Oh Miss Mary Saw A Spider!

I never saw this before (it’s 2 years old) but it’s fricken hilarious. Watch this weather man go from somewhat straight to gay in zero seconds.

BTW there are tons of hilarious weather news clips on YouTube! What is the weather going to be in Haiti today?

Of course the worst one is Rated R for language. This means don’t play it at work with your sound turned all the way up! Now while we shouldn’t laugh at people’s disabilities, well this guy apparently had an attack of tourettes on air . . .


4 Responses to “Oh Miss Mary Saw A Spider!”

Carrie Says:

LOL!! Those were great!!


Becky Says:

He screams like a little girl! Too freaking funny. And how the last weather guy can say all that and then stand there like nothing happened I will never know. Nothing exciting like that never happens on the news around here.


lala Says:

ROFL..that last one is from where i grew up!!UTICA NEW YORK REPRESENT!


BlogspotBecky Says:

that roach video was funny!