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Recovering . . . . Again!

No no, not from a hangover. Oh lord, I currently have no desire to touch alcohol for a long time! Shannan and Nica got off on Sunday morning, and I used Sunday to catch up on some much needed sleep. They were only here for a few days, but it seemed longer than that . . . yet at the same time not long enough. Unfortunately it seems when they left, they took the nice weather with them. The temperature has gone down to the teens and we got snow flurries today, now it’s turned to sleet and is icing up everything outside. Not fun!

Only 2 days till the V-day. Anyone doing anything fun? Special? I just made reservations at a local restaurant we like for that evening. If there was anything to see movie wise we’d go, but nothing seems that interesting. Okay there are things I’d see, but I don’t think he’d like them much. Probably not very romantic to see a horror movie or thriller on Valentines Days honestly. Plus I think it’s a Big Brother night! Have to get home for that.

Let’s see, what else to go over? Oh awhile ago I blogged about a big decision I was sitting on. Well I’ll have a blog about what it was soon. It’s written actually, I’m just waiting to post it. The news has been leaking out some, so some might know about it, others might not. Some might care, others of you might not 🙂

New York Photos

Shannan forgot her camera, I forgot mine, Nica was the only one with one and we had issues figure out how to get it working to be honest.


Here is myself, Wonder Woman and Emily. For some unfortunate reason the strobe lights in the club decided to put some boogery looking thing on my face 🙁


Here is a picture where I look more normal, minus the deathly red eyes. The context of this photo was there were two couples behind where I was sitting that seemed to be having a make-out contest between them.

New York New York

Oy! Shannan and Nica got in Thursday night. We hit the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, which was good, but some kid ran into our waiter and the water dumped a tray of water AND a Martini all over the table. While it clearly was the kids fault, the restaurant was SO slow in basically coming to our aid to clean up. There should have been people there immediately, WE instead were the ones mopping the table up. Meanwhile the table next to us were the ones SO inconvenience that there was water on the floor and getting the people to clean it up, it ran under their table. I wasn’t happy. I know these things happen, but it’s just good service to check on the customers, apologize and fricken help us clean up. We had to ASK for more silverware and napkins to be brought to the table.

That night we watched movies, chatted online, put on um, cam shows lol. We drank too much, and I paid the next morning. We had to get up to go to New York and I felt like I wasn’t going to make it. I almost told them to just go without me because I felt so bad. I sucked it up, slept in the car with a trash can in my lap in case . . . didn’t need it thankfully. When we checked in I went straight to bed. They went and had dinner, met with some other online friends. I slept. I slept until basically it was time to go to see “Wicked.” I made it through the show, and by time it was over I was fine and was then starving and in need of food. “Wicked,” btw, was fabulous. I had seen it with the original cast, so I was apprehensive as to how others would fill their shoes. They did an awesome job I must say.

Last night we headed to Splash Bar in NY to drink and people watch. It was just way too crowded for dancing. We were entertained by people watching. I passed on the spirits though, I wasn’t still up to par. Of course the moment of the night was when a drag queen came in wearing full wonder woman garb. We got photos with her, I’ll have to get copies and post them.

Right now we are home in NJ. The dogs only made minor accidents, they were walked by a friend. So we are chilling and relaxing now. They go home tomorrow 🙁

Super Tuesday Over, Super Thursday On The Way!

So Super Tuesday is coming to a close. On the Democratic front, Hillary and Obama are still running about dead even. This is going to be a long year! Meanwhile McCain came out the Republican front runner. This makes me chuckle, a lot. Remember back to the last election, the Republicans attacked Kerry over and over for flip-floping on everything and everything? Republicans, meet your new flip-flop king, I mean candidate. Clearly we won’t be seeing any flip-flop accusations coming from the Republicans this time around! They wouldn’t dare! I normally don’t go into politics on here much, cause it makes me angry, but given what is at stake this year, expect to see some rants from time to time.

Right now I’m preparing for Super Thursday, Shannan and Nica’s arrival. The house is pretty much clean, props to the BF who actually helped a lot. One final vacuum tomorrow and I think I’m done. Then it’s just wait for the planes to get in and let the partying begin 🙂

Super Sunday! Super Tuesday!

The Superbowl is on . . . . like I care! Even the halftime show, which I bothered to turn on, sucked. Tom Petty? Yuck, no thank you. We spent most of the day picking up the house for are house guests this week. I’ll do a super clean on Tuesday and Wednesday most like, vacuuming, the bathroom, the floors.

I’m trying to plan what to do with Shannan and Nica. They get in Thursday, and should they not be pooped from the plane ride I was thinking we’d go to Philly that night for some drinks and then hit the drag show there. Haven’t done it in years, so I hope it is still as fun as it used to be.

Friday we hit New York, which I’ve been looking forward to, but has been a source of stress. What to do with my dogs for almost 24 hours! Shannan and Nica wanted to meet them, so I couldn’t take them to my mom’s. I was looking into boarding them, but I hate that idea because I’m afraid it will traumatize them (cause they are spoiled). Plus they’ve never done the whole overnight with a stranger thing, let alone I don’t want them in cages somewhere for an extended period of time. I was about to be at the mercy of Petsmart’s Pets hotel, but we found someone to come walk them that evening. That should keep the mess they might make down to a minimum, hopefully.

Coming up this week is the big super Tuesday! Honestly we haven’t even found out who the two candidates are going to be and I’m sick of the debates, the commercials and the news reports on them all. I can’t take place in the primary this Tuesday, as I’m not registered to vote in Jersey yet. Don’t worry, I printed out my Rock The Vote application to send in this week 🙂 I’ll be good to go come election day. Oh and I’ve ordered some “Hillary for President” signs for the front yard, I just hope they get here in time. I mostly ordered them to piss off Shannan and Nica, who hate her 😛 Sorry girls, you have to sleep in a house with Hillary signs out front. Hehehehe

Disney Photos! Sharing The Laughter Part II

Some of you may recall last year I posted a photo of myself and the BF on the ride “Journey To Atlantis” at SeaWorld, because the photo was so damn funny because of the look on his face. If you don’t recall, you can click here to refresh your memory!

Well I’m doing it once again, this year with photos from “The Tower of Terror” and Aerosmiths “Rock’N’Rollercoaster.” I love how relaxed I look in these photos compared to others 😛 Also I think my favorite is the kid in the front row of the tower reacher OVER his poor mother to grab onto the side of the elevator for dear life!



Click on the photos to enlarge

The Genius of Alanis

This is the video for “8 Easy Steps” from Alanis’ last album. Thanks to MTV, which now only plays Road Rules, Real World, Pimp My House/Car and 5 second clips of music videos during TRL, usually ones with women jiggling their tits at the camera, I never saw this video. So I give it to you to enjoy. Alanis is supposedly in the studio working on a new album, I hope it gets here soon. I don’t expect to see it on MTV.