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End Of Summer Sickness

So if you read the Twitter update below, which appeared at some point in the night, well I’m sick. It’s all Hannah Montana’s fault too. I was checking out at the grocery store on Saturday when the storm hit. I tried to get my groceries in the car as fast as I could, but ended up finding myself standing in flood waters. Okay not flood waters, but enough to cover my feet because of the slope of the parking lot. Yeah, I knew that wasn’t good. Then walking the dogs in the mess just set me up for the sore throat that came that evening.

So I’ve been sick, yet oddly enough I find myself doing school work saying “I need to just get this part done,” or “just a half an hour more and I’ll go relax on the couch.” I seemed to have had this problem on my birthday, the one day I wasn’t going to do anything but have big fun. I wanted to do work. Any other day it’s not “I want” but “I have” and I have to force myself to sit there and work. Go figure!

As for the Twitter post. I am not sure what I’m going to do with them. I don’t like how they format, it looks funny to me, not orderly. I like things in order. Plus I’m afraid it will make me lazy and give me and excuse not to blog, cause the twitter post will be made. Though then there are days like today where I made maybe two posts so far to Twitter.

  • Nothing on TV, great time to play some games once dinner is done. I’m making tofu Becky! #
  • I am getting sick. This sucks. #
  • Off to spend money at the Halloween Superstore #
  • Got out of the Halloween store with no purchases, but way too many ideas! #
  • If I must be sick, I better lose at least 5 pounds. #
  • Tonight i learned that you need to wrap springform pans in tin foil, otherwise they leak all over the place . . . cleaning the oven again! #
Finally, A Post!

So Friday was my Birthday. Wee, big fun with the wretched! I didn’t do much of anything. I had planned to drive to Little Caesars to get some Pizza! Pizza!, but eventually after driving around that morning to Best Buy and other places to window shop, I was too tired. It was a nasty hot day and I didn’t want to drive anymore. Traffic was unusually terrible too.

I was bad and did do a little work on my B-day. It figures, the one day I said I wouldn’t work, I wanted to. Normally I have to force myself to do it! Later I downloaded some Wii games and had fun playing them. Then I watched the finale of “Swingtown,” my favorite show of the summer. Hoping it gets saved somehow.

Speaking of TV, thanks to a few infomercial product posts a few months back, I seem to get at least a few hits to my blog everyday from people searching for infomercial products and whether or not they really work. Therefore I’m setting up the “infomercial” category to give reviews of the crap, I mean products we have. I figured when I’m having blog-block I can whip one of these out. People really seem to want to know if the Sham-Wow works. I’ll have the answer for you soon enough!

On Saturday tropical storm “Hannah Montana” came through the area. Fortunately by time it hit us all we got was a hell of a lot of rain. I was just hoping my basement wouldn’t flood, which thankfully it didn’t.

Anyway, because I’ve been bad about blogging as of late, I’ve set my blog up to post my tweets from Twitter as a daily post. I wanted to do it as a test run for a few days to see how it goes. I’ve been using Twitter a lot lately to give mini-updates on what I’m doing. This way even if I don’t blog, I do 😛

Down On The Farm

Because I never got that %$@#$%@ videoblog done with a tour of the farm, I figured I would at least share bunches of photos I have or took this weekend in order to use on their website. Enjoy! Hovering over each image will give you a descriptive caption.

Photos © 2008 Dustin Cushman