at arcades!


cassandra Says:

Thanks for your review, very nice to hear your experiences with each game, I’ll be sure to warn my parents about the language! BTW: The nyko is one of the best guns out there! I sell at least 10 a week at my store. Also, I can’t find my 3D glasses, but that does look like a fun cam! 🙂