Bizarre Wedding Phone Call

So I just got a phone call, which I didn’t answer. I was trying to update the iPhone and was close to being done, so I figured I would ignore it. I didn’t even recognize the number, aside that it was local. Well they left a message, which ended up messing up the phone sync in the end anyway. Damnit!

The person calling left a message, mumbling something about their name and where they were from, and that I needed to give them a call back to discuss plans for my wedding reception on September 5th, 2009.

What? I’m getting married? I don’t remember this! I don’t even remember proposing, or being proposed to.

What was so odd was that clearly they had to have heard my name on the voicemail before leaving the message. Wouldn’t they realize that’s not the name of the groom?

Also the date is my birthday, double odd and bizarro! Oh and I so wouldn’t get married on my birthday. I mean that gives the excuse to combine anniversary and birthday gifts. Can’t have that, two separate occasions means two separate gifts!

I was tempted to call back, but didn’t. I still have the number in my phone and could if I get really curious. If I see the number pop up again, I’ll answer it for sure.


6 Responses to “Bizarre Wedding Phone Call”

Becky Says:

That’s kinda funny! I’ve been getting all these phone calls lately for some guy who apparently hasn’t been paying his credit card bills. Even though its been my phone number for a couple of years, these collectors don’t believe me. I hate wrong numbers!


*HelloKitty* Says:

google the phone number to see if it shows an address, then maybe you would recognize it.


Cheryl Says:

Congratulations, hehe!


Becky Says:



WV Nan Says:

Hey Dustin—I’ll be at my daughter’s then! I had planned on trying to get to finally meet you at the farm—but maybe now I’ll get a wedding invite! Look at the positive–at least it wasn’t a funeral home discussing you pre-planning! Too funny.


Lori Says:

A few years ago, I came home to a message on my machine that was from New York. It was a women phoning her sister to tell her she had changed her flight plans, left a detailed message on the changes, and finished with “see you at the airport tomorrow”. I ended up calling her back to tell her she had dialed wrong, couldn’t have it on my consience that she would be sitting at the airport with her sister not having a clue.. lol. She was really greatful I called back, although after I got my phone bill, I thought next time I call someone in another country, I will call collect!