Backwards Robes


I am a total goob! While picking up some stuff at La Tar Jay I saw it and just had to have it . . . it was only $14.95!

Yes I bought a Snuggie, or basically a backwards robe šŸ™‚ Here I am modeling it for you and looking very much like some cult member.

Oh and yes, I still have my nativity up on the cabinet behind me. One of these days I’ll get to putting it away.


8 Responses to “Backwards Robes”

KipEsquire Says:

Gandalf the Blue!


BlogspotBecky Says:

I’ve seen men inside Walmart or Sam’s wearing Snuggies while they shop. I just have a throw that is snuggie material, seeing you wearing one now makes me want to go back to Sam’s and buy me a Snuggie or two. šŸ˜€


Becky Says:

I would like to say that I can’t believe you bought that, but I can totally believe it! Hope it keeps you warm:) p.s. if you start to do monk chants, tape it for me…lol!


boo1 Says:

I have a purple robe with snowflakes on it, it’s too warm to wear. I keep it on the couch and wear it like a Snuggie when I get cold watching tv. I’ve been doing this for years, why didn’t I think of the Snuggie????? My nephew said they were really big sellers this Christmas. You look as snug as a bug in a rug!


Aravis Says:

You crack me up. I thought you had decided to play wizard and cast a spell on your readers! *LOL*


BlogspotBecky Says:

forgot to mention lookin’ good in that šŸ˜€


Jim Says:

I got my red ones in the mail this week. Where’s your book light though??
We’re now in the gay-bloggers-snuggie-cult!!


Dustin Says:

I got the book light lol. Do yours um, smell like petroleum products? Mine had this awful smell, like dry cleaning fluid. I have washed it and it went away a little.