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So this is NOT the rare political post I mentioned in my curse-filled post a few back. This is more of a me venting about stupid people’s political chatter in public.

So today I had an amazing run at the gym, my best one yet. I think I did 5 miles! Woot. So afterwards I wanted to relax my poor legs in the Jacuzzi. This is where I unfortunately was exposed to politics. All the stress I had just washed away was shoved back on me.

These two guys who I guess were in their 40s/50s were talking about a third guy, some friend of theirs, who was in earlier in the week and was upset. They were asking if the other had seen him around lately. They mentioned he was a vet and pretty upset that day. Well I started listening in, silly me I was thinking veterinarian and maybe something horrible had happened at work. No, they meant war vet.

It seemed the issue was he had read something in a paper about a bill that McCain didn’t support, and it upset him. I assume it was military oriented. One guy explained how he was sure there was a reason, those damn democrats always sneak tons of stuff in there, so you had to read the whole thing to understand. Also he was sure it was some liberal newspaper that took that one little line out of context and blew it up to make McCain look bad.

The two chatted about how they were both military (well one was from a military family) and how they hoped they had calmed this poor guy down. One guy also said his problem was he needed to get laid, so he actually set him up and sent him to a “massage parlor.”

Now up to this point none of this actually bothered me. Two of my best friends are republican, so I’m used to hearing venting about democrats and crazy liberals πŸ™‚ What annoyed me was a little tidbit that came up next. Seems the guy has been in a bad way for awhile, he’s been having problems at home with the wife. That’s when I flipped and bit my lip, but oh did I want to say something. Yes this guy was married.

Next week two states will vote to ban gay marriage, one being California, where many could lose the current right. Meanwhile these two asshats, clearly republican and bashing those crazy libs, sent their married friend to go get a massage and a “happy ending.”

Now some of you on here reading this might actually support “traditional marriage,” I don’t know. Others I know support the right of gays to marry. The next time your able to vote on the issue, or it comes up in a discussion you’re involved in, think about this post. It seems straight people are doing a fine job of their own ruining “traditional marriage” without any help at all from the gays. Perhaps what we need is some laws not to prevent gays from getting married, but laws to prevent stupid people from getting married.


7 Responses to “You Can’t Escape Politics Talk!”

KipEsquire Says:

Three states — are you forgetting Florida or Arizona. πŸ™‚


Dustin Says:

I forgot Anita Bryant’s state πŸ™‚


Becky Says:

I don’t understand the point of “traditional” marriage. Who’s idea of tradition is it? Why is ok for me to fall in love and get married to a man, but if I were to fall in love with a woman, too bad so sad? I also hate the concept of civil unions, its like a pacifier event.


Dustin Says:

LOL as an anthropologist, I can argue all day about what Traditional Marriage is πŸ™‚ But as far as many in this country go, it’s what’s in the bible. Traditional in the sense of history? Oh that’s a whole other story. Men with multiple wives, Men marrying teenage girls, etc . . .

Also people forget, it really wasn’t that long ago that divorce was a big no-no, and that there was no such thing as no fault divorces.


Dustin Says:

BTW I should rephrase that, it’s one man one woman as god intended. I forgot, Job had a few wives πŸ™‚


Marie Says:

Like most anything, words from the Bible can be taken out of context and twisted and manipulated to mean just about anything you want. Not to mention that it was written 2,000 years ago and things were very different. Many of the things were relevant to the times. Love is such a beautiful thing that I can’t imagine God looking down on two individuals who want to commit to each other no matter if they are man-woman woman-woman or man-man. Love is Love!


Katt Says:

Personally, I think there should be a waiting period after you obtain the license before you can actually get married. That would make way more sense than a waiting period before you can divorce…by the time it gets to that point, you’re pretty sure already. The waiting period before marriage would help with that not letting stupid people get married thing….

As long as they aren’t hurting anyone, people should do what makes them happy and fulfilled…whether they’re gay, straight, or bi.