Headed Home Tomorrow

I leave West Virginia and head back home tomorrow. I can’t wait to be back in my own house and bed. I was bedridden a good part of today with a migraine. It was a combination of a lot of things, a drink last night, a lack of food (this place offers 3 meals a day and that’s it, I don’t eat that way), a hard ass bed and a really hot room, which led to a terrible nights sleep.

The paper yesterday went okay. A woman in the audience had an issue with a term I used as she felt it was out dated, and went on a little speech tirade about why I shouldn’t use it. I replied saying I had used the term as it was what had been used in the past and I was actually showing how in this case the use of said term was wrong. She said that didn’t come across well enough. Thankfully I have had tons of people come up to me telling me the paper was fine, they really enjoyed it, that my points were clear, not to worry.

The weather here has been so-so. It is like a tropical jungle where we are actually, which is in a forest kind of in the middle of nowhere. That’s not true, there is a town nearby, but this place isn’t in town. The sun came out today for a bit, but would often run back into clouds to hide. I wanted to take pictures, but ended up sleeping a lot to try and get rid of this migraine. It’s pretty much gone, but could rebound.

Hopefully it will be nice enough tomorrow that I can not only get photos, but maybe some on the drive home. If I was a civil war buff I’d go to Antietam, which is right around the corner. However I have seen enough civil war battlefields as is. I did drive by a civil war cemetery which weather permitting I’ll probably stop in tomorrow.


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jeremy Says:

There’s always one meticulous nag in the crowd when presenting a paper, the one who has nothing to say but to toot their own agenda… I’m glad the paper went well. That you were prepared to refute her assertion was great.