Weight Loss And Stuff

So I’ve been “tweeting” about this lately, but haven’t done a blog in awhile. For years now I’ve wanted to get into better shape, and have finally been pretty dedicated to doing it. Now I just have to keep it up!

After the cruise in January I think I finally tipped the scale at 182/3 pounds. When I went over 180 is when I finally said enough, as I was adding on 5-10 pounds each year for a few years. Yes I realize to many this is not heavy, but at 5’6″, thin framed and weighing 135 up until I was about 26 (when I quit being a vegetarian), it was a lot to me.

So I started using MyFoodDiary.com again around April of this year, which I had success with 3-some years back. Using it to chart what I ate (holding myself accountable) and exercising, I actually got to 145 by November of that year. Of course I also went home for 3 weeks that year, ate poorly, and by time the annual cruise came around I had packed all the weight I lost back on. Since then I also added more on (I think I was around 170 that year).

After using MyFoodDiary.com for a bit, I switched over to CalorieKing.com, mainly because they had a program I could buy for my PC and use without having to go online. I liked that a lot, plus the larger range of foods in their search engine.

I also as many of you know got the Wii Fit back in May. I was using it pretty regularly, but stopped. I haven’t stepped on the thing in months, and I know I put my birthday in September as my first goal date. I missed it and haven’t even checked in. I’m skeered of it! It’s going to yell at me for not being around for so long, I just know it. I have been saying for a month I’m going to pull it back out. I think I will tonight and put in a new goal date, our cruise in January.

One of the reasons I stopped using Wii Fit so much is because I started running at the beginning of the summer. I was introduced to the whole “Couch to 5K” podcast running program, which gets you into running through interval training. I got up to week 6 or 7, which had you running fairly long stretches and then got bored with it. I had a few more weeks to go, but at that point felt I was running distances enough to just use my own best judgement (and music!) and went from there. I’m now up to 4 miles at about 40 minutes on the treadmill at the gym. Outside though it’s a bit less, due to weather conditions, hills and hard pavement which gives more of a shock to my legs. Still, I’ve never been able to run like this, not even in high school. I hated running the mile for PE, I could never even do that.

So after many months, I’m currently weighing in at 153 pounds as of this morning. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of the year. Woot! I have to get to 145, which pretty much every program/weight tracker has told me is my ideal healthy weight. That’s my goal to get to and stay at by January for the cruise.

I know I have a “fatty” photo of me taken earlier this year. I’ll take a few other photos soon to put up as a comparison. I actually need new clothes! All summer my shorts had been too big and falling off my ass. Now that we are getting cool enough for jeans, the same thing is happening. I bought 2 new pairs of jeans in April for a Vegas vacation. They are so big on me now that it’s not funny. I need to get at least one pair of skinny jeans soon 🙂


4 Responses to “Weight Loss And Stuff”

Richard Says:

Great job!!! All it takes is not eating anything tasty and tons of hard work. It is so much healthier to be thin.

I like the new photo with smile. I did like the “sex kitten” pose on the bed but this one is more professorial.


Dustin Says:

LOL, actually I eat tasty, just sensible. Limited fast food a lot, and I’ve been craving it lately too.

I actually really love the Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice Panini sandwiches. I buy them in bulk when they are on sale. I know prepared foods from frozen foods aren’t always healthy, but they are good and it’s the portion control that I like as well.


WV Nan Says:

Congratulations Dustin!!! I thought you looked really good when I saw you in September—but how you feel about yourself is the most important. I also like the new picture—darn good looking! Considering all of the stress you have been under for the past few months—not gravitating towards food for comfort is fantastic. Can’t wait for the new pictures. Can you do a side by side comparison? Would be a great incentive. Keep up the good work!


TJ Says:

Congrats Dustin! I’ve been a lurker on your site for quite a while. I started the C25K thing after you blogged about it. I had a few delays (really bad cold & a surprise root canal), but I’m starting week 6 and am also going to have to buy new jeans! After 2 kids, I never thought I’d be able to run over 20 minutes but it feels great. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration to keep going until I reach my goal!