My Thingie


First, you can see from my last photo I got a much needed haircut.

Second, these are Seuss inspired shirts we bought in Florida at Universal Studios.

Third, why the hell am I Thing 2? I’m number 1 dammit!


7 Responses to “My Thingie”

Becky Says:

Sooo…why are you wearing Thing 2?!?


glittermom Says:

Isn’t it better to be number 1 then number two?


BlogspotBecky Says:

again lookin’ good 😀


Lori Says:

Still, better than those “I am with stupid” shirts, lol.


Emily Says:

You look like a gangsta in this picture.


Richard Says:

Looking slim there #2


Dustin Says:

John has the #1 thing shirt lol